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  2. It will all come down to our ability to escape the press that will be employed against us. We are more than capable of beating all the clubs put in front of us, but we are also capable of buckling under the pressure in games. I can't predict the winner of these playoffs but if I had to, I would back Solihull. Mainly because they have finished the season very strongly and played some tough opposition in that run in.
  3. More than capable of winning promotion through this route, unfortunately we have a tendency to be not fully focused when it matters. Sincerely hope I'm wrong but I think we will be facing a further year in this league at least.
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  6. a simple explanation of the crisis... Single Market an Customs Union solves a lot of problems
  7. Maidenhead under lined their current good form. Charlie Adam was a good dead ball specialist but our defence handled it well, with some good headed clearances Some theatrical performances by the home side to emphasise fouls, left a sour taste A well controlled performance from Notts
  8. So the first round of the playoffs are: Notts County vs Grimsby Town FC Halifax vs Chesterfield The NL will be delighted with Notts vs Grimsby. The attendance should be over 10K. Halifax could be a sell out as Chesterfield don't have far to travel. These could be the best playoffs in NL history. You have 4 decent sides in the first round. Any of those 4 are capable of winning promotion if things go their way. Then you have Wrexham and Solihull waiting in the wings. Obviously we hope Notts go up but I'd hate to be the one trying to predict the winners of these playoffs.
  9. Notts, in the end 13 points away from winning promotion, all hypothetical 3 pts Halifax away thrown away 2 pts Torquay home against 10 men 1pt Bromley away despite dominating the first 44 mins 6 pts Altrincham and Eastleigh away, matches that should have been won but we didnt turn up 1 pt Aldershot away. Penalty not given at 1-1
  10. Slocombe 6.5 another clean sheet Brindley 7 Assured performance, carries the ball well when he cuts inside, on that trademark diagonal run Lacey 7 Defensive and ball at feet, comfortable Cameron 7 One particular defensive header was a stand out Richardson 6.5 If only the final ball could be delivered... DKE 6.5 Busy performance as you would come to expect Palmer 6.5 Does what it says on the tin JOB 6 A couple of good opportunities to shoot went begging Ruben 7 Well marked, protected the ball well when receiving Roberts 7.5 Won penalty, scored penalty MoTM Wootton 7 Again well marked in a good defensive Maidenhead performance
  11. Remy Clerima, right sided in a back 3 https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/remy-clerima/profil/spieler/333348 https://www.maidenhead-advertiser.co.uk/gallery/maidenhead-utd-fc/174070/remy-clerima-i-know-there-s-a-lot-more-i-can-give-to-the-team.html Emile Acquah https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emile_Acquah Daniel Gyollai, Hungarian keeper https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dániel_Gyollai
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  15. Stockport got the job done with a minimum of fuss. Wrexham lost at Dagenham. Stockport deserved to win the league. They were the best team in the league.
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