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Is the squad good enough to win the league?


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Promotion has to be the goal this season, the recruitment has been quite tidy and effective I think.

We have gone about building the squad by adding quality, with the likes of Kyle Cameron, Joel Taylor and Matt Palmer all being players who bring something different. Do you think the squad is good enough to win the league?

Improving form and the tactics, could lead to better performances but its a business were the results are key.

If the squad isn't good enough, what can Ian Burchnall do in order to achieve it?

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It's possible, but I think there needs to be a lot of work - plus a desire to turn points into wins.

I think a striker that knows where the net is would help, I don't think Mitchell is the answer to this issue - I see no signs of him being someone who will chip in with goals. Lewis Knight whilst I rate him, I doubt he's likely to start regularly once recovered and, Elisha Sam has goals in him but again - unlike to be given much chance to start regularly.

Confidence, morale, togetherness are all things that could bring Notts into the fight, but without another natural striker that can score.

Defensively, I think we're fine provided we keep fit.

Midfield, I think we have enough in this department

In goal, I think if Patterson remains that we'll be fine with him and Slocombe.

It just leaves the front line.

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We're missing a goal scoring striker and a midfielder by the look of  how things have started. Desperate for a forward passing midfielder to play alongside Palmer, who can get up and down the pitch and give the opposition something else to worry about.

At the moment, it's a case of stop Wootton, Roberts and Ruben and you have pretty much stifled Notts as an attacking force. We need to be more creative and not having a second goal scorer pretty much extinguishes any plan B we can try. 

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I certainly think we are good enough we just need to play with more intensity more often. When we come out second half we are often a lot faster and a lot more intense and when we play like that not many can live it with it. More often that’s not though we seem a little slow and laboured which makes it easy and invites opposition on to us. I don’t mind it for small parts of the game if we can reverse the minutes round so we are playing with intensity more often than not we will be all good if not then it’s the play offs again.

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The quality is there, but its down to form and focus if Notts can push for the title or settle for playoffs.

We are good enough to at least to expect a playoff finish, something terribly wrong would have to happen for this to be failed to achieve. Like a string of defeats at a crucial point, but at the same time a winning streak could really turn the season around.

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I think Mitchell will chip in with goals this season, his only game where he played as striker was Wrexham away, recently he’s had limited game time and been pushed out wider. Once things started to click for him at King’s Lynn he very quickly got a move to Chesterfield. He’s still settling in but I think he’ll get his first goal soon, and hopefully he'll push on from there.

I’m more worried about a lack of a physical presence in the midfield and weirdly I still I think we’ve got a slight issue trying to figure out the best starting formation that will allow our attacking players to thrive.

We have good squad of players, with lots of potential so we’ve got a chance. Right now that top spot is something I’m more hopeful than confident about getting.

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i think our best formation is the one we use wing backs but the cbs need to be robust enough to cope and not be drawn out of position. we tended to leave one back and that caused issues, i think we need to be more supportive if this approach is to be used.

notts are as good as anyone, but i think that playoffs is more likely.

another goal scorer would make a lot of difference, i am unsure about mitchell but i do think sam can contribute if given more game time.

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