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Prediction League Trial


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 icon_share.png tonyhateleyPort Vale 2 Derby County 1 .......................(Sorry @super_ram - Goal from Lee Hughes do I get extra points?)
I expect to be sitting on top of the league looking down at you all after these results come in, actually you might as well give me the trophy now. :joker:


Oh dear,Tony,Super's really up for it now.,steam coming out of his ears.

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Too late Tony. I've spent all my working life  and 32 years living in Nottingham,,putting up with all kind of jibes from misguided florest fans .A little bit of bravado from you is just water of a ducks (or Rams) back.Brian Clough never worried about the opposition,neither do I. You are obviously rattled ,why else the need to play mind games.I'll let you do the worrying and await your excuses later tonight. :yawn:


 Tommy Docherty once said that all Derby  County would get from Man United in a game  was a cup of tea at half time.He received several  post bags full of tea bags the following week as The Rams won that match.


You have been warned. :super:

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Tonights Results
Chesterfield 1-1 That Lot

Crewe Alexandra 0-1 Blackburn Rovers

Port Vale 3-5 Derby County

Nuneaton Town 0-0 Burton Albion

Rotherham United 2-1 Bolton Wanderers

York City 1-1 Huddersfield Town


Members Scores (out of 18)
GrannyPie, Super_Ram & notts-joe - 5 points

tonyhately - 3 points

WeymouthPIE & liampie - 2 points



Table after 2 rounds:

notts-joe - 14 points

2nd. Super_Ram - 10 points

3rd.  tonyhately & GrannyPie- 9 points

4th. WeymouthPIE - 3 points

5th liampie - 2 points


One more round to go in this little trial which will take place this Saturday. I'm off to hide away in a dark corner lol

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A great night for my family. :cheer:

Well done Joe(just wait till you're fully match fit) :thumbsup:

My Missus isn't doing too  bad either :clapping:

Don't lose heart Weymouth and Liam-Keep on trying :thumbsup:

 and Tony- Well it looks like you're playing too many mind games  and not concentrating enough on the game.(Going down,going down,going down) :super:

Thanks for the effort you've put in to this, Weymouth and well done everyone including mightymouth :thumbsup:

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I don't think I've ever had so much luck! It's going to horrible if I get used to this and then it's snatched from me.. I just know weymouth will be creeping back up! It's the one's who start off slowly who come rocketing towards the top.

Having great fun with this. :)

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Apoligies that this is very late this weekend, I'll give myself a slap on the wrist for leaving it till the last mintue :P


This will be the final round of the trial before the proper stuff starts in two weeks time :D Nice to see everyone having a good laugh and a bit of friendly banter over it too!


This Weekends Fixtures are:

Barnet v Ipswich Town

Brentford v Celtic

Hartlepool United v Middlesbrough

Rotherham United v Huddersfield Town

Southport v Chesterfield

Wycombe Wanderers v Aston Villa


@notts-joe, @super_ram, @tonyhateley, @GrannyPie & @liampie hopefully you all read this in time for the kick offs tommorow.

Deadline is 2:45PM. Anyone else wants to take part please feel free, you might still shoot to the top!


I'm off to Portland tommorow for Weymouth's first open pre season friendly. Should be good, Portland's always a good laugh and there cant be many nicer grounds to watch a football match at when the weather is like it has been of late.


Have a good Saturday everybody, whatever your doing! :)

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Barnet 1-2 Ipswich Town

Brentford 0-1 Celtic

Hartlepool United 1-1 Middlesbrough

Rotherham United 1-3 Huddersfield Town

Southport 1-2 Chesterfield

Wycombe Wanderers 0-3 Aston Villa

can i get bonus points for guessing the other score?

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The moment you've all been waiting for then...


Todays Match results:

Barnet 0-1 Ipswich Town

Brentford 1-2 Celtic

Hartlepool United 0-0 Middlesbrough

Rotherham United 0-1 Huddersfield Town

Southport 2-1 Chesterfield

Wycombe Wanderers 2-2 Aston Villa


Todays Scores:

@notts-joe - 5 points
@liampie - 4 points
@tonyhately - 3 points
@WeymouthPIE & @super_ram - 2 points
@GrannyPie - 1 point

Final Table:


1st. notts-joe - 19 points

2nd. tonyhately & super_ram - 12 points

3rd. GrannyPie - 10 points

4th. liampie - 6 points

5th. WeymouthPIE - 5 points


Congtratulations Joe on your trial success. Glad Super_ram and Tony finished level to save an arguemtn :P


What I will say is dont count out the likes of myself or Liampie - how many times do we see teams have bad pre-seasons but excellent seasons, and visa versa ;)


Seriously though, amssive thanks to you all for taking part in the trial. The proper stuff will starts two weeks today! I'll try and put that up in plenty of time so we can hopefully get plenty more people taking part :)


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And a massive thanks to you Weymouth for organising it.

Well done Joe on winning but this is just a warm up so don't let it go to your head :biggrin:

I'm thankful that I at least caught up with Super_Ram and honours were even otherwise he wouldn't let me forget it. Lol.

Looking forward to the main event in a fortnight

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I'll second Tony's sentiments.Big thanks to Weymouth for the effort put in to organising this contest.Well done Joe. Brilliant result!


And Tony ,you sound more like a florist fan every day.-Enjoy taking part,If you win -well done(lucky bugger),if I win(say no more) :demon:

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You guys are making me feel like I've won the Premiership but in truth we are all champions, this might be soppy but I've really enjoyed doing this. I normally don't do as good, least not in the past few years but things might finally be on the up.

Can't wait to start doing the actual league. Will be good fun :D

Thank you @weymouthPIE for doing this, I think it will be a good thing for other members to get into. Well Done everyone!

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Yes,Weymouth,I'm looking forward to some more sparring with Mr. Hateley.


I'm very aware that you and Liam will probably do much better and ,with a bit of luck, there will also be some additional membership participation making a very competitive league.

Wouldn't it be funny to have a prediction on the prediction league.(I'll leave that to Tony)

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Well done everyone.Congratulations to Joe.Thanks for organising,Weymouth.Thanks to Tony for making Super laugh so much.

I'm really looking forward to the real prediction league and of course the 'real' football.

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