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  3. #2 Boreham Wood vs Notts County PREVIEW | MAGPIE CIRCLE LIVE with Chloe Page & Les Bradd
  4. Very good start, everyone could flip the league table upside down with the right results.
  5. I missed the third goal, which is a fantastic effort from Joel Taylor. All three goals were great team efforts, nicely built up but Macaulay Langstaff 2nd finished shows what class he can be.
  6. The first half wasn't really the best and, despite the score line, it wasn't remotely a good team performance. It was acceptable, but defensively we need to be better, as I think better teams would've punished our poor passing and lack of defensive mindset early on. Maidenhead, although not a great side, did give us enough concerns early on as they pressed for a quick tempo. I think their travelling fans should be happy with their side's performance. Our goals came through pressure and good play, which is a promising sign as we worked the ball quite well at times. Second half we looked very lively, I wanted to see someone like Frank Vincent sit on the ball a bit. Yet Jim O'Brien did extremely well in my eyes, both defensively and assisting going forward. At times, he tracked back, won the ball and played us forward. I don't get why some fans moan about him starting because he brings experience and fire to the side. I wasn't a big fan of Joel Taylor on the right in the first half. He did quite a bit better in the second half, yet I think it highlighted that someone else there could do the job more comfortably. I actually wished Richard Brindley was given this role, as I do think he does well at times when he plays, but he's a lot more effective for us going forward. He's willing to cut in, run into space and go wide when the times are right. Taylor looked like he had been given the role of Jayden Richardson but needed to either gain confidence or just grown in the position. Perhaps he will get better as his deliveries are good, but I would be lying if I felt he wasn't better suited on the left. Good win, fantastic start for Macaulay Langstaff. It's early days, but I do feel a lot more confident that we'll continue to have the best start to any season for years.
  7. I watched a few games, I didn't find the standard as good as previous years. I thought England looked like one of the few teams which played directly enough to warrant praise, France, Germany and Spain to a degree was very scrappy. I also thought quite a lot of goalkeepers looked awkward, except for our very own who has been working alongside Darren Ward. The Women's World Cup tends to be a lot more exciting. Personally, I think it shows how nations are suffering from a lack of expansion and how many of the better female players either play in England or Germany. These two nations have the better leagues currently, France is going extreamly backwards. I am also disappointed with Sweden.
  8. Slocombe 6 Some good catching under pressure but footballing skills give me the colly wobbles at times Brindley 7 Some good forward runs Baldwin 7.5 Looks a great replacement for Lacey Cameron 7 Good work on left side Taylor 8.5 Goal of the season already? Surely not Chicksen 7 Reliable JOB 7.5 Some lovely lay offs Francis 8.5 Unsung hero but getting a deserved spot in this team. Austin 7.5 Lovely ball across for the 2nd Ruben 8.5 The ability to win the ball, turn his man and thread the pass exquisite. Premier League class. Nearly scored with a rocket of a free kick Langstaff 8.5 Someone that can finish!
  9. top corner....where the spiders live and the owls sleep
  11. Ah thanks Bradford. You can't see forsee these sort of things in prediction league. You get a goal you need in the 95th minute and then a goal you don't need in the exact same game, in the 96th.
  12. Last week
  13. The results: Sheffield United 2-0 Millwall Stoke City 2-0 Blackpool Charlton Athletic 1-0 Derby County Portsmouth 0-0 Lincoln City Barrow 3-2 Bradford City Crewe Alexandra 3-0 Harrogate Town Torquay United 0-0 Oldham Athletic York City 2-0 Woking --- Congrats to this week's winner @GrannyPie, the first player to hit double figure this season! @GrannyPie - 10 @super_ram - 9 @barnet11uk - 8 @gtownjohnno, @KB1862 - 6 @4everapie, @Megan_Elizax - 5 @ARLukomski, @Chris, @DangerousSausage - 4 @Dan, @Dripsey3, @jimbob - 3 @magpiejue, @nottsnutter - 2 --- Overall, @GrannyPie now leads the way, a point ahead of @super_ram and @gtownjohnno! GrannyPie - 14 super_ram - 13 gtownjohnno - 13 4everapie - 10 Dan - 9 magpiejue - 9 barnet1uk - 8 ARLukomski - 8 Chris - 7 DangerousSausage - 7 KB1862 - 6 Megan_Elizax - 6 nottsnutter - 6 Dripsey3 - 5 liampie - 4 jimbob - 3 --- The next round is on Saturday, so look out for the fixtures on Wednesday (you too @DonnyNotts!). Thanks for playing and have a great week!
  14. A few things to work on in training, sloppy In places but can be worked on. Report says must improve for better opposition
  15. Not the hardest opposition, but a very good start nonetheless. Great to see Langstaff get off the mark straight away too! Hopefully a nice confidence-builder ahead of some trickier fixtures this month.
  16. Yep, great start to the new season and the result was better than I expected. Promising debuts from Austin, Baldwin and Langstaff. Especially Langstaff, very early days but but 20 goals certainly looks like something he can achieve.
  19. That's about as good as it gets. Langstaff off to a flyer. Clean sheet. Maidenhead are poor and will do well to avoid relegation.
  20. Sheffield United 3-1 Millwall Stoke City 2-0 Blackpool Charlton Athletic 2-4 Derby County. Joker. Portsmouth 3-0 Lincoln City Barrow 1-1 Bradford City Crewe Alexandra 2-0 Harrogate Town Torquay United 2-2 Oldham Athletic York City 1-1 Woking
  21. Tomorrow at 3pm is the big kick-off (and round 2 of our prediction league). @liampie, @KB1862, @Joshua, @Feral Fox Do you also fancy having a go @menzinho, @DonnyNotts, @Piethagoram, @steve61? Everyone's welcome! Here are mine: Sheffield United 2-1 Millwall (joker) Stoke City 1-0 Blackpool Charlton Athletic 0-2 Derby County Portsmouth 2-1 Lincoln City Barrow 2-1 Bradford City Crewe Alexandra 1-1 Harrogate Town Torquay United 2-1 Oldham Athletic York City 0-2 Woking
  22. Sheffield United v Millwall 2-0 Stoke City v Blackpool 1-1 Charlton Athletic v Derby County 1-2 Joker Portsmouth v Lincoln City 2-1 Barrow v Bradford City 1-0 Crewe Alexandra v Harrogate Town 0-1 Torquay United v Oldham Athletic 3-1 York City v Woking 1-0
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