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The new season - how will we do?

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As the title says, really. The season is nearly upon us. How do you think we'll get on? Who will be our main competitors?

We're hard to predict this time round to be honest. We've brought in a clutch of players who looked amazing a division below, but that's no guarantee that they'll do it at this level against fully pro opposition. We also have a new head coach with a, let's be honest, less than sparkling track record. It could all click and we win the league, or we could have a tough season with multiple signings failing to bed in and missing out on the play-offs. My glass is half full today, so I'll go for top three, with Wrexham winning the league. Sorry, it's the best I can do.

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I think Notts will finish in a playoff place at the very least. I'm more optimistic about this season than last season. I think it will all come together and we will finally get out of this league.

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Considering I know very little about Luke Williams, and having only watched a couple of pre-seasons games I've not got too much to go on. But from the little I’ve seen I can’t help but feel positive.

I like the general approach that will see us press teams from the front more this season, and signing mobile forward attacking players like Langstaff, Scott and Austin will aid this. Woots worked hard, but him and Ruben weren’t exactly a quick pairing.

I think with the high-pressing, high tempo game-plan there’s more chance of us putting a good run of wins together, something that is going to be key to getting promoted but my slight worry would be that come the end of the season the players might just be completely knackered. And those are the potentially season defining games.

I’ll say 4th, but I’m hopeful of more. It would be nice to challenge for the title this season.

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I think we look a lot more prepared for this season, fitness wise I don't think we've been at this level for some time.

Whilst the friendlies mean very little, you do see emerging partnerships and a squad that plays as a unit. I would like to express how much I am thankful to Ian Burchnall for bringing a better style of play to the club. I think this has made things a lot easier for Luke Williams, who appears to have taken the torch and has decided we need to be more aggressive in the final third. Notts also looks to be better focused on passing forward, although fans do need to understand that passing back can open space in front.

Counter attacking play should be a lot more enjoyable this season.

The biggest question I have is: How will Williams and the squad handle setbacks?

Burchnall took a few games to figure things out, with Michael Doyle offering a lot of support, which overturned the poor run of form early on. Every manager will have some ideas on how to cope if the worst does happen, but the experience to overcome not only defeat but early on-set negativity of wanting a manager out.

Some fans will be very quick to praise and judge negatively, realistically I won't do so until we have played 10-15 games. Yet I feel safe in saying that I believe we will have the best start to any season for ages. Recruitment has done well, finding a goalscorer to replace Kyle Wootton isn't an easy job - yet we have two good prospects, with one showing that they can find the net within the friendly games.


1-5 games: Notts will be sitting comfortably at the top half of the table - perhaps even 1st or 2nd (yet anywhere from 1st to 5th seems realistic)
6-15 games: I think will be the biggest test, early on I have the belief we will continue to have a good start but eventually tail off a little.
16-20 games: Might show a strong contender ship for promotion with the club commanding a respectable 3rd position.

 At the end of the season, I think 2nd and 3rd are highly likely.

I think Play-offs should be the minimum achievement.

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I will agree with 4th place.  I think Wrexham and Solihull will both finish above us, and there's always one team comes from nowhere (maybe Southend or Torquay).

That would of course enter us into the lottery that is the play-offs.

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