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  2. Jimmy S and... Jimmy S! And all those mentioning Steve Thompson... should face an immediate ban for uttering his name! If ever there was a plonker of a manager, it was him. Followed by his boss first time round, Colin. Back in the days when we would swap managers with Lincoln. And we never got the one we wanted. Keith Alexander.
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  4. I know some bang on about injuries but imagine if the best in form players started.
  5. Anyone planning to go to see the game?
  6. That's all you have to do for it to catch on @super_pie.
  7. Those that insist on calling Notts the biggest team in this league, despite the fact they called us p*ss poor last season and we still haven't earned our place in this league yet.
  8. @cheeky~k8, here's the ad for them. that'd be me too, so i didn't have to share lol.
  9. The results: Middlesbrough 0-1 Luton Town Preston 0-1 Millwall Gillingham 2-1 Doncaster Rovers Bristol Rovers 2-1 Blackpool Plymouth 2-1 Crewe Alexandra Cambridge United 2-1 Bradford City Solihull Moors P-P Hartlepool United Wrexham P-P Torquay United Anyone who just predicted 2-1 for everything would have done well this week, but no-one did. Drum roll for this week's winner @CliftonMagpie with 7 points! You win a speedboat (possibly). Overall, @Dan is still top and is drawing near to 200 points. There is also a bit of a scrap for fourth brewing due to my total failure to predict football scores correctly. The fun will continue on Saturday, so expect the fixtures here on Wednesday or thereabouts. Thanks for playing!
  10. Steve Thompson Ian mcparland
  11. Focus on the next game against Hartlepool. Notts won't win every game! I thought it came down mostly to the lack of control the referee had of the game and how Woking would dive/waste time. Notts just has to be more aware of the tricks and quit walking the ball towards the penalty box.
  12. Can you ask if he has applied for any jobs in the Championship, and if he hasn't, would he?
  13. I hope we see him play, as it would be pointless to make the loan even if it is for a month.
  14. Social media has been a major knee jerk for some, I can't help but think they need to get over the result. Notts drawn, neither side deserved to win.
  15. If Notts wins, I believe two more will be postponed.
  16. I know DKE did well covering but I did think it was poor to leave out some natural to the left side regardless if he's seen as just cover. He will stronger there due to it being his position.
  17. I thought Enzio started off quite good, he looked keen to get forward. He won the ball a few times, some of which was down to his poor distribution but I felt he put himself about. It went all downhill after he had that poor shot at goal which was blocked, I would struggle to give him a 5 ratings. I think it's more constantly poor, I wished I could say something different but I still don't believe he deserves to start. Majority I agree with, I don't think Notts played badly just not well enough as a team to win.
  18. @magpiejue that would be why ive not heard of them, i was born 1986.
  19. I just hope he's not just eye candy or a stocking filler, we need players who can feature and do well.
  20. First half should have been how Notts approached the second, I don't know, they came out too deep and defensive. I think Ardley thought we could break them on the counter but Woking just put 10 men behind the ball. Notts always struggles to do well against teams like this.
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