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Ratings v Furlough FC


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Slocombe - 6 - He needs to be saving their first goal. I know it comes fast, but it is from so far out and it's at a comfortable height. Great save against Tyson. No idea what he's doing at the end.

Rawlinson - 4 - Where is the Rawlinson that used to step out of defence and dribble? He's disappeared.  Who has replaced him is a slow, ponderous CB that doesn't look comfortable. Takes an age to pick a pass and they are often read. Defensively, what is he doing against Rowe for their 2nd? It's about 7 v 1, go and close him down! 

Ellis - 7 - Won a lot of headers both offensively and defensively. Just seems to pop up in those vital moments with another great goal. That would normally earn him a much higher score, but his stepping up to catch Tyson offside was dodgy to say the least. Should have been punished and wasn't. 10 for heading and offensive threat, 4 for his Arsenal back line impression. Averages out at 7.

Chicksen - 8 - Thought he was fantastic. Calm, collected, technically very good. Makes correct decisions defensively time and time again, confident under pressure. Great performance.

Miller - 6.5 - Constant threat in the first half, but final ball was lacking. Faded in the second half.
Brindley - 6 - That right hand side was weak in the first half. The change the manager made improved that, and Brindley was better in the 2nd half. Dodgy moments defensively, sometimes seems to glide through games without intensity.

Doyle - 6 - Controlled the ball and passing was good for the most part. Often in positions to shoot but rarely does. When he does shoot, however, you quickly see why he doesn't usually bother. When they get past him defensively, you see his lack of pace, which is how they get their second as Doyle loses his man.
Reeves - 6 - Wasn't his best game. Gives away a stupid foul to give them their free-kick in the first half. Made some good runs forward and should have a penalty.
Enzio - 6 - He was anonymous for large parts of the game and seemed static.  Improved when moved to the right and beat his man a few times on the right to put in some promising balls.

Rodrigues - 7 - Toiled away, spun his markers, decision making lacking. 
Wootton - 8.5* - MOM. Thought he was fantastic. Real poachers goals and in just the right place. He is always the first man following shots in, a really good habit. Won his fair share in the air and tried to link play.

Knowles - 3 - Think he touched the ball twice and gave it away both times. Largely anonymous and is too weak to be effective. You have to wonder about Knight and Sam if Knowles is preferred to them. The change helped us be more attacking, but Knowles offered nothing. 


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Slocombe- 7 Obvious mistake on the first, a few flaps, but some great saves mixed in.

Rawlinson - 4 I said on a previous thread, he was my concern and he proved me right. Looks a clear liability in a back 3. Not dominant or confident. 

Ellis - 9 Warrior performance. Of course the goal helps his rating, but he was there every time today to head it back, shout and scream and got in their faces.

Chicksen - 7 Another good performance from him. Looks better in the flesh than on the stream.

Brindley - 6 Solid, but not a lot else. Seemed reluctant to use Enzio ahead of him, especially in the second half.

Miller - 8 Constant outlet and threat. 

Doyle - 8 Some sublime balls. Looks more comfortable now the shackles are off the team.

Reeves - 7 A slightly quieter game imo. Has done so well in last few weeks though and deserves credit.

Enzio - 6 Not a great game imo. Honestly, in current form, wouldn’t be a massive loss if he doesn’t stay. When he’s on fire, he has the confidence to go past anyone. Today…hesitant, looked knackered second half and just wasn’t at it.

Ruben R - 7 Quieter game for him as well. Chezzie marshalled him well. Gained an extra mark for the free kick ball. Lovely.

Wootten - 9 Hold up play superb, looks to be bang in form again now. Such a good poacher.

Knowles - 6 Tried to have an impact and was unlucky with a few runs. Maybe closer to a seven to be fair.


Ian B… 10. It was obvious we missed JoB type runs into space today. Did what he could with team sheet, but changed it when it wasn’t attacking enough. Such a relief to have a manager who sees the value in attack at all times. Looking forward to next few years with him in charge.


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Slocombe 7 – He’ll be disappointed with the 1st goal but Rowe hammered it. He didn't let it get to him and charged out his goal to grab a dangerous corner soon after. But that save to deny Tyson was massive and more than made up for it for me.

Rawlinson 5 – I love him but he just wasn’t on it today. Should’ve got stuck into Rowe, he was never going to do him for pace, no idea why he didn’t go and tackle him. (Right now I think he'd do better in Ellis' role - but you can't drop him atm).

Ellis 7.5 – Tough one like you say, a bit lucky with his handling of Tyson. But at the end he was there heading those thrown-ins out our box. Massive involvement in the opposition box.

Chicksen 8 – Really good performance, he just works in this system. Solid carrying the ball forward and won his fair share of tackles and headers too.

Brindley – 6.5 Not too much quality first half going forward but strangely looked more at home in that back 3.

Miller 7 – His speed was useful blitzed past their full back a good number of times.

Reeves 6.5 – Energy was there, some good runs but never really found himself on the ball that much.  

Doyle 7 – I thought he had a lot of the ball and used it pretty well to fair. His experience showed, never looked flustered in a feisty game.

Enzio 7 – A lot more comfortable out wide, some good spells first half when he was able to find space and run. But him one-one, when he’s on it, is his game.

Rodrigues 7 – Hard to have a massive impact in open play when you’re man-marked for pretty much the entirety of it. Did well with the charge down and then a lovely touch to get it out his feet. Great set-pieces for the goals.

Wootton 8.5 – Top performance against big CB’s. Very strong and held them off well, touch and link-up was a good. Two great finishes.


Knowles 5.5 – He did struggle to really get in the game, a lot of back to goal stuff with limited space – not his game. Still some nice touches and little runs at times.

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Slocombe 7 Forgive the Rowe pile driver, crucial save was the one on one with Tyson

Rawlinson 4 Never comfortable on the ball in a back 3, loss of confidence whilst in possession

Ellis 8 Reads the game well, head on everything

Chicksen 6.5 From a certainty of a Notts departure, expecting to see more of him next season

Miller 6.5 Better 1st half than 2nd

Brindley 6.5 improved second half, not afraid to take into space

Doyle 7 one major mistake whilst caught in possession, always available to receive the ball

Reeves 7 A lot of good work unnoticed by many

Enzio 7 Anonymous really 1st half apart from a shot sailing wide and high. 100% improvement in the 2nd half, playing wide right

Ruben 7 Man marked but can deliver a great dead ball.. was he bundled over in the penalty area just before Wootton scored?

Wootton 7.5 Took a battering but stood up to be counted


Knowles 4 Like Sam, initial close control not good enough at times


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Slocombe 7 - I thought he should have saved their first, but he redeemed himself with the one-on-one Tyson save and was pretty good with his handling, kicking and distribution.
Rawlinson 6 - Was often forced backwards and sideways, probably better as a centre back.
Ellis 8.5* - Just the sort of player you want on your side. Maybe a dodgy defensive moment or two, but puts his body on the line and his effort can't be faulted. An assist, and a memorable winner earns him MOM.
Chicksen 8 - In the two games I've watched him live, he's gone from 'Adam who?' to being one of the first names on the teamsheet. He is ideally suited to a left side of a back three role, intelligent positioning, gets stuck in defensively and offers a forward threat.
Brindley 7 - Better in the second half than the first, looks a good player on the right side of a back three.
Doyle 7 - Typical Doyle, always available for a pass and mostly used the ball well.
Reeves 6 - Took a while to get involved, and didn't make the best of his shooting opportunities, but stuck at it well.
Boldewijn 7 - A few quiet spells, but had the beating of his full back and caused them problems.
Miller 6.5 - Not quite his recent level of performance, but looks dangerous every time he runs at opposing defences.
Rodrigues 6.5 - A few wrong decisions and didn't influence the game as much as he can, but great delivery for the winner.
Wootton 7.5 - Led the line to good effect and was in the right place to bag a couple of goals.

Knowles 5 - Looked off the pace and didn't contribute much.
DKE 5.5 - No time to impress.

Memorable game, brilliant atmosphere, well done to all concerned.

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