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I met a young lad at Rayo, he came and sat next to me and he seemed very shy so I started talking to him. I noticed he was holding his autograph book, it reminded me of myself when I was younger. I asked him who's signatures he was after and said that I would call them across if I can. He smiled and said that would be great!

I actually helped him and before I knew it he was helping me, he seemed to grow in confidence.

Today I spoke to him and we had a laugh, he took on the kindness I shown him and helped several young magpies around us to get their own signatures. It was great seeing a young fan wanting to help others like this, so I asked if I could take a photo of him with his shirt and said I would upload it to PoN's wall if that was okay with him and his dad. He told me it was fine and so I did this but he didn't stop caring about helping others, I though it was refreshing and the type of young support our clubs needs.

The Media Team have made me even happier, although I hope they can try to track him down. I asked them on twitter "This lad is a credit to the club and it's great to *see* a fan happy. Make his day and try to contact him." - following with "'I'm sure you could feature him in the mag and help him meet liddle. He helped many young shy fans today, great lad." and they've responded by saying "Would happy to if you want to our pass our details on.".

This is why I love Notts County because the genuine people you meet are very inspiring and humble, I hope they can find him and fair play to the Media Team and Club. I'm sure @super_ram will agree, this lad deserves it.

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Yes,Joe,agree totally.It's very refreshing nowadays to meet such a polite,well behaved and caring young man.He was a credit to his parents and just the kind of supporter any club would be pleased to have.Well done to you too for the help and encouragement you gave him. :magnificent::clapping:

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i would be nervous myself, i never have done. im nervous being near the photographer who posted here once, im pretty shy myself but i think its great and i hope the club manage to track him down. its nice that some out there are willing to help others, i wouldnt expect this from many if i was to be honest.

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Brilliant little story mate. I saw your posts on Twitter but wasen't too sure what they were about. Really refreshing to see this sort of thing, and also great that the players happy to oblige and make a fans day by taking just a few seconds of their time. All too often we see players completely blanking fans, and it gives me a sense of pride that our club has a reputation for being a club that cares about its fans and the local community. And stories like this just add to that.


Fingers crossed they're able to track him down :)

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James and anyone else reading this-I was really impressed  by the behavior of every single person on the pitch last Tueday. Every player came over to Joe and the young lad with a smile on their face and a genuine willingness to help.Truly impressive. :cheer: 

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