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Notts v York City thoughts


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Basically tweeted mine out 

- Played some great football
- Mitchell looked good, running in behind and linking up the play
- Nemane and Taylor were threats going forward
- Cal Roberts looks back to his best

- Conceded poor goals
- A little suspect at set pieces
- Need a bit of work on decision making

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I didn't feel like Notts should've lost that, we played well, but defensively it costed us.

I'm not much of a fan of Richard Brindley as a CB, nor do I like Kyle Cameron going so far forward - as often as he does.

It's all minor fine-tuning to make the right balance, as Cameron did put in some very good crosses (except nobody was on the end of them). I felt Joel Taylor took some time to come into the game, yet he was superb in the second half.

DKE played well, yet I hate how we smash the ball high to him.

There's no need to hit it with power and height, allow them ball to drop to him or hit a better pass. I mean, I don't get the groans from the fans who sat near me today, none of this issue should be blamed on DKE.

Ed Francis was a bit guilty of smashing wasteful passes that realistically even Peter Crouch wouldn't have been able to keep in.

Defensively Notts played a very reckless game, leaving Sam Slocombe very open.

Also, I felt Jim O'Brien didn't play very well either.

Summary thoughts:

  • Creative going forward
  • Played some very good passing phrases between each other
  • Second half the performance improved


  • Sloppy in possession at times
  • Poor defensive decisions
  • No closing the opposition down 90% of the time
  • Kyle Cameron/Richard Brindley need to focus more on defending

I don't think we should worry about the result, allow Ian Burchnall to settle down a regular starting 11 - most of the issues will resolve themselves.

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Sorry, but I don't think we played well.  We played well in little bursts, but we allowed a (good) team from a division below to match us.  We were poor defensively and the midfield never looked like a cohesive unit.  I know it was only a friendly, but we have a lot of work to do to look like a promotion team.

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Just checked the highlights and in particular York's goals:

- 1st goal: Their striker kicks it out of Sam's hands.
- 2nd goal: Poor defending on the right. DKE misses a challenge and the ball is floated in from the byline. Sam has to come and get that being so close to his goal-line, there's not a lot Cameron can do in that position where a striker is climbing on him.
- 3rd goal: Really bad defending. Football can be very simple at times, big lad wins the flick on and other striker runs beyond the slow centre backs. If you are positionally wise to that, it doesn't happen. Cameron and Rawlinson need to sort out their communication for things like that. 

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