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Your comforts and concerns heading into the play-offs

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This season feels like it's gone on for ages but we've reached the play-offs at last.

Just thought I'd ask you all, what are you worried about and, what you can take comfort in, with our team and maybe with the potential route to Ashton Gate.

For me, I think we can see positives in the fact we are moving the ball a lot quicker and the players have bought into the way Burchnall wants to play. We're very fluid and don't really stick to our normal roles in our formation, meaning it can be difficult for the opposition to man mark or track their man.

Allowing Ruben a free role to create and support Wootton, causes teams all sorts of trouble. O'Brien is being used a lot better in my opinion, being allowed to make them runs into the box from deep. Reeves is playing a bit further forward and his through ball passes and long range shooting ability is has helped us. Calvin Miller has been superb on loan and his direct running is a thorn in the side of opposition teams. Mark Ellis can also bring it out of defence if he wants to.

However, my biggest worry is, in games we go through spells where we dither about, make silly and stupid decisions and we panic. As IB said yesterday, we need to trust ourselves more and not rush into launching it when we go through these spells. Another thing is our clinical edge in front of goal because, we should have been ahead before they scored yesterday and we probably should have won by more against Weymouth. You won't be allowed to get away with that in the play-offs.

We've also got to be ready and want it more, and to clear it out our box when crosses come in, because we can be suspect to them sometimes. 

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Comforts…we’ve played some great stuff over last two months all in. If that continues, then I can see us marching to League Two.

Concerns…we look shaken regularly. When that happens, stupid passes and mistakes all contribute and lead to immense pressure. Pretty much anyone watching the stream yesterday could have said ten seconds before they scored, “this will lead to a goal.” I know I did.

The problem is, we’re conference level so mistakes will happen. I hope IB has the coaching skills to coach them out of the players. 
Next season will be interesting, but, quite rightly, it’s the next game that matters.

Rawlinson. Looks a shadow of his former self. Surely adapting to a back three can’t shake a guys skill set that much can it?

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Big physical sides will cause us problems, like Bromley did twice. Teams will know that if they can frustrate us, when they get their spell they can fling a few balls in the box and we'll likely concede. 

Any injury to key players will pretty much end us. We have no viable answer to Wootton, Rodrigues, Ellis, Slocombe or any of the midfield 3 being injured. 

However, we are in the mix and we have the potential, on our day, to beat anybody. We'll need a fair amount of luck along the way, but it's not impossible. 

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The Bromley game was a perfect example of where Notts are at. Not many teams can live with Notts when they move the ball quickly and accurately. Plenty of openings were created but they weren't taken and that's worrying. Then when the opposition have their spell of dominance, Notts dither and stop doing the basics which leads to chances for the opposition and they will take at least 1 if you keep giving them chances. I think Notts will start the game on Saturday on the front foot. They will push Chesterfield back. With the crowd behind the team, I think Notts will race into a 2-0 lead before half time. Chesterfield will get one back in the second half, but Notts will close it out with a late goal. 

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I pretty much agree with everything that has already been posted. 

I think fans will play a huge part, no away fans will be a massive boost to the home teams. It should be huge boost against Chesterfield but then the teams in 2nd and 3rd will have that big advantage in the semi’s which won’t be great for us if we get there...

I’ve not seen much of Brindley in the wing-back role but D-KE whilst he’s solid defensively he’s never going to beat his man and get balls into the box like Miller does. I think Connell would be more comfortable in Ellis’ role, but I can't see that changing this season now.

Positives, which there are now more of for me! We seem to start games pretty well now and level of recent performances has been really quite good. We set out to attack, and we’ll always create chances – it’s just a case of scoring them! 

If we are going to lose then, it’ll be tight. I can’t see anyone beating us 3-0...

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Comforts? The upturn in form. We're more positive, move the ball faster and can deal with pressing tactics better. We have home advantage, so that could spur the players on. Wootton has his mojo back, and Rodders is on fire. Just three wins from League Two!

Concerns? We hve home advantage, so that could be extra pressure for the players. Chesterfield are a physical side - will we go for more height in the back three (Rawlinson), or will we stick with Brindley and Chicksen, who can play the ball out of defence better? Tendency to concede soft goals. Hope we don't bottle it again. Lack of alternatives if we need to change it up for whatever reason.

I've got a sneaky feeling that Bromley will get far, but I can't really make predictions for the play-offs. One lucky/unlucky ricochet can make or break a whole season. Hopefilly luck is on our side!

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I'm not overly concerned, I think Chesterfield re-grouped after giving us the win earlier in the season. Nathan Tyson might be written off, but I think he'll play a big role for them - our midfield just needs to stand tall and make their presence known.

Stockport seems to be getting a lot of praise, mostly for their current form but I think Hartlepool will make the final.

I would be more concerned about playing them than I am Chesterfield.

Defensively, they're extremely poor but in their other departments they work hard as a team but aren't special. I don't want to take anything away from them, as I realise it will be down to whoever plays well on the day and that always changes.

We need Kyle Wootton to be at his best, if he can link the play and hold up the ball well. I would have every confidence in our midfield doing their part by creating chances.

As surprised as some might be, I'd be include to start Enzio over Ruben Rodrigues because I think they'll tire themselves by throwing everything at the game.

It wouldn't surprise me if it's a close stalemate until s change is made.

Now, Rodrigues is very much in form at the moment but if we can channel his attitude to do well - coming off the bench might give us a bigger edge at a key moment in the game.

Calvin Miller is good enough in my opinion to offer a more direct approach over Enzio, who could do one of his phenomenal appearances giving him a start. He'll explode or be extremely lackluster - having some who can not only change the game but impact it in an effective way might make all the difference.

That said, I fully expect Ian Burchnall to start his normal settled squad.

I'm not remotely concerned though, as whatever happens Notts will improve from. Besides, I think if our fans get fully behind the game and make encouraging chants - it won't be us Vs 11 men.

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i feel quite confident, i did not at the game against chesterfield. i worried it would go to pens and notts would lose but before i did. its strange how a poor start can change our feeling but then the complete opposite happens.

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I might regret writing this but I am more nervous about Torquay than I felt against Chesterfield.

Torquay can be a difficult team to play and they have the home advantage, I just want to see the players focus and work hard. Whatever happens on the pitch provided they all try, then I would be fine but I would be lying if I said I felt comfortable right now.

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You can't factor in poor officiating, first goal looked offside and really Torquay should've sealed the game. Notts looked comfortable at times but the biggest issue is the failure to defend certain set plays.

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