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EFL Trophy - glad to be out?

Joe Jones

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Notts County have been knocked out of the EFL Trophy thanks to last night's 2-1 defeat at Lincoln.

And I'm glad. Obviously I don't like to see Notts lose any game, but being knocked out of that farcical competition is a massive relief.

Would you have liked to see Notts go as far as they could or are you happy to be out of it?


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I just find this all a bit galling to be honest. Alan Hardy voted for this competition in its current form, almost entirely against the supporters wishes and cited the per game prize money as his number one reason.

The manager then basically shows complete disregard for the competition and fields his reserves in each game, meaning that we only get that win bonus for one match, so what was the point of it all? All it has done is alienate supporters and raised a lot of bad blood between groups, so personally yes I am glad we are out of it and I hope that this year is the final year of this sorry competition.

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Delighted we are out.  I've just been discussing this on another forum where someone suggested that  "This "I hope we lose", "I'm glad we lost", "I'm glad were out" shows a distinct lack of brain cells."   I replied with:

Then again, maybe it's the intelligent view of those capable of seeing the bigger picture. I have never been a fan of this competition from the start, but I attended the vast majority of the home games even though it never felt like a 'real' match. The thing that made me hate it with a passion was the decision to include Premiership 'B' / academy / U-21 (call them what you will) teams. I am convinced this was the thin end of the wedge to get Premiership second teams into a reshaped 100 team 5 division football league. That would kill the game as we know it and surveys showed the overwhelming majority of lower league supporters were against it. The Premiership however threw a bit of small change our way and bribed the League 1 & 2 chairman (like AH) to accept. That's the reason I refuse to attend any game in the EFL Trophy and hope the competition is a dismal failure. We have shown how easily we can be bought, the Premiership only need to throw a bit of cash and they'll get their way. I'm not happy to ruin over a century of history and tradition just to benefit Premiership second teams, which is why I think anyone who feels the same should boycott this farce.

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Notts need evry £ of revenue it can get its hands on and as such it was a source of income so i feel that it should have been fought for with the strongest side possible (AH stated that the cash generated would fund a new PA system so i quess we will have to revert to sign laguage now !!!!)

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I'm disappointed for the club, though I am pleased myself.

I think its time to re-think the cup and to remove the B teams from it, if people started listening to us fans perhaps things could move forward. It's no major loss, but I can understand why fans who attended games are annoyed by the squad selections (despite understanding Kevin Nolan's reasoning behind it).

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22 minutes ago, Natty said:

Not bothered that we're out if it. We have bigger fish to fry. Still annoyed that the club asked for fans opinions before the vote, then went against 94.5% of the fans who replied. 

The power of the Premiership pound I'm afraid.  To be honest, this competition seemed a good idea at the start in that it gave the chance for a couple of lower league clubs to enjoy a big day out at Wembley.  It never really caught on with the fans though, there was only real interest at the regional final stage and the early rounds were treated with indifference.  The introduction of Premiership academies was the final insult, it should now be quietly be laid to rest.

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