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Are we any better than last season v2


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Time for version 2 of the squad comparison, last seasons here:

Round 1: Taylor v Miller/Barnett

- Barnett was awful, so let's compare Taylor and Miller: Very different players.  Miller was excellent going forward with trickery and pace, but he was terrible defending and even as a wing back, he'd often leave you exposed. Taylor isn't as effective going forward as Miller, but still does a very good job.

I'm tempted to side with Taylor on this one, but perhaps a draw is fairer.

Verdict: Draw.

Round 2: Turner/Ellis v Cameron

- Turner was calamitous, we'll leave that there.

- Ellis was very good in the air and scored a lot of goals for us, being a menace in the box. Cameron is also excellent in the air, scores goals and is also much better with the ball at his feet. A better fit for the squad, too, allowing Rawlinson to operate as the central defender.

Verdict: Cameron.

Round 3: Reeves v Palmer

- Reeves began very well, but the chuckle-brother act with Doyle quickly became farcical. Whether that was tactics or two players that liked to play the same role, I do not know. He improved under Burchnall and I thought he could be a loss when he upped sticks to Stevenage.

- Palmer is excellent and more than capable of playing one or two levels above this. He's versatile too, he can play more advanced or in the deeper role.

Verdict: Palmer

Round 4: Wolfe/Griffiths v Vincent

- Now you could say that we haven't seen enough of Vincent to make a solid judgement call, but he's shown more in those 3 games than last seasons two loanees combined.

Verdict: Vincent.

Round 5: Enzio v Nemane

- Not entirely sure on this one. Nemane has shown glimpses but he's in and out of the squad. Enzio by the end of last season looked a shadow of his former self.

Verdict: Draw

Round 6: Knowles v Mitchell

- Knowles actually managed a few goals, and Mitchell has a couple thus far. Overall gameplay definitely goes to Mitchell, but I'm not entirely convinced he's the right option.

Verdict; Mitchell (just about)

Round 7: Doyle v Francis

- Now I know Doyle is still listed as a player, but in that role he provides, Francis just doesn't come close.

Verdict: Doyle

4-1 win to this seasons squad then, with 2 draws. 

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Personally, I think Nemane is a large improvement over Enzio - he brings energy and pace. Always tries to get involved and, doesn't float around the pitch disinterested.

Mitchell might work harder, but he's very wasteful on goal at this level. He might've scored against a much lower opposition, yet professionals and semi-pros he doesn't seem the same - I'd rather have Knowles as at least he could score.

Although, I would say I hope Joel Taylor establishes himself with a good run because he can be pretty decent on the ball.

Bennett isn't a loss, Miller looked better further up the pitch instead of playing as a wing back.

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Miller under IB was quality, I agree that Taylor is better defensively but Miller was a real outlet for us last season. It is a close one though.

Enzio struggled back end when he got moved into a more unnatural position of wing-back, I think over the course of the season Nemane will do well but I worry there's no spot for him (at least starting consistently) in a 3-5-2. Only because I've not seen enough of him I'd probably go for Enzio as a winger.

I liked Knowles, and purely for the fact he was more of a goal threat right now I'd have to go for him. I agree Mitchell has a lot more about him, just lacking a goal (in the league). Start scoring and he'll be a better option than Knowles was.

I think Francis has been taken out of the team so to get him up to speed more. There's no doubting his technical skill but I thought he lacked the same presence and awareness Doyle had. A bit for IB/Doyle to work on with him but hopefully next time we see him start in the league he'll look a lot better. (A bit like Vincent!)

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On 29/10/2021 at 17:24, menzinho said:

I liked Knowles, and purely for the fact he was more of a goal threat right now I'd have to go for him.

I think most fans who dislike Knowles do so simply because he was loaned from Mansfield.

I thought he worked hard, he did sometimes struggle with the pace but the goals made up for that. Mitchell hasn't convinced me so far that he has goals in him at this level, putting Mitchell ahead of Knowles seems a bit biased to me.

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