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  4. Tough start for the new manager! You can almost sense the doom-mongers will already be sharpening their knives in readiness. Added pressure to get off to a good start and it's probably not what LW wanted. I also like the idea of back to back games against Oldham, more fixtures should be made like this!
  5. Maidenhead at home is one of the easiest fixtures IMO. The rest of August is quite tricky. Boreham Wood away is always difficult. Gateshead away won't be easy. They'll be well up for that game. Chesterfield at home, Halifax away and Solihull at home are tough. We visit Dorking Wanderers in September. That will be a cup final for them! Oldham at home on Boxing Day and away on New Year's Day. I personally love that. 2 big clubs going head to head. We finish with a home game against York. Hopefully we'll be celebrating promotion!
  6. Andy Goram was an incredible keeper. He'll forever be associated with Rangers and rightly so given the success he had there. Andy loved the Old Firm games. He won a few of those single handily. He was in goal when Rangers beat Leeds in the Battle Of Britain in the Champions League. Rangers came very close to making the final that season. His nickname of The Goalie was perfect. R.I.P.
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  9. RIP Andy Goram, that's a tragically young age to go. I remember his sole Notts appearance against Wigan, to fill in when Darren Ward was on international duty. He was a big name at the time still, so it sticks in your mind.
  11. Been off the site for a few days but did see this originally. Sad news as I remember his game for Notts, where you could see that he used to be a class keeper.
  12. I thought he was a decent shot stopper but is command of the area was generally quite weak. Patterson ended up being our best keeper last season after what I thought was a shaky start. He had the best command of the area and claimed crosses, which is something we have lacked for several years. Slocombe was no worse than Jaros, apart from with the ball at his feet, which coaches appear to be obsessed with.
  13. If I was Klopp, I would be going after Anthony Paterson at Sunderland
  14. Interesting, Williams obviously knows him from his time at Bristol City's Academy. We do still need a midfielder, especially if we are going to play with 3 CMs, but one that's a strong competitor and tackler. However I don't know what type of player Morton is, hopefully we'll get a chance to see him in action in one of the upcoming friendlies.
  15. For me it could’ve been a great shirt, I really like the actual pin-stripe design. It’s just the sponsors bold colour on an almost colourless shirt is too much. There’s no blend between the sponsor and the shirt. I’d rather the shirt incorporated the sponsors colours (just a bit) so we’d have more cohesion. The shirt has been designed first then the sponsor just whacked on at the end. The away kit is nicer, it’s just a bit boring and plain for me, I personally would’ve preferred a bit of texture or a pattern to make it more interesting.
  16. Signed him on loan for Notts a couple of times on Football Manager. Sounds like a good player, hopefully something materialises and he can produce the goods.
  17. Too similar to the kit we were relegated in from the top flight. Wish sponsors colours could have been done as different levels of grey. It looks yuk
  18. So, the new kit is here. How do you find it? I'll offer my opinion - it's awful. The various patches on the arms are way too fussy and the multicoloured logo on the front is dreadful. And why no stripes on the back? It's surely not a problem with pinstripes. If we'd gone with white arms and a monochrome sponsor's logo, we'd have had ourselves a deal, but not this. On the plus side, however, the shorts are black, and we can all relive the glory days of consecutive 80s relegations... Oh well. If we win promotion wearing a naff shirt, I'll take that.
  19. My gut feeling is that he won't leave before the end of his contract. I doubt any League Two club can afford him (Donny's transfer income was probably used to plug losses elsewhere), and he'd be an expensive risk in League One, especially with only a year to go. But if we don't go up this time, he's gone.
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