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Match Discussion: FA Cup Qualifying - The Lambs (A)


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FA Cup Qualifying - The Lambs (A)

Team: Tamworth

Date: 16/10/2021

Where: The Lamb Ground

What line-up should Ian Burchnall opt for? What will be the key areas for the Magpies to get a victory? What do you think the final score will be?

Have your say below, join in with the Pride of Nottingham match discussion.

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i have a good feeling about the game, as it should be a nice away day for fans and i think the spirit of the fa cup will give notts some excitement. i mean, if notts was at home i think tamworth would be treating it like their cup final already.

it sounds like we will be making a few changes though, which might inject some life and fight i think.

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Brindley Brennan Cameron Chicksen


Nemane    O'Brien        Rodrigues



I think we should be fine to allow Wootton to sit this one out, leave him on the bench if we must but priority needs to be on the league fixtures.

If Taylor is fit, start him ahead of Chicksen but from what I have read it seems unlikely that he will be able to make the start. Palmer is another player who I would like to see reserved for the league, as we don't want to risk anything happening to him as he's best midfielder at Notts right now.

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If Notts were well drilled at this point, I think Tamworth would be quite routine to play.

That said, I can see them causing us problems

Defensively, Notts need to start strong and have their players under watchful eyes. If we can't win the ball back, just ensure we protect the keeper, block, cover and attack with a real sense of threat. I think the quality is there for Notts to enjoy a good performance.

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Tamworth's glory days of the National League and Gary Mills are over, they play at the same level a Hornchurch now.

Theoretically we should have too much for them, but we've been knocked out of our stride lately and will be nervous. Whoever we field will need to keep a cool head and let their quality show, otherwise it could be a long afternoon.

As for the team, I expect some different names to be given some match practice, Vincent being a prime candidate.

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By the sounds of what some fans feel on social media, we'll be sending out a squad that is bare-bones compared to regular starters - with suggestions that all of our key players will be rested. This can't and, shouldn't happen.

Firstly, it would be an insult to Tamworth to throw out a squad where our quality isn't in depth.

I agree, that we need to explore options to rest 3/4 players perhaps, but it can't all be from our attacking options.

Secondly, if we lose, some fans will berate the squad selection (it might even happen before kick off).

Thirdly, we need some quality up there, we can't just throw a squad out that rests a silly amount of players - it's got to be players that require it more than anything.

If Aaron Nemane starts, we might be able to rest Cal Roberts or Ruben Rodrigues.

I wouldn't rest all three of them for the sake of it.

Kyle Wootton mostly will fall onto the bench if he's dropped, in order to rest - I can't imagine Ian Burchnall risking leaving a goal scorer out completely.

Matt Palmer is the only midfielder who carries the ball in a way that gets Notts forward when we hit blockages, part of me hopes he isn't one who is rested.

Having said all this, Ian Burchnall might just throw a largely unchanged squad. 😂

I think Notts will win 3-0, Wootton, Lacey and Nemane to score.

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13 hours ago, Chris said:

By the sounds of what some fans feel on social media, we'll be sending out a squad that is bare-bones compared to regular starters - with suggestions that all of our key players will be rested. This can't and, shouldn't happen.

There's a bit of a balancing act here. If we make too many changes, it looks like we're not taking the opposition seriously. We shouldn't be making 9 or 10 changes. On the other hand, a bit of rotation would give some of our squad players the chance to show what they can do and could even result in a better performance. Players like Vincent, Sam and Mitchell have a point to prove and were brought in to get us back into the League - they aren't raw youth team players. Vincent in particular needs match practice. But rotation works better when the players who are being brought in and grafted onto an established spine rather than throwing together 11 players who have never played together before, so I'd hope to see Cameron, JOB et al in there too.

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Listened on the radio. 

Think it's quite obvious that we still haven't replaced Dennis/Thomas. Too many times are we cutting it back to nobody and taking too many touches in the box. You have Rodrigues and Roberts that both try and do the same thing - pick up the ball in front of the opposition defensive line. It's easy to defend against when they don't have to worry about anybody running beyond them, they rush out in numbers and close down those players on the 18 yard box knowing full well that nobody will run behind them. Wootton is a good player and gets you goals, but clinical finisher he is not. Mitchell, well I'm not quite sure what he is.

Oh for a Tshimanga. I know we say we aren't looking at the 'obvious' more expensive options, but clinical strikers that score goals will always demand good money. 

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Was out and about yesterday so didn't tune in this time, so my view isn't worth much. But in general, we've placed all our bets on Wootton and the two Rs. If they have a poor day or the opposition susses us out, we haven't got much else. And that would appear to be why we've got ourselves a bit of completely unnecessary fixture congestion, with a plum tie against Rochdale the reward.

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