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Match Discussion: Game 4 - The Shots (H)


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Game 4 - The Shots (H)

Team: Aldershot Town

Date: 04/09/2021

Where: Meadow Lane

What line-up should Ian Burchnall opt for? What will be the key areas for the Magpies to get a victory? What do you think the final score will be?

Have your say below, join in with the Pride of Nottingham match discussion.

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I'm hoping I don't have casual fans behind me for this game, at the Torquay match I found it restraining just to tell these two middle-aged men to stop moaning [which they did for 90 minutes]. The mention of DKE or Slocombe might also trigger me, as neither of them are at fault for much. It's a good start to the season in my eyes, undefeated and confidence should start to increase with the steady flow of games.

On paper, it should be a straight forward, but I think Matt Palmer needs to get more time on the ball.

He's much calmer with it and generally distributes play in such fashion that it enables others to do what they can - at their best. I think Ruben Rodrigues benefits a lot from Palmer's passing play.

I'd like to see Aaron Nemane make his full start at home, provided he's fully fit.

Also, it would be nice to see Alex Lacey back in the squad but we shouldn't rush him in fairness. I just feel that Kyle Cameron and Connell Rawlinson would benefit from having a stronger CB by their side, instead of Richard Brindley would for me would be better as a wing-back.

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these are the types of games that notts cant afford to lose or draw against, if we are going to build any momentum to carry us forward a win is a must.

i think ib is right that aldershot will be wanting to improve.

hes got a respectful approach to the opposition but i think if we cause them headaches goals will come.

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I think Aldershot will play similarly to Torquay, but weirdly I think they’ll have more of a threat (probably cos they won’t go down to 10 men so early). Although they’ve lost their 3 opening games, I don’t think they’ve been dreadful by all accounts. They’ll want to get their first points so I think it’ll be quite a feisty first 15-20 mins. I think we need to score first otherwise if we go a goal down I can see the whole Torquay routine playing out over again.

Wouldn’t be surprised if it was just 1-0 or 2-1 to us either way I think we’ll just edge it…

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Despite some mistakes, I'm not going to sit here and type a comment berate anyone.

It was a good game, both teams created chances and made the game alive for the most part of the game I think ideally we would've kept Aldershot out, however, they did well at times and the certainly turned the game on its head.

The points I've taken away from this is the fact it could've easily ended in defeat or a draw.

Notts played with a level confidence and spirit, which saw us created some very good chances which didn't go in. Aldershot continued to cause us headaches with their play, especially when we had to throw literally everyone in the way and Slocombe did superbly to tackle one of their players - after he had the ball kicked out of his hands.

Roberts had a good game, first time I've agreed with the Man of the Match so far.

Lacey is a joy to watch with his passing, and general defensive work.

Taylor did well out-wide and going forward, although he stopped trying to take them on after a while which was disappointing [yet IB might have asked him to avoid it].

O'Brien was back to being average, although this wasn't through a lack of trying.

Wootton looks like he will score for fun, given the right chance.

Notts will improve further, they won't always keep a clean sheet and no current squad member doesn't give anything less than 100%.

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It was goals galore in the NL today, every game had at least 4 goals (apart from a 0-0 between Boreham Wood and Stockport – there’s always one) but 49 goals across the 10 3pm games is mightily impressive!

As for us it sounded like the passing was a bit sloppy at the start and Ruben had a bit of shocker early doors too.

I did wonder if 3 at the back was necessary against what would be considered a weaker team, and if another forward option would have been better suited instead. In Burchnall we have a manager who is proactive and not afraid to change things and that’s what we got for the second half.

Still sounded like we had too many moments where we messed around on the ball in dangerous areas, if it continues I can guarantee it’ll cost us a goal soon.

It was a really bizarre game to listen too, you got quantity in goals in and mistakes, nothing really happening and then everything happening! A win’s great and it's all about racking up those points but it sounded like we were far from convincing.

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In all honesty a game we would of lost or at the bare minimum drew last year. It’s games like that where we don’t play particularly well but grind out the win that will see us challenging come the end of the season. We did look better in the second half when we switched to four at the back. Was impressed with Mitchell looked sharp down the left and a good outlet. How great was it to see Lacey back was absolutely fantastic today and good to hear it was only a touch of cramp he went off with.

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I was out and about yesterday (and am not allowed to see the highlights until tomorrow, thanks BT), but it sounds like quite the thriller. Delighted we won obviously, and coming back from behind shows character, but I'd have found a clean sheet more encouraging. The main thing is that we won - beating the teams that aren't in the running for promotion needs to become a habit.

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Thoroughly enjoyable second half once we reverted to a back four, put Roberts out wide and brought Mitchell on. I think Mitchell could be a very good signing, once he learns to make the right decisions. Roberts has to play wide for me, he seems a bit lost inside and is nowhere near as effective.

Full credit to Aldershot as well for trying to win a game of football fairly. I thought Andrews took both of his goals well after totally scuffing a couple of chances earlier.

No catering facilities at all in the Family stand this week, we had to go over to the main stand in order to get a drink before the game.

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