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RIP Colin Slater

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Colin Slater, the voice of the club for so many decades, has passed away aged 87. Condolences to his family and everyone who knew him. 

People talk about legendary players and managers, but it was Colin who was at our side through all those moments of triumph or (more often) non-triumph. It'll be difficult to imagine Notts without him. 

Here's a nice piece the club published about him. 


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Tonight has been such sad news. For me, he has been the voice of Notts for both commentary and news for all of my life. I remember sitting by the radio as a kid waiting for any second half commentary or news on Notts and he was the man that always brought it, without him I would have probably ended up as a Man Utd fan!

Tonight though has probably brought me my best ever day reading social media feeds, such great tributes show the respect that people had for him, not one bad word.

Thank you Colin.

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Awful news, @cheeky~k8 mentioned it and even though I know he's been declining (very frail) - this type of thing hits home.

He'll always be remembered and, to those who refer to him as 'Uncle Colin' - It's difficult to drop the uncle part, even if he did insist it was just Colin. I am thankful for having known and interviewed him, listening to his background and, life story was something I couldn't miss.

Through the interview, I often exchanged conversations via e-mail, until a few years back, when he simply stopped responding.

His writing, which he kindly wrote for us, before having a column in the match day programme, was always amazing to read. I felt truly humble to have someone like Colin support the Pride of Nottingham and, understand what it was I was trying to do. 

Thank you for all your contributions, Colin Slater.

Rest in Peace.

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Growing up in Ireland meant listening to Uncle Colin. Nearly all of my favourite Notts memories have Uncle Colin commentating on them. That unique style of his was a pleasure to listen to. Uncle Colin was loved by the Notts County fan base and he loved the club. I hope Uncle Colin's family take some solace in the thousands of messages of condolence. Colin Slater, he is one of us. R.I.P. 

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I never got to meet him in person, but as I didn't travel away much (and have been holed up in Germany for the last few years), I have spent a lot of matchdays in Uncle Colin's "company". He was a link to the past in so many ways - to the club's past, of course, as he'd been covering Notts since the late 1950s and had seen ALL of the ups and downs since that time. But also to broadcasting past - he sounded unique (possibly a result of the pronunciation expected of radio commentators half a century ago) and he drew such a precise picture of the match. You always knew where the all was, and he knew exactly who the opposition's players were too.

And of course he took to the club, and the fans took to him, as Dripsey says. He famously helped a takeover go through in the mid-sixties. Now of course we think of him as being Notts through and through, but think about that in the context of the time - he was a local journalist from Bradford with no previous connection to the club, having moved a few years before, helping save the club. That surely wasn't part of the day job! I wonder how many other times he's helped the club without ever publicising it.

I hope there were some high dropping balls in honour of him last night. Colin Slater is one of a very select group of people who deserve to be called Notts legends.

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Today is Uncle Colin's funeral. It's fitting that Uncle Colin's final journey begins at Meadow Lane. It will be an emotional occasion. The club are streaming the funeral service which is a nice touch. 

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i think it shows how truly lucky notts was to have colin slater, bbc radio nottingham too.

very saddening loss as everyone should be feeling the loss as uncle colin played a role in many of notts fans lives. the turn out and memorials have been amazing, its hard to think we wont ever hear his voice again. i hope hes watching notts from above and commentating up in heaven with jimmy.

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