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  1. Yesterday
  2. hopefully theres a great crowd as the team surely need to play better.
  3. I'm slowly getting there, I might need to take until Sunday to fully finish things. Tapatalk is working, I've ensured that's been sorted. I'd say I'm around 85% there.
  4. At home. woukd you rather people keep promises or be blunt with you that they can’t?
  5. colourful, pot of gold and i like it. swan
  6. I asked @william1984 if he wanted to go, however, he's not well or Harry. It's a shame because I was hoping to get them both down. At least @Magic magpie will be there and hopefully so will plenty of others.
  7. I haven't done my homework, so I won't be able to say what I think of the opposition. They are most likely going to try and play a higher tempo than us, it's important we are calm and careful in midfield. I'm hoping for a narrow 1-0 but we shall see.
  8. Promising He's done very well considering we are his first proper league experience, in goal he's done much better than I imagined and I don't get why some of our fanbase look to criticize him all the time. I imagine it doesn't bother him, he seems to play for his own praise rather than others.
  9. Famous would you rather watch a film at home or cinema
  10. hopefully you will feel better soon mate and we have a good time tomorrow and enjoy the match. Hopefully Callum feels better ..!! And w can have a great day with a good result
  11. exercise would you rather be royalty or famous person?
  12. laptop would you rather exercise or relax?
  13. trousers would you rather have a computer or laptop?
  14. I'm not so much a fan of this talking, however, I am sure Michael Doyle means it - I am just a believer in seeing the talking happening on the pitch.
  15. clean would you rather wear shorts or trousers
  16. What caused the stitches? My memories not as well, I know he had them, but I don't remember what caused them. Hopefully he will be back and ready to go again.
  17. sweet would you rather have a clean or messy house?
  18. sweet would you rather eat sweet or savoury popcorn?
  19. This is almost certainly a very good thing, I expect to see the shirts raffled off to raise money and if it's possible to purchase the transfer I think fans buying them would be a big thing. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that our history is important despite what we see happening on the field and despite the poor results. I look forward to seeing them.
  20. giant pudding would you rather have sweet or savoury pancake?
  21. easter would you rather have a cake or giant pudding?
  22. chicken would you rather eat easter or christmas chocolate?
  23. hope he recovers quickly. We are terrible for injuries this season.
  24. I haven't well the last few days, upgrading PON might have been a bad choice for this reason but I will be attending Notts tomorrow. I'm hoping I feel somewhat better. I don't think Jake's mate Callum is going though, he's unwell.
  25. different colours more than one love me rainbow
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