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Disgusting Behaviour In The Market Square Today

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I witnessed some absolutely disgusting behaviour on the "beach" in Nottingham market square earlier today.

I was walking by the sandy bit and saw a man and a woman having an almighty argument in front of loads of kids, suddenly the woman smacked the guy in the head and it all kicked off. There was a massive brawl and someone called the police. This poor copper turned up on his own and took his baton to the man, the guy managed to ****** it off him and began assaulting the copper AND his wife - unbelievable! What sort of example is that for impressionable kids?

Then out of nowhere a crocodile crept up and stole all the sausages.




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Sounds like an average day sadly in and around Nottingham.

The things I've seen over the years, I really don't think it's like anything like when I was growing up. You might be frequent to seeing the odd fight or having groups of idiots trying to cause trouble but it's much worse these days. Myself and Cheeky are planning to go down sometime, although it's often busy and full of chavy families who just shout and drink booze from cans.

I wonder if the police managed to restore order, probably not. I assume the fight died from people being tired!

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I read it to myself and was taken in right up to the end and then burst out laughing.Granny asked if I was reading a 'Tony post' so I started to read it out to her.She sat there,nodding and sighing right up to the punch line then called me ' a bloody sod' I was only reading it to her and I get the blame. :rollonfloorlaughing:

Nice one Tony but it doesn't reflect favourably on peoples impression of life in Nottingham(it could be anywhere) these days.

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I'm surprised someone hasn't tried to ban Punch  and Judy,along with a lot of nursery rhymes and fairy tales, because of the' political incorrectness' of the content.

Kids love it though,don't they.

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I thought it had been banned?

You don't see it around anymore, the times you could go any sea-side location in the United Kingdom and be greeted with a good puppet show. I am proud to say I was not slow like a certain Joe... Ha!

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