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  2. Look who I spotted at the World Cup

    Does @Chris even drink at games? I don't think it looks much like him.
  3. The First Thoughts Game

    Legend, Bad Pundit, Goalscorer OJ Simpson
  4. Should Ramos be in trouble after Salah tackle.?

    I feel he should have been banned but it never seemed likely to happen. I also don't believe that the outcome effected his home nation at all, they don't have very good defenders and how poor they played is a result from how they had been setup with such weak links across their squad.
  5. Colin slater

    He's a club legend no matter what you think. I hate that he's received some unkind comments, especially for all he's done. People don't realise how much involved he's been with various things and he makes the Notts community richer. I'm delighted to have interviewed him and, for him to have written a few things for PON. It's a sad that he stopped, especially without messaging me but I know why. I'll always have the respect he deserves, he's such a treasure and he could voice the history of Notts County. I'd love to see him release a book, I think he has a lot of things he can pass down.
  6. The First Thoughts Game

    Supermarket sweep Gay Married a women pele
  7. Colin slater

    As I said in another thread there will never be another Colin Slater he’s been associated with Notts probably longer than anyone, he deserves his retirement which I hope is a long and happy one. We once saw him shopping in Morrisons, we didn’t know it was him until we heard his voice my wife said thank you when he moved out of our way he replied “you’re very welcome” in that unmistakable voice we’ve heard so much of over the years. I did a double take and realised it was uncle Colin but I was too shy to say hello. Sorry I digressed a bit there, yes he is a true legend.
  8. The First Thoughts Game

    Notts, England, Defender? Dale Winton
  9. Kit launch date confirmed

    Bespoke kid again? There was not much different from the shirt Notts sold and a retail one sold directly buy Puma. I hope the design is unique to the club.
  10. Alan Hardy vs. Gary Lineker

    I agree with Alan's point but not with the manner that he has gone about sending the message. I would rather ignore something than to make a song and dance about it, then throw the towel in once I realized the person I publicly tried to shame had people who backed him. If he swore whilst working for the BBC, complain directly to them. If he swore in a tweet, ignore or unfollow him. Alan Hardy has the choice about what he shows his children, bringing that up in the tweets seems quite obvious that he regrets his original tweet.
  11. How are you watching THE match

    I watched the Englnd v Panama game at home, no drinks at all. For once the performance did not make me feel the need to have anything.
  12. Colin slater

    He deserves his retirement but it would be good to hear him on the radio once in awhile. Colin Slater saw Notts do it all, so one more season would not have made any difference and it was important he had a proper sending off. He's looking very frail these days.
  13. The First Thoughts Game

    Peace, Reggie, Singer Dave Watson
  14. Screen names on Pon

    I bet he could teach you a thing or two
  15. Kit launch date confirmed

    Guys earlier today Alan Hardy tweeted the new kit would be launched on Saturday as planned. And there would be a few teasers on Friday I’m gunner ring the club tomorrow for more info.
  16. Name this Notts County player

    @The Heff So it is.
  17. Underdogs

    Some underdogs don't help themselves like Panama, others attract appreciation like Iceland have. There's no room for teams like them in the World Cup.
  18. Guess the player

    Will do buddy thankyou mate means a lot your feedback mate
  19. The First Thoughts Game

    Dirty, french, scissor kick Bob Marley
  20. Alan Hardy vs. Gary Lineker

    He took offence to some of my tweets which was not abusive and I did not criticize him. I just told him what I thought, so I find it ironic to say the least that he's having a pop at Gary Linekar for dropping a few f*bombs. If Alan doesn't like it, why not complain directly to the BBC rather than pointing it out via social media. It's the kind of tweet you know he hoped he would get a good response from mind.
  21. Second team

    I don't support any other club, I follow a few but those are teams less known than Notts.
  22. Caption the magpies

    Born free, as free as the wind blows..
  23. Guess the player

    Next one? Give us a tough one. @Magic magpie You could always do other players too or famous people.
  24. Should Ramos be in trouble after Salah tackle.?

    Egypt fans will probably single this out as the reason behind their unimpressive World Cup campaign but they don't have much to go on. Poor nation in truth and the signs are there because Russia are not that good.
  25. Today
  26. Colin slater

    absolute legend, i really miss hearing him and i know charlie does a great job but its like somethings missing. i wished he would have been able to commentate one last good season. he deserves to be recognised more across the football world for what he achieved and how long he did his job.
  27. Should Ramos be in trouble after Salah tackle.?

    i think its in the past, salah could not have saved his nation in the world cup. they played woeful and lost because of being a poor team not due to ramos.
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