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  2. Good news, little to comment on otherwise. Ian Burchnall has his assistant, hope they work their magic again.
  3. Time will tell how much of a loss Jake Reeves will be, yet he has been a big part of this past season and Notts needs to recruit steady performers of similar ability.
  4. Belgium need to step up the pace of their game and stop trying to walk the ball into the Finland net.
  5. Big loss IMO, quality midfielder who did much of the work and everything in between. Underrated in his ability to get Notts going.
  6. Most keepers can be replaced, something Notts tends to do well is in this department. Have we had a terrible first team goalkeeper in the last 10 years? I don't think we have.
  7. I should be renewed, I am still of the age where I don't have to pay for mine though.
  8. Great name! Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Joshua Barnes
  9. It's a big commitment for me, I am not sure how many home games I will make now that I am working full time and have my course still to finish. I am still tempted to renew,
  10. Jim O'Brien could be the experienced head in the middle replacing Michael Doyle, but there still needs to be someone quicker who can get Notts moving forward. Able to change the tempo depending on the situation and just cool games down.
  11. Very impressed but Notts has always done well with early season ticket sales, the year Alan Hardy landed the club in a mess and the Reedtz brothers came in, fans purchased their tickets to show support.
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  13. The squad needs to be versatile and I think Ian Burchnall needs to acknowledge that the formation might need tweaking in certain games. I suppose we have to wait and see about the signings first!
  14. I think its great Michael Doyle has agreed to play/ become the permanent assistant head coach, I just hope we learn about some potential signings to lift the spirit.
  15. Please join me in welcoming @Joshua Barnes to Pride of Nottingham, I hope you enjoy being part of our Notts County community. I look forward to working with you.
  16. If he remains at Notts, I would be shocked because the Football League is a far more attractive offer.
  17. Need a steady, Darren Caskey type midfielder who can make those all important runs and just get the players around him clicking.
  18. If Notts recruits well and offers the new arrivals good contracts, rebuilding shouldn't be that hard but I will state that I feel Jake Reeves will be missed. Find the right players, 2/3 years should be the standard length. Giving Reeves a single year, seems this would be the case had Notts not gained promotion. I think only injury prone and aging players should be given a single year, having the option to extend helps the building process. Issue with football today, is the mass overturn of players every single season. Notts built special things in 70s by keeping a settled squad of players.
  19. I will be renewing in the next couple of days, I prefer to wait for the demand to lessen as I don't like spending hours on the phone.
  20. Next submission @Piethagoram a nice picture of Meadow Lane.
  21. Difficult league to get out of if not promoted, so I understand and wish him well.
  22. Sam will be a loss and difficult to replace. A reliable goalkeeper is worth their weight in points saved.
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