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Cal Roberts Yellow Card Collection


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So Cal Roberts has quite quickly amassed 4 yellow cards: Torquay (Dissent), Wrexham (Foul), Aldershot (Simulation or was it the reaction after?) and Maidenhead (Dissent). I think I’m correct that 5 cards equates to a 1 match ban. With our supposedly easier fixtures coming to an end would you rather see him get booked this weekend (meaning he would miss Woking at home) or just wait and see how it plays out knowing that he could then miss one of the tougher games?

Here’s our next 6 fixtures: Altrincham (A), Woking (H), Halifax (A), Yeovil (A), Stockport (H), Bromley (H).

And do you think IB needs to have a word with him or is this just a one-off unlucky succession of bookings?

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Part and parcel of being a skilful footballer, frustration will build but his booking against Maidenhead seemed weak to me. He was fouled, he protested and the assistant referee kept making the incorrect decision. It's not like he's getting sent off for it, as we had with Liam Noble.

I think Ian Burchnall will try to speak and remind Cal Roberts that he needs to be calmer.

I do expect him to pick these types of cards up from time to time.

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I have noticed in the last three games, Cal Roberts has become increasingly frustrated. He sometimes has a go at other players for mistakes, which is natural, and he does get on with it after - yet I have noticed it. I do think he needs to try to accept the poor decisions he seems to attract, I feel it's quickly becoming a Jon Stead scenario whereby he will lose mire decisions than he gains.

It's very frustrating and part of his natural talent, that he would feel he can do more - or feels wronged by poor decisions.

Yet picking up cards will only lead to suspicions, most of which are avoidable.

I think he will calm down, but I don't think it's something right now that Ian Burchnall needs to address. I am sure, Roberts realises that he's close to being sent off or suspended for this type of behaviour, and we all know he wants to play.

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i would like to see players on the pitch try to help cal roberts, its easy to lose your head and i think most of the cards was given on the back of poor decisions against him. i am sure ian burchnall will be thinking the same as us, but roberts reminds me of a gazza type player who wears his heart on his sleeves.

those types of players need support at times from their team mates.

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@menzinho a reminder to Roberts from Burchnall, just a quiet piece of advice needs to be had IMO.

Lately he's picking cards up like there's no tomorrow.

Yes, some aren't exactly his fault but the frustration side of things needs to be toned down. Get on with the game, without getting involved in the decisions they are not going to change.

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I think Cal needs to tone down his reactions, rightly or wrongly he becomes very animated and the type of aggression he shows is only going to result in one thing. A booking! Its pointless to respond to the officials all of the time, this would be the only criticism of Roberts game.

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I think if he continues to get carded, once suspended that is the time that Ian Burchnall needs to step in. We shouldn't be losing players to dissent, but at the same time we don't need to mother players. Frustration is part of football, I think I would've done the same as Cal Roberts after some of those decisions hes faced.

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