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  3. Isn't it nice to see the circus elsewhere, instead of at Notts? These type of headlines are things we've become too familiar with, so its nice it's a different team (rather than us). I'm also mindful to hold back directly on commenting as its early days still, however, I am not surprised that Chesterfield are now waking up. There's been something iffy going on since last season and, I am partly wondering now if James Rowe could be someone the club merely wants to blame. You know, push him under the bus and hope for the best? A bit like appointing Jamie Fullarton seemed as if it happened just to take our eyes off the chairman/club. James Rowe does seem a little suspect, but we'll never know the inner workings. I read one news piece which suggested he was bullying players, a little bizarre for a club doing well within its respective league - especially since there seems to be more going on behind the scenes. If Chesterfield are somehow in a situation whereby money is an issue, I would wish them all the best. It's always the fans who get hurt, and whilst I find a lot of them that I have encountered to be incredibly self-entitled with their own club matters. A little wake-up call never hurts anyone, provided things resolve themselves. We'll have to watch this space.
  4. I wouldn't have bothered to try to bring him back in, the situation has become somewhat of a joke and, I honestly feel sorry for Anthony Patterson as it will be him losing out. Some of our fans might not be happy, I just feel that Notts/Sunderland should've drawn the line when he was last recalled. It was great to get him back, but in my mind I did wonder what if he would be recalled again. Patterson needs game time, it's harsh on him to be messed about so much. Form for a young goalkeeper is one of the most important aspects of his game, in addition to confidence. How does being recalled, only not to play say to him?
  5. If Notts pile the pressure on Wealdstone, a good result should come, and we might enjoy a few goals. The main thing is to leave with the win. However, it would be great for confidence if Notts won 4 or 5-0 and put together a solid performance. The postponements surely make some of our players more eager to do well. The process has to be on focus though, no game is won before kick off and Wealdstone can be extremely unpredictable at times. If we can work the ball and, control the game, chances shouldn't be few or far between. 3-1 is my score prediction. Cal Roberts, Kyle Wootton and Matt Palmer to score.
  6. Definite must win game as we are then going into a spell of some tricky fixtures, followed by another spell of tough games. My worry is that some of our players will be pretty rusty, having not played for a couple of weeks, but on the plus side they should be fresh.
  7. It's a game Notts should be winning. We have to break the habit of allowing the opposition to score first. It will bite us in the butt eventually.
  8. It's certainly a strange approach. The owners want Championship minimum - you'd think that investing in a youngish squad with a mix of experienced players would be better long-term - keeping them as they go through the leagues and selling the ones that fall by the wayside. Very much a here and now investment - splash the cash on 30 odd year olds and give them 3 year contracts?!
  9. Especially with Wrexham being able to spend stupid money on a bang average Ollie Palmer. One assumes they are just going to chuck the ball into the box for him to create havoc for Mullin to capitalise, because I doubt they will get many goals out of him. With a bit of luck it may have a more negative effect.
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  11. Team should be chomping at the bit to get out and play, hopefully use the frustration to good effect and not self implode. IB will need to manage this game well
  12. I posted this after Chesterfield signed Tshimanga. I'm certainly no mystic meg, you only have to watch a couple of interviews to see that there was something off about his character. I'm surprised that its come so quickly after a slight blip in form (loss and draw in the last 2), but one way or the other this seemed inevitable. He has history surrounding the alleged claims - and at this stage it's all alleged pending investigation - but the rumours are flying around on social media. I genuinely hope that this isn't the tip of the iceberg. Paying 200-300 k for a striker and having to crowdfund for frost covers is a big red flag. I say that with no malice intended - nobody wants to see another side crippled by financial instability due to irresponsible owners/boards. Chesterfield still have a decent squad and are a threat at the upper echelons of the NL - but if we're serious about getting top spot, I seem to think Stockport and Wrexham are perhaps the bigger competition.
  13. The Chesterfield Town manager has been suspended pending an investigation into allegations of misconduct. Oh dear... Never really came across as a nice guy and from what I've gathered on twitter some people are suggesting he's a bit of a bully - nothing has been clarified yet though so it'll be interesting to see what happens and how it will impact Chesterfield's season.
  14. Half expecting the team to get there but be locked out the ground, that or 15 mins into the game the floodlights fail. I just want it to be played, so please let there be no problems. I think it’ll be similar to the Kings Lynn game, they’ll set up to frustrate and if we can’t get much joy we’ll switch formation to get Roberts higher and wider. I noticed they had one of their players sent off against Woking at the weekend, hopefully he’s their star-man!
  15. On going issues with Lee Burge's health means he's staying put at Sunderland. Sounds quite serious so I wish him well. However it's a shame for us as he was doing really well here. Looks we'll be getting someone else in now.
  16. #31 Wealdstone vs Notts County PREVIEW | MAGPIE CIRCLE LIVE with Chloe Page & Adam Hills
  17. I don't think the player meant it. Superb punt to take the shot, decent goal for this reason, but I think stronger build-up play won beat it fairly easily as a better all round goal. PS. I thought the static cameraman was about to miss it all together.
  18. I'm assuming this was after a match? I think Notts also must have won as nobodies fleeing the scene.
  19. There was a time I thought he was a decent player, but that drifted away as he lost his head and, became lost. He didn't work hard enough for us, very really picked up anyone with marking (one of the worst for defending that season). His passing wasn't that bad, but he often wanted to run with the ball which is like me navigating a shopping centre full of mindless shoppers - either go missing or get steam rolled. His tendency to shoot was frustrating, as it was like once he scored, it went to his head. After being capped for Afghanistan, was the point I feel he just went through the motion. We've had so many underwhelming midfielders, that didn't get half the fan backing he did - that contributed far more during their stint here.
  20. Ricardo Santos is a very capable defender at this level and higher, I always felt he had the potential to play in the Championship. The thing that impressed me when I studied all of Barnet's highlights was the level of awareness he showed at that point in his career. I can only imagine he's improved over time, Bolton has a very good defender in him.
  21. I just think it is terrible that nobody has done anything about all the deaths which have occurred since Qatar won the bid to host the World Cup. I might be mistaken, but the Olympics don't award the hosting rights to nations whom don't have the infrastructure in place. If I am mistaken, my point is that the infrastructure must be in place BEFORE and, not something in hindsight. What happens if a bid wins, then all the promises are bodged through poor building or simply doesn't happen due to the lack of funds/interest to fulfil the plans? I'm not remotely interested in the World Cup in Qatar.
  22. The recent "work" is a major eyesore, all the money used and little to show for it. That large screen advertising stuff near the main entrance is a disaster waiting to happen. Yet the design of Vic Centre is very mismatched. The early photo is the first time I recall seeing how it used to look. Disappointing, to say the least. Market Square has had some terrible architecture done too.
  23. Thinking outside the box, if the EU past a directive to say all sporting organisations whose competitions are held in EU countries, need FULL transparency of their financial accounts ( and history thereof). Would UEFA and FIFA then comply? I would doubt it. A new global football organisation could be set up, fully transparent, maybe set in Brussels or London. Football relies on advertising revenues and am sure the big conglomerates would be willing to ditch FIFA and UEFA for more transparency?
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