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  2. Brentford 2v2 Fulham Stoke City 1v1 Reading Ipswich Town 2v0 Bristol Rovers joker Lincoln City 1v1 Tranmere Rovers Fleetwood Town 2v1 Gillingham Scunthorpe United 2v1 Colchester United Walsall 1v1 Macclesfield Town Crawley Town 2v1 Port Vale
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  4. Brentford 2-2 Fulham Stoke City 3-1 Reading (joker) Ipswich Town 1-0 Bristol Rovers Lincoln City 1-2 Tranmere Rovers Fleetwood Town 1-1 Gillingham Scunthorpe United 0-1 Colchester United Walsall 2-0 Macclesfield Town Crawley Town 1-0 Port Vale
  5. its a good time for ardley to sit out some of the poor performances, i just hope if he does drop some, that he rewards those that do well.
  6. Slocombe, Kelly-Evans, Rawlinson, Lacey, Bakayogo, Osborne, Booty, O'Brien, Tyson, Wootton, Dennis. Would change most of the team. Just go for it, got nothing to lose. Only the FA Trophy
  7. A win might help with confidence, it could give Neal Ardley a chance to mix things up properly. However, I do wonder how many fans actually care about this game? I don't. It's a nothing cup, yet knowing what some of our fans are like they'll make a big thing of this when they wanted us to focus on the league in the FA Cup. Dennis to bag 3 goals.
  8. Brentford 0-1Fulham Stoke City 3-2 Reading Ipswich Town 2-0 Bristol Rovers (Joker) Lincoln City 1-1Tranmere Rovers Fleetwood Town 0-1 Gillingham Scunthorpe United 2-1 Colchester United Walsall 0-0 Macclesfield Town Crawley Town 1-2 Port Vale
  9. FA Trophy - The Spireites (A) Team: Chesterfield Date: 14/12/19 Where: Proact Stadium What line-up should Neal Ardley opt for? What will be the key areas for the Magpies to get a victory? What do you think the final score will be? Have your say below, join in with the Pride of Nottingham match discussion.
  10. Brentford 2-0 Fulham Stoke City 2-1 Reading Ipswich Town 2-1 Bristol Rovers Lincoln City 1-0 Tranmere Rovers Fleetwood Town 2-1 Gillingham (Joker) Scunthorpe United 2-2 Colchester United Walsall 0-0 Macclesfield Town Crawley Town 1-2 Port Vale
  11. Quite an easy question to be fair, most of the squad have departed the club which is shocking.
  12. Good stories, it's nice to learn more about the new owners.
  13. I think Bird will do well with Boston, I do feel he could be doing a job here but Neal Ardley does now need to find another defender to fill in. I know we have Alex Lacey but what if he gets injured?
  14. Brentford 1-1 Fulham Stoke City 2-1 Reading Ipswich Town 2-1 Bristol Rovers Lincoln City 1-1 Tranmere Rovers Fleetwood Town 2-0 Gillingham joker Scunthorpe United 0-0 Colchester Walsall 2-0 Macclesfield Crawley 1-1 Vale
  15. No idea, it could be Adam Campbell or Ronan Murray though.
  16. It looks like Ronan Murray to me too.
  17. I hope you all have your voting done or will be, the shape of UK politics needs to change and quickly.
  18. If the current form continues, I can see the haters and fans who want him out winning. His comments are the same each week. There's a lack of rotation in the squad, at the start of the season you couldn't get him to settle it down.
  19. I never knew overseas nations had early Football League coverage, it does make you wonder why we don't [other than Sky].
  20. Brentford v Fulham 2-2 Stoke City v Reading 2-1 (Joker) Ipswich Town v Bristol Rovers 2-1 Lincoln City v Tranmere Rovers 1-0 Fleetwood Town v Gillingham 2-1 Scunthorpe United v Colchester United 0-1 Walsall v Macclesfield Town 2-0 Crawley Town v Port Vale 1-1
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  22. @Chris I wouldn't mind seeing a bit on German TV. A pipe dream When you look at it today it's amazing how many matches there were without any coverage at all. In 1985 TV contract negotiations broke down and there was no football on TV whatsoever for half a season. If you weren't at the ground to see a goal, you'd missed it. Unimaginable now, even at our modest level. Notts didn't have a live league match broadcast in England until 1992, when a 1-0 defeat (of course) at Birmingham was shown on Central. That's 19 years after our debut on Swedish TV. Thanks to this brilliant website for the info and for occupying me for an hour or so!
  23. Hello everybody and welcome to the biggest prediction league in the world on PON. The National League isn't in action this weekend, but all the proper leagues are so here's the next round of fixtures to predict. I'll need your predictions by Saturday at 3pm at the latest, don't forget your joker. The winner wins a ferret. Probably. Brentford v Fulham Stoke City v Reading Ipswich Town v Bristol Rovers Lincoln City v Tranmere Rovers Fleetwood Town v Gillingham Scunthorpe United v Colchester United Walsall v Macclesfield Town Crawley Town v Port Vale
  24. It just goes to show, how one thing can lead to another. This is a great find! I wished there was more football on the TV, from Championship to the National League. I used to always watch Setanta Sports back in the day, I have limited interest in Sky. Fingers crossed Amazon might go further than the Premier League.
  25. The interview with the Reedtz brothers on the other thread, in which they talk about watching English football on Danish team on a programme called Tipslørdag, got me thinking. Just the other day I read a WSC article about a show called Tipsextra, which broadcast live English football on Swedish TV at exactly the same time Tipslørdag was on the air in Denmark (1969 to 1995) and also gave English football cult status there. To put it into context, the Football League did not televise any live matched at this time and would not do so until the mid-1980s, fearing a further drop in crowds. So it's highly likely that the first Notts match ever to be broadcast live was on one of these channels. As I'm a bit of an anorak I did some digging. According to this website, Notts' first appearance on Tipsextra (and probably also our first ever league match to be broadcast live) was a 1-1 draw away to Aston Villa in late 1973. We had to wait until early 1976 for Meadow Lane to grace Swedish TV screens, when we lost 2-1 to Blackpool. We had already had a televised FA Cup match some time before - a 1-0 humiliation at home to Bath City way back in 1959 (commentated by Ken Wolstenholme, who would also commentate on England's World Cup win). So our miserable form in front of the TV cameras started very early...
  26. Had wurst comments @DangerousSausage
  27. Piethagoram. You are Piethagoram.
  28. Most want Neal Ardley to succeed, but his comments and lack of actions don't help. I do not feel he needs to always explain himself, yet some decisions to avoid changes are quite baffling. He needs to make some in the next league game, I worry he will for the Chesterfield game and then revert back to his favourites again thereafter.
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