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Hate towards DKE


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Dion Kelly-Evans has almost been see like a cult hero during his time here, but recently a lot of negative comments which seems to be hateful are appearing. People claiming hes a fraud footballer, not good enough etc.

I think fans who say he's a weak link in the team, that's their opinion and I accept it.

But I don't understand the hateful type comments, I wonder what your thoughts are on DKE?

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I haven't noticed any ill comments towards DKE, myself.

It's debatable as to the benefits he brings to the squad, something which I think should always be welcomed. Fans will naturally like certain players, others will simply not. I also, think timing and performances plays a role, if there's a meltdown or worry within the Notts community - I think that will bring this sort of comments out.

However, there's no room for abusive or hateful comments.

Calling a professional footballer that gives an 100%, just seems lazy and a rash way to call a player. Very childish...

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Most season's the fans will pick a new whipping boy and it looks as though it's DKE's turn. The only way it will change will be for him to find some form and put it some solid performances for several weeks. It doesn't help that he has been one of the players to blame for several goals conceded this season and the fact that he is not playing very well.

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@Fozzy or enough fans ensure that any nonsense gets ignored, the way I see it - one person says something, then others pick it up and not, before long, it is weirdly accepted as a universal opinion. Yet, the easiest way is to focus on his own performance as you say.

Even then, I think some will find the slightest fault, but that won't ever change.

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Wow, I hadn't really picked up on that. He's admittedly not cut a very confident figure in his last couple of appearances, but he gives his all. How is singling him out going to help?

Unfortunately some people don't understand football much at all, and with social media they've got a voice. Either they find a scapegoat or it's "sack the manager" (some have been continuously calling for the manager's head ever since Cotterill left) or it's "bring in a 20-goal-a-season striker" (like it's that easy - I've seen the club criticised for not bringing in Paul Mullin, as if he'd have rejected Wrexham's Hollywood owners and 8k a week if only Notts had given him a call). Again and again.

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Hate is perhaps a bit strong as I haven't personally seen/heard anything like that.

DKE is a much-loved player and a lot of people have a sweet spot for DKE. Because of that, people often overlook some pretty big flaws in his game. His height is a major disadvantage, no matter how high he can jump. Having a defender that small certainly puts you at risk from things like set pieces. There's a good reason why Torquay played Cameron at left wing.... because DKE was on the right. There's limitations going forward, he can't beat a player and his crossing is hit and miss. Defensively he's been found out more recently, you can have all the tenacity in the world but if you're simply not strong or big enough, it only compensates so much.


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