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It's quite clear that Kevin Nolan is already tracking summer targets with much of the focus being spread out across the leagues, we are being linked with in form Non-League strikers and rumoured to be scouting Premiership youngsters.

Our own squad is thinning all the time as of late, there's no surprise there.

I'm interested to see how the budget can spread, however I hope we keep our numbers to around 25/26 players. There's no doubt the targets will have to be of the quality to make the first time, I think this explains as to why we are seeing certain players released (Audel/McMillan). Whilst I think its a shame, without a reserve squad there's little point overspending and in League Two its a luxury.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for the future and I am disappointed with the release of the latest youngsters but it does make sense. I can see what Kevin Nolan is trying to do/going about doing.

Hopefully the 2017-18 squad is one which has League Two quality within it, with some promising talent from the elite academies and of course players who are going to appreciate a chance at league football. I think the balance will be right under Nolan, for me it will be a question of securing the targets that can make all the difference. It's going to be tough next season! There's a lot of quality coming down.

How do you think Kevin Nolan will go about recruiting? Are you happy with the rumours? Thoughts on tracking Non-League strikers?

Discuss below. COYP!

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Not sure why Audel's gone and why he's announced it with one game to go, but I'm sure the reasons will come out (and if they don't, well it's not our business).

I'm being realistic - a steady top-half finish next season will do me, bringing in a mix of non-league players (although the trend now is very much for Champ/L1 clubs to go for those so not sure how much of a chance we have), Premier League loanees and a couple of L1/L2 players who won't get too disheartened at being in the fourth tier is what I would do.

The main thing is stability off the pitch - as we saw earlier in the season, chaos off the pitch can turn the best players into nervous wrecks. Duffy's gone from liability to hero in just a few months - that's a fine example. So ideally we should just keep things as boring and steady as possible and just hope for a positive season which should flush out the last remaining embers of muck left behind from the old regime.

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im content, its early days but i dont think its a bad thing that we are looking around.

both young prem and non league players should mean that our budget goes further. provided we use what we can save in order to pay for quality that can shine in league two then for me i would say it all sounds very positive.

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Notts do have to be smarter with how they go about building the squad but I feel the approach to bring in players that will want to repay us at a low cost would be sensible. Nolan will have many connects throughout the game, from the Premier League to Non League so we have all the bases covered. I am disappointed that we won't be pushing our own youngsters but we have a chance to get things right next season.

The club needs to identify players that can self motivate themselves because this will make Nolan work his magic quicker.

We just need to approach things carefully and sign players based on the qualities we currently lack or require.

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