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Women's Euro 22

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Is anyone else watching this?

I've just watched England come from behind to beat Spain. At times in the first half I thought Spain were going to do a number on us, they looked a lot more comfortable on the ball and far more dangerous. We only started turning the screw in the last quarter of an hour. You've got to admire the team's character, even if we got a little lucky that the equaliser wasn't disallowed.

It'll be interesting to see how far this team can go now. With a semi final place and the crowd behind them, they've always got a chance. But from what I've seen from the German team, they're on a different level to our girls.

It's great to see the England team playing at places like Brighton, instead of Wembley all the time. I noticed two things that annoyed me about modern football though - music being played at DEAFENING volume after the final whistle, obliterating all other atmosphere, and droves of people leaving the ground in the second half and extra time with the game still in the balance. Oh, and switching your phone light on and waving it about - seriously people, just put the things down.

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I've watched every game, England gave Spain to much of the ball and at times just stood and watched them do whatvthey wanted., women players don't get stuck in 

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Well that turned out kind of alright, didn't it?

I was a bit concerned once Germany finally worked out that we're a bit wobbly in the full-back positions in the second half and tried to exploit it, but our girls dug deep in extra time. Lovely stuff. Also very interesting to see how many German social media users really can't stomach losing against England (and how few understand the handball rule).

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I was there. I said to my friend before the corner leading to the goal that England were going to score. Germany weren't marking properly. They were tired. England deserved to win it. 

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18 hours ago, Dripsey3 said:

I was there. I said to my friend before the corner leading to the goal that England were going to score. Germany weren't marking properly. They were tired. England deserved to win it. 

That must have been quite an experience! Watching on TV, the atmosphere seemed to suffer sometimes as many people at the games weren't regular football spectators. But there was an innocence about it too, and a lot less of the nonsense that follows the men's team like a bad smell (booing of anthems, etc.). It'll be interesting to see if it benefits the women's game over the next few years.

I think we wanted it more and were deserving winners like you say, but it was such a close game. Both teams missed some gilt-edged chances. 

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I watched a few games, I didn't find the standard as good as previous years.

I thought England looked like one of the few teams which played directly enough to warrant praise, France, Germany and Spain to a degree was very scrappy. I also thought quite a lot of goalkeepers looked awkward, except for our very own who has been working alongside Darren Ward.

The Women's World Cup tends to be a lot more exciting.

Personally, I think it shows how nations are suffering from a lack of expansion and how many of the better female players either play in England or Germany. These two nations have the better leagues currently, France is going extreamly backwards. I am also disappointed with Sweden.

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