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Goals : Notts v Aldershot


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DKE's goal should've been disallowed, as I saw it happen right in front of me, and he certainly did kick the keepers gloves/ball.

There's a picture showing Walker being beaten, but he had it and did make a sound of pain. Like wise, the Aldershot player who kicked the ball out of Slocombe's hands should've resulted in us having a free kick.

I think we are looking a lot more confident and creative going forward.

Teams know however that 3 CB's leaves the middle open, and we are being exploited via this, often due to people switching off or not pressing at those key stages. Defensively, Notts are fine, but this does need to be cut out. 

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You can see the Kelly-Evans goal (not goal) on the Youtube highlights.

It's a very close call, they always go in favour of the keepers though. From the footage it looks like he just about gets his foot to the ball before the keeper gets his second hand on it… Whether he kicks the keepers hand, it's too hard to tell, have to take @Chris's word there!

Nothing debatable about Jim O’Brien's goal though, where’s VAR when you need it?!

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3 hours ago, Fozzy said:

I thought JOB was onside at the time as it was straight in front of me, really bad decision by the lino. Not seen the Kelly-Evans one again, as it looked a free ball but I was at the opposite end of the pitch.

You must sit near me as I thought the same in fact you can see me jump in the video then stop and look confused when it’s given offside 

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My 'benefit of a replay' view of the key moments:

DKE non-goal - their keeper saves it, then with one hand tries to get hold of it with two. Before he does DKE slides in and puts it into the net. Did the keeper have control of the ball? It looks 50/50, which means refs will always side with the goalkeeper.
Our first - great first touch and layoff from Ruben, Wootton's shot wasn't cleanly hit but it went where he aimed it.
Their first - good from their point of view, but disappointing from ours. We need to defend balls like that much better.
Their second - bad error from Cameron. No foul for me, just a very poorly directed header.
Our second - Cameron makes amends by being determined to be first to the ball.
Our winner - the sort of quality we have that most other teams don't. A very classy goal.
JOB non-goal - what can you say, apart from that the lino will be very embarrassed when he watches the replay.

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job deserved the goal, he played well but if he carries on like hes doing more chances will come.

i thought the dke goal should have counted.

yet i accept it did not and i dont really have any complaints about the result. though the officials had a poor game but at this level nobody can expect better.

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