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  2. Liam Walker

    @Chris @liampie @CliftonMagpie it's worth adding, he only got into the country on Tuesday trained before the game on Wednesday.
  3. Thoughts on Haydn Hollis?

    he did well against forest and was my man of the match against wigan. i think he will be more productive and reliable under kevin nolan.
  4. Liam Walker

    he looked better against wigan but one dimensional against forest. yet he might be needing fitness or not quite match sharp so i will avoid saying anything else. if he signs, he signs and he would get my full support.
  5. grant is back in black & white!

    Where do people hope he starts? I would like to see him in the center of midfielder or in some sort of advanced attacking role.
  6. Squad numbers?

    Is this the type of thing that reveals the average age of a Notts fan? I dont care. Yet someone in the Pavis will probably be moaning every second until the numbers are announced.
  7. Liam Walker

    Unimpressed is a good way to sum Liam Walker up, he has not done much to shine but he needs to feature more. He can be a influence in midfield, he is the type of leader that did well with Portsmouth and he can score. Only negative for me is the fact I cant really see him pushing for the first team at all. He will either start or be a sub, if he loses his place he will end up like Thompson fazed out.
  8. Liam Walker

    I haven't really been impressed myself, yet he needs time and would hopefully contribute. In the Forest game he seemed very ineffective, even to the point whereby he looked somewhat 'youthish'. I'd never have guessed until you told me @TheFostarr94 that it was him as I saw no signs of experience. Yet one friendly doesn't really say much, I do know that the number 8 has attracted a fair amount of negative feedback from prior friendlies too. Hence why I assumed it was a young player, yet he might just need time. If he can score he would be an asset for us.
  9. Liam Walker

    He's definitely got pedigree, he's also played for an Israeli top-flight club (Bnei Yahud?) and his international role has seen him play against some of the top players in the world (he played against Germany). Worth a punt for sure.
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  11. Liam Walker

    Trialist Liam Walker, a Gibraltar international is being linked with a move to Notts but who is he? He's a 29 year old centre midfielder, who can list Portsmouth(when in league 1), Lincoln Red Imps, Europa Fc among his ex clubs. He's a similar player to Jorge Grant who he will likely provide competion for. A look at his Lincoln Red Imps career shows 43 games 23 goals and at Europa FC 26 games 15 goals. What's he done at Notts over the last two games? The quality of Forest stopped us from seeing how he was against them. Against Wigan he played some good football (as did Notts on the whole) tried to get some shots away, they was blocked alot of the time.
  12. Kevin Nolan impressed by Notts County trialist Liam Walker

    Fantastic news young blood is what's required ... great news
  13. Kevin Nolan has praised Notts County trialist Liam Walker and admits that he and his coaches will have discussions over the next few days over potentially offering the midfielder a contract. The 29-year-old, a Gibraltar international, represented Europa FC in his home nation and scored 15 goals in 26 appearances for them last season. In addition, Walker has played for Lincoln Red Imps and was part of the team that claimed a shock 1-0 win over Celtic in July 2016, and has also represented Portsmouth. Walker played in Wednesday’s defeat to Nottingham Forest and figured again in the 2-1 loss to Wigan Athletic on Saturday, and Nolan had kind words to say about him. “Liam did well again and we will have a chat with him over the next 24-48 hours,” he is quoted as saying by the Nottingham Post. “We will see where his head is at and see if something can be done. It’s another midfielder who can come in and push the lads who were here already. “I will talk to Thommo (Richard Thomas, assistant manager) and Norm (Mark Crossley, coach) as we’ve all been impressed with what we’ve seen. Then we will speak to Liam and his dad who has been over with him.” Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. We at Pride of Nottingham want you to enjoy all our content for free. If you fancy helping us provide even better content, however, please consider contributing to PON by clicking here!
  14. Yesterday
  15. Come on we faced higher league opposition again and played well scored first and lost via a own goal so that tells him defence work required. I can how he wouldn't want be over the top about it but let's praise where it's deserved here.
  16. Kevin Nolan believes his Notts County side "more than matched" Wigan Athletic, but admits work needs to be done regarding the Magpies' defending. Saturday's pre-season friendly at Meadow Lane saw Lewis Alessandra give Notts the lead in emphatic fashion, but a Richard Duffy own goal and a Callum Lang strike gave the Latics the win. Nolan told the official site: "Throughout the 90 minutes we more than matched them and made a lot of chances. "But the manner in which we gave away the goals was frustrating and the lads know that. "We are still two weeks away [from the start of the season] and there is a lot of work to do on the training pitch. "We have to keep reminding the players of what we have to do to be successful but there were a lot of positives to take away from the game against a good Wigan side who got more than they probably deserved today. "We have got quality in the final third and I have told the players they have to believe in themselves more. "They can all get better individually and collectively - and the signings we have brought in have taken us up another notch - but we will be a real handful once it all starts clicking into place." Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. We at Pride of Nottingham want you to enjoy all our content for free. If you fancy helping us provide even better content, however, please consider contributing to PON by clicking here!
  17. Last week
  18. puma shirt

    I'm the same mate, always go for the traditional Garibaldi first then wait to see if thee away shirts any good. I've got to admit though, our away shirts quite nice. It's all blue this season
  19. Squad numbers?

    I think it's funny, I saw @NewarkPie crop up on my Facebook sidebar having liked this and it's amusing. He's the boss, respect it.
  20. As I've said @liampie, don't overly worry - you've supported PON no end mate. It's nice to see people enjoying what we do, its even better when I see how fans value what we offer. Thanks for your continued support bud!
  21. will donate wednesday or thursday of next week when i am paid. good to see its doing well, it is deserved.
  22. Where do you think Notts will finish this season?

    i think playoffs if we can maintain the togetherness from pre season and the desire to be better from last season.
  23. Squad numbers?

    i dont really care tbh, think its more the club trying to buy patience from the fans. nolan looks like hes reading off a queue. lol
  24. grant is back in black & white!

    Fantastic signing and the squad is looking better with each signing. It just goes to show that those deals that seem unlikely sometimes works out! Well done Alan Hardy and Kevin Nolan for securing Jorge Grants services again.
  25. Squad numbers?

    Does anyone actually care about the squad numbers? I find it interesting to see what changes but its not that big. Who could seriously be hassling the club to release them?!?!
  26. Where do you think Notts will finish this season?

    I think we will have a good season, I just think that injuries and suspensions will punish the real progress made. As mentioned prior it is about stability and the club looks to be in good hands with Kevin Nolan. Next season for me will reveal more than this upcoming campaign.
  27. Thoughts on Haydn Hollis?

    Some might, I wouldn't. He's a good lad and a decent player on his day, it just does not happen in many games. For every good game, he makes several mistakes in others.
  28. The Pride of Nottingham Donation Drive

    I will donate guys, I'll get it across two you in the next couple of days. Best wishes.
  29. Since its launch two weeks ago, the Pride of Nottingham Donation Drive has received a tremendous response so far, and continues to gather pace as the new season edges ever closer. Now into our fifth campaign covering Notts County, PON has sought to provide fans with news, features, trivia, media and match updates, with the premise of being entertaining, informative, honest and unbiased. Since our creation in 2013, we have been there through the rough and the smooth, and as staunch Notts fans ourselves, we have shared the joy, the pain, the sadness, the anger, the confusion, the euphoria and every other single emotion which is part and parcel of supporting our beloved club. And year on year, PON has grown to the point that it can legitimately lay claim to be the number one Notts fansite on the internet, and this could not have been done without each and every one of you who interact and engage with us on the site, on social media and at the games. Now heading into the 2017/18 season, there is much cause for optimism at Meadow Lane, with the club under new ownership, a manager at the helm who is truly committed to the cause, and the atmosphere much more jovial among the fanbase. There is to be no resting on laurels, however, for the club and for ourselves. We want to provide even more Notts content, even more regularly, and even better quality, and for us to break through the glass ceiling and go to the next level, the PON Donation Drive is to help us to do this. The number of Notts fans that have donated to the cause is now in double figures, and for that we thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts. Some fans have even given us some incredibly kind words, which in turn makes us lost for words - being part of PON is already so satisfactory as it is, but to know that fans genuinely enjoy our work and tell us so, it makes it even more worthwhile. Gordon Robertson, a fan who has very kindly donated, said this about PON: " I've been following for about 2 years. I found out about it on Facebook. I think it's really good because it's more fan orientated and i think it's an asset to the club. I donated because i believe in what you're doing and it should be supported and encouraged by both the fans and the club. Keep up the good work!" Meanwhile, Ben Dooley said: "PON is a good site ran for the fans by the fans, there is a good community feel about it where you can have a laugh without any "bollocks". None of us are millionaires, so donating whatever I could felt like a no-brainer." We are so thankful to each and every one of you who follows and engages with PON, and as always, we are eager to keep our content completely free for everyone to enjoy. If you fancy chipping in for the cause, then you would be helping our cause even more! Thank you once again for your support, and here's to a good 2017/18 season! COME ON YOU PIES!! To contribute towards the Pride of Nottingham Donation Drive, click here to take you to the donation page.
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