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Boston v Notts thoughts


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Thought Hondermarck, Wright and Taylor played well.

Hondermarck has got a good engine on him and helps us in transition, especially on the counter. Wright had his best game yet, linking up the play and pressing well. Taylor was always looking to make them runs in behind to stretch their defence

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Watched on the stream.

- Knight was looking really dangerous; lovely cross for the first goal. Devastated for him that he pulled up with what looked like a hammy injury. Hopefully it's minor, 2-3 weeks.

- Rawlinson very solid and composed. Brindley as stable as ever. Cameron had a couple of unsure moments, but on the whole, very good.
- Slocombe takes a lot of risks with the ball at his feet. I know this is the way we play, but sometimes the pullbacks around their striker aren't good for my health, even in a freindly.

- You take away Rawlinson and Cameron's height and we begin to struggle aerially. 

- Palmer looked quality. Quick, neat and looked to have a yard of space that nobody else had. Obvious he's played at higher levels.
- Not impressed with Kaba Sherif in the Doyle role. Doesn't have the passing ability nor awareness to play in that role. Improved moving to RWB with pace and athleticism.

- Hondermarck a mixed bag. Likes to use his body to turn players as the ball comes into him, but also tends to lose it often and commit silly fouls.

- Wright started very poorly. Control let him down and he missed an easy chance. However, grew into the game and began to hold up play and link well with others. 

- Taylor looked decent. Direct and looks like he can put a decent ball into the box.

- JOB played well. Calm and at ease. 
- Francis came on and played simple passes. Looked OK.
- Well taken goal by Sam. Otherwise floated about and caught offside a few times.

- Brooks looks the part. McGregor looks promising. 


Take homes:

- I personally wouldn't sign any of the trialists. Wright is the closest, but I think that position is vital for the success of our season and I'm not sure he's adequate backup.

- Brooks looks more than adequate backup for the keeper position.

- Central midfield looks good. 

- The fluidity in which we attacked, 'patterns of play' in modern speak, was very good at times.


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I was really impressed with the central back three, Richard Brindley needs a big shout up for the way he's stepped into this centre half role like he's been there his whole career. Rawlinson & Cameron look solid as can be. Love the way all three can carry the ball forward from the back. Wright had his best game for us yet which wasn't hard judging by his other games. The Wright that played against Boston - could bring the likes of Rodrigues & Roberts into the game more. Wootton does what Wootton does, perfect striker. Gutted for Knight. Good, solid all round team performance. 

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I watched the highlights not that long ago, I thought Notts played with a level of directness that I haven't seen from us for some time. The focus seemed to be on hitting them with fast movement and judging by the goals - they found us hard to play against.

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