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  3. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/53696424 So it seems that clubs in the lower divisions are getting their acts together and introducing a wage cap. 2.5 million for squads in League One and 1.5 million for League Two, with players under 21 to be exempted. It seems a good idea, but the devil will be in the detail. The limits do seem rather low (I remember Notts spending more than 2.5 million in L1, and we had a wage bill of 3 million when we got relegated from L2). On the one hand that obviously good. On the other, the better-supported clubs like Portsmouth would be transformed into profit-making enterprises, making them irresistable for all manner of shysters. When it comes to Notts, I wonder if we're already spending more than the 1.5 million for L2 (as we went spending double that when we went down it seems likely). Would we be forced to have a fire sale if we went up? What do you all make of it?
  4. Just a little bit - three wins all season and they stay up! We should have gone down the pan a year later than we did, we'd have been just fine. I couldn't see Stevenage making any waves anyway, but I doubt Macclesfield will even complete the season
  5. This is great news, especially as he was one of the players I was concerned about losing. If Graham comes back or we sign someone similar we'll be about sorted in that position now.
  6. Stevenage are the luckiest team within the Football League, with how poor they have been they deserve to go down but Macclesfield it is. I can't see them doing much personally.
  7. Good signing for Eastleigh, I do think this is Pierce Bird's chance to prove himself as a defender. I think he's a very capable player, that gave 100%, and I do feel he could've been the future CB with Alex Lacey. However, at the same time I don't think he did enough to knock on the door to start more regularly. It might be unlucky for him, but the way some fans hype him up you would have thought we have a major loss by letting him go. Best of luck to him.
  8. Last week
  9. The most important signing of them all. He is a seriously classy defender and with Rawlinson as a partner, it's the best CB pairing we've had for many years. I suspect the length is only for a year as he'll be wanting to see where we are then. He's obviously a cut above the other NL defenders and would walk into league teams, both div 1 and 2 imo.
  10. If it's true, I hope we start to look at English players because we need a balance.
  11. I am pleased to see Lacey renew terms with Notts, does anyone know what the contract length is?
  12. Sign him up if he's young and upcoming, there's value in players like this. He would make a useful squad member.
  13. It looks very nice, I am happy with the quality of Puma and this looks like its one of the best designs for years.
  14. I never doubted he wouldn't extend his stay with Notts, he knows that a start is almost guaranteed. He's a very good player.
  15. Who? It's a good job most of these players linked to Notts seem to know English.
  16. excellent news, hes a good player that will only improve. best defender at notts for me, him and connell rawlinson will make a excellent team again.
  17. expected really, i wonder if he will remain the captain? i think he has something to offer but as a first team regular it does seem a little backwards. im sure he can do well but sometimes he does tire or struggle to keep up with matches.
  18. hes the type of player that would look like a coup if the club pulled it off, if its true, thats another thing but i would like players of this type to come to notts.
  19. i would welcome him back, he did very well when he found his feet. good option to be a backup.
  20. kyle wootton came from scunthorpe didnt he? i hope notts did no do them a favour by wavering any compensation. i wish him the best in his new role.
  21. Fantastic news, Alex Lacey is a player we can build around. Him and Connell Rawlinson had a great partnership and understanding.
  22. Please be a winger, please be a winger... I won't knock the potential signing, I'm sure the energy will be good - if he does sign.
  23. English Notts County suddenly participates in the race to sign the former Malmö academy midfielder Erik Andersson, currently in Trelleborg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erik_Andersson_(footballer)
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