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Eli Sam


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Do you think he can push on from here now and get himself in the first 11 on a regular basis?

This is his second season with us and until recently he was the forgotten man. Then he got a chance and made an impact in the Wrexham game and could’ve/should’ve scored but against Eastleigh he got his goals.

I really liked his interview afterwards as well, that can only help in keeping the fans on his side with his ‘working hard’ and ‘not giving up’ attitude.

l think he can help us out in the second half of the season. On the social media training videos he’s always showing some bit of great skill using his size to his advantage and finally we’ve seen more of it on the pitch where it counts. I think he’s got a point to prove and if IB can’t get the best out him I don’t know who can!

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If we find a suitable way to play to his strengths and, allow him more game time, I think he could be a decent player. Issue is we haven't given much chance, neither Ian Burchnall nor Neal Ardley seemed to give him the time he needs to adjust to English football.

Burchnall seems to appreciate Elisha Sam, that's something noticeable.

If we don't give him more chance, then it's just a waste of a shirt, and we are hindering his career. Either play, or let go. I don't think Sam is lazy, awful, but I do think he struggles to adapt to our game and, possibly confidence.

At the same time we need to give him more time, Sam also does need to take the chances but if the games are few and far between - it simply won't happen.

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On one hand he hasn't been given any sort of runs within the first-team, on the other he does come across as a bit of dud.

I personally don't get all the crappy comments expressed towards him, he does try and I don't think he can be fully judged. I don't think he will play any major role in the squad, I just don't see him being given the time.

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Sam has the ability, it's just the application of that ability I would question (and that's not meaning application in terms of effort).

A lot of players lack a footballing brain. That's not to say that some players aren't intelligent, but the top players see the game in a totally different way to others. Paul Scholes or Frank Lampard are good examples of players with a strong footballing brain and sometimes players can play at a higher level than their natural ability purely because they possess this vision. You'll often hear phrases like 'spots a pass nobody else could see', or 'has a knack at arriving in just the right moment'. These things aren't luck - it's a skill to be able to read the game that well. 

Pogba is an example of somebody who doesn't have the same capacity to read/understand the game that evolves around him. All the ability in the world, but no real sense of when and where to apply it and where not to. This is why he'll make bad decisions and lose the ball in key areas, but at the same time will produce moments of magic. Sam kind of falls into a similar bracket for me; he has the ability, it's just the decision making, positional sense and things he does that cast the doubt. This is often why he's used so seldom, which Sam will come out? The ridiculous and bad, or the magnificent and good? Often those two Sam's can appear in the same game. 

For me he could be good value to come off the bench when we are chasing games because he's unpredictable. It's that same unpredictability however that wouldn't have me starting him. 

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I don't think Notts has the right amount of faith in him to be anything more than a backup, he clearly has talent but much of the practical parts are lacking. He may benefit from a loan move away from the club, so that he can get more game time in England but I fail to see it happening.

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