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  2. Valid thoughts I feel, but I don’t see Ardley changing much. I don’t even see Enzio getting dropped, if he does, then it’s going to be for one match. Then Ozzy will be straight out. Rose might end up on the bench.
  3. 1-0 Notts. Thomas to score. I don’t think it will be pretty football or exciting, end to end but mostly a dire game.
  4. He should focus on his YouTube channel, if he can’t make good of signing for a National League team than he’s probably best focusing solely on his YouTube career. No way can he do both.
  5. Hello, nice to see a Barrow fan that is open to talking with Notts fans.
  6. To be honest, I don’t mind. I thought Tyson did ok but he’s passed it. Notts already has Michael Doyle. There’s experience, then it’s veterans and to move forward the club needs to let go of the clutter.
  7. Stoke City v Swansea City 1-2 Bristol Rovers v Fleetwood Town 1-2 Rochdale v Gillingham 2-2 Crawley Town v Grimsby Town 2-1 Exeter City v Colchester United 2-1 Chesterfield v AFC Fylde 2-0 Hartlepool United v Stockport County 2-2 jkr Maidenhead United v Eastleigh 1-1
  8. If Notts is fine, then it’s for the best. Tyson must have wanted to start games, if he helps Chesterfield then he should be happier. His deal ends at the end of this season anyway.
  9. Good luck to Nathan Tyson. I must admit, I can't help but feel this is a risk which could backfire even if he does have an option to be recalled. It's just like starting a game with no available keeper on the bench.
  10. Stoke City 1 - 1 Swansea City(Joker) Bristol Rovers 2 - 0 Fleetwood Town Rochdale 2 - 1 Gillingham Crawley Town 2 - 0 Grimsby Town Exeter City 3 - 1 Colchester United Chesterfield 2 - 1 AFC Fylde Hartlepool United 2 - 2 Stockport County Maidenhead United 2 - 1 Eastleigh
  11. Welcome to PON @BlackJin, it's good to have you hear.
  12. Hello @chipmunx, nice to be welcoming a Barrow fan to the community here.
  13. @chipmunx Barrow would go up automatically, if they finished 1st. What happens to the 2nd and 3rd teams?
  14. Only changes I would make right now, are to Rose and Enzio. I think the starting lineup only really needs to tweaked here and there, it's a fair point that we did better with a few changes. The fixtures really forced that, however, Ardley should try to solve some of the issues about game time. He's done right by shipping some out on loan but if we are to improve further, you can't play tired bodies, you can't persist out-of-form players are good enough to start ahead of hard workers.
  15. Stoke City 1 - 2 Swansea City Bristol Rovers 1 - 1 Fleetwood Town Rochdale 1 - 2 Gillingham Crawley Town 1 - 1 Grimsby Town(Joker) Exeter City 2 - 0 Colchester United Chesterfield 1 - 1 AFC Fylde Hartlepool United 1 - 2 Stockport County Maidenhead United 2 - 1 Eastleigh
  16. Alot of players would retire after having those injuries or repeated injuries.
  17. I dont really like or watch youtube.
  18. This season he really hasnt been great. Hes ok but doesnt stand out anymore. Its kinda like hes not trying this season.
  19. Good idea, could be an interesting topic to carry forward alot.
  20. Currently my girls are watching "the loud house" before bed, not really your type i dont think as its a kids program, its not actually that bad though to be honest.
  21. Somewhere for him to get more game time but i am surprised as he has been in the team alot.
  22. I'm liking most of your confidence in my team Barrow though... hope your right and that we stay in top spot. 4th place should be quite easily achievable for Notts - it's just whether of not you can get past either Yeovil or Harrogate and into the top 3 as home advantage in the 2nd set of play off matches is huge.
  23. that's incorrect - only 2 teams do ever go up from this league - but 7th is the last play off place. The teams who finish 4th are at home to the 7th place team (and 5th at home to 6th) in the 1st set of play off matches.
  24. Good article @Alexlevy0908. Aldershot had a proper good atmosphere and felt retro. Sutton's ground was half finished. It was like one of them Cowboy Builders things with Dom Littlewood. Solihull had absolutely no room and the stewards had no clue what they were doing because they didn't open up the other part of the terrace. I enjoyed Ebbsfleet. Standing terrace, visible scoreboard and the day overall was a good laugh, especially the pre-match game of Pointless we had in the pub. Halifax was good too. Good view of the ground but the food and drinks were expensive. I liked Eastleigh to be honest. Alright view of the pitch and good material at the back of the stand to bang to create an atmosphere
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