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players don't care enough

Who r ya?? You Pies!!

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After match interview v Barnet , MC , players today don't care enough , they certainly play like that at notts it seems , down right disgusting , get some damn pride in your own performance YOUR career depends on it our clubs league status depends on it , what kind of player checks are done before signing them ??? Absolutely no strength of character , man up please .

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I'm not sure Sheridan cares enough, keeps picking Duffy week in week out, despite the fact he is one of the worst centre backs in Notts history, this team will be relegated unless major surgery takes place in January, although I'm a season ticket holder I will not be watching this team of parasites any time soon, 

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Lower division football clubs are now just a pay packet for older journeyman footballers, they have no passion for the club, nor any pride in playing for them. Two, or three older players are always needed in a side, but youthful energy is equally as important for success. Having a team full of old men is a recipe for disaster and we are heading that way unless something is done and soon!

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Youth needs to be given its chance. Not a team of youngsters, but a blend of older (who give a damn) and youth. We have the pieces, but we need to make the jigsaw. JS will get it right IMO. Still 19th is uncomfortable, but on the flip side, Notts aren't that far off the playoff places. 5 points is nothing. There are 27 games left. 

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I honestly don't believe its because the players don't care, likewise I wouldn't say it has anything to do with the fact we have had injuries or illnesses within the camp (as people seem to be suggesting). Its quite obvious to me, we relied upon one person to change the outcome of the games and sometimes that's all you need to make a difference. Without Jon Stead Notts lack star quality and the work rate from the squad isn't good enough at all.

This means for things to change, Notts require more quality and without the fringe players being given a fair chance or those that do largely failing to impress it.

It means John Sheridan has to do more homework, the problems and answers aren't illogical and it's actually quite simply. In fact we have all been saying it from time to time (some have said it for longer mind).

Reduce the squad, quit relying on loans to make up the bulk. Sort the defence out, we need to make sure any movement in January addresses two key areas - the woeful marking/defending and we need to sign someone who can be like Jon Stead. We desperately require another goalscorer, not someone who can score 15-20+ goals but who can give us a steady flow of opportunity and chip in with their own.

Regarding John Sheridan I believe he's nothing more than frustrated that things aren't working right now, yet he needs to take his share of the blame for the woeful tactics and team selections - all the more highlighted by the fact some players have been largely disappointing all season but still remains very much in-favour.

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If you don't have a dominant goalkeeper, then you need two dominant centre halves and if your goalkeeper is dominant in his box, then you can get away with only one decent "ballsy" get to the ball first centre half. Unfortunately Notts have not had one since Graeme Lee and that is damning! As @Piethagoramwrote on another thread, our scouting system is useless and we cannot carry on signing soulless players with no character.


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