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Ratings : Notts v Grimsby


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Jaros 6 great penalty save, the real problem is in front of him

Brindley 5.5 Some good runs first half and a good block too. Caught out by a poor square pass too. Whole defence went missing in the 2nd half

Lacey 5 Lucky to escape a red. Ability to influence passes from the back limited

Cameron 5 Never a penalty... again our organisation at the back at fault on dead balls

Taylor 5 better 1st half. final ball not there

Richardson 5 effectiveness decreasing week on week.

Palmer 5 unable to influence game

Brunt 4 needs to take the ball and make things happen. It didnt happen

Ruben 4.5 Looked to have taken a knock. Missed a good header chance

Roberts 6.5 The only real bright spot. Took his goal well..just found it difficult 2nd half to get into the game

Wootton 4.5 Marked out, tried to drop deeper but had zero effect

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Jaros 6.5 - encouraging debut, great save from the ludicrous penalty and let down by his defenders for the goals.
Brindley 6 - some good blocks and tried to get forward.
Lacey 5.5 - started well, struggled a bit when they got into gear.
Cameron 6 - not everything went his way, but can't fault his effort.
Richardson 5 - posed problems early, but was anonymous for much of the game.
Palmer 5.5 - probably his least effective game in a Notts shirt, well below his usual standard.
Brunt 5 - the odd good pass, but had less impact as the game progressed.
Roberts 8* - quality goal, and our main attacking threat throughout.
Taylor 6 - got involved, but struggled to find the final ball.
Rodrigues 5 - the odd moment of class, but yet again mostly ineffective.
Wootton 5 - didn't get a lot in terms of service, but offered minimal threat.

Vincent 5 - didn't offer much when he came on.
Sam 6.5 - more good moments than bad, better then most.

A very disappointing defeat after looking good for the first 30 minutes. After that, we were simply outthought and outfought. We had a midfield who were decent when they had the ball, but were very poor when they didn't. This game highlighted all of our weaknesses, and we need to accept that pretty football sometimes doesn't work at this level if we are to keep our season alive. We don't need hoofball, but we need to mix it more.

The ref was awful, but he wasn't the reason we lost. The penalty he awarded was one of the most ridiculous decisions I've seen for a very long time, and once he decided that Lacey had committed a foul for the free kick that led to their winner it surely had to be a red card rather than a yellow.

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Jaros 6 – Like the fact he tries to come for crosses, don’t think you can fault him for either of the goals.

Brindley 6 – Some good blocks and tackles, wasn’t able to bring the ball out as much as usual.

Lacey 5.5 – Just a bit of meh performance from him, didn’t really dominate in our own box.

Cameron 6.5 – Thought he was generally commanding and solid, never a foul for the pen.

Richardson 6 – Got into a lot of good positions but his final ball was poor.

Taylor 5.5 – Started well but faded and become less involved as the game went on.

Palmer 6 – Felt like he was doing the job of two players, but not great on the ball this game.

Brunt 5 – Just off the pace for me, a few nice flashes but that was it.

Roberts 7 – Our biggest threat going forward but in that CM role there’s elements that just don’t suit his game.

Rodrigues 5.5 – Not quite on it, moments of great play followed by rash play.

Wootton 5 – First touch wasn’t great at times, didn’t cause their defence any real problems. 3 games where he’s been largely ineffective now, don’t think Mitchell or Sam would be allowed that…

Vincent 5.5 –  Tried to push forward with his runs but didn’t really change the game.

Sam 6.5 – Lively, threatening and caused them a few problems.

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