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Wrexham to be added to FIFA 22


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So, Wrexham are being added to FIFA 22 making them the first National League side to do so. 

This is crazy. Obviously their Hollywood owners have something to do with this. 

Why not add other National League clubs too? 

Without sounding biased, Notts County have every right to be added too considering we're the oldest professional club in the world. 

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Wrexham's owners have obviously made the club well known internationally, and that opens doors. EA are obviously of the opinion that the interest in them justifies adding them to the game.

I'm not all that fussed. My last football game was PES, and I was quite happy to rename a team and change the kit until I'd made my own Notts! FIFA went downhill when they started following the microtransactions trend. It's high time FIFA and PES had a decent challenger IMO, they've dominated the genre for far too long.

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@DangerousSausage I agree it's good from a business point but from a football point its bad and a lot of fans are against it. 

PES for me is slowly becoming better than FIFA. The last 2 fifas have been poor tbf and pes 2020 was better than FIFA 20. 

There is a football game coming to challenge fifa and pes. Ufl is a new football game looking to challenge them. On top of that former fifa ultimate team players are making a new game to challenge them too. 

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There were rumours the National League would be added to FIFA 22.

A few years back, I helped with the stats and did some promotional work with EA Sports. I mentioned after Notts got relegated that it would be a shame for them not to add Notts County - they replied saying that they might do something similar to as they did with Rangers (add them to the 'rest of the world' when the Scottish giants had to start over). After I heard nothing, I suggested that the National League could be included.

I never heard back after that, but it would make sense to include the National League.

Football Manager has had the National League North/South for years now, the amount of UK based fans could warrant the National League.

Yet it seems EA Sports don't really listen to their players.

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@Chris EA Sports don't listen and it's showing as the years go on. I mean for example FUT is saying elite players in the top division won't be relegated and will remain there. They're looking after those who spend the money in game. 

It makes sense for National League to be added because even normal football fans will go on, as you say Football Manager, and be a lower league team to rise them to the top. Now imagine if they included National League in to the game. You'd have more people invested in Career Mode starting from the bottom up. 

There's so many teams that deserve to be added and as I said without being biased Notts County are deserving of a spot in the game. 

The amount of outrage it caused when EA Sports announced they'd be adding Indian Super League over National League was overwhelming. They faced alot of criticism for that. It just shows you that they don't listen to their customers. 

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@Chris same here bud. Football Manager or Fifa I like to take teams from low down up to the top. 

@menzinho i have a tendency to dislike teams that have big owners come in like this tbf. I'm. On the same page, I will be rooting for teams against Wrexham. 

Just seen they've been added back in. Absolutely ridiculous. Boycott back on for fifa 22 now from myself. 

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Power of Hollywood and publicity, I don't really care if they are in it or not. I just think its time the National League was added, as others have said. The career mode could do with some new additions to it, a 'road to the Football League' or 'From National League to Premier League' would be good.

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