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Yates to Scunthope United on loan?


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This is really poor handling and communication for me.

I realise that he's Forest's player and that they can do what they want, however they entered an agreement with us and our loan period of for the season. Don't get me wrong, I do think we'll be okay if it's true (still can't find anything that confirms it - part from people saying it is) - I just think it's the wrong thing to do.

Obviously I wish Ryan Yates well, he's a very good young player but if Forest have gone against our agreement - we shouldn't develop any of their players on loan in the future.

This kind of thing does happen, I just don't agree with it.


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29 minutes ago, Who r ya?? You Pies!! said:

Seems like it's a done deal on bbcrns , gutted the lad was a warrior in midfield , we'll miss him for sure , hope we get a good replacement , and good luck RY 

There's other players, but Yates did fantastically well when he came into his element.

People will want to start a Jorge Grant fund if Ryan Yates does end up leaving for Scunthorpe United. Both players are fantastic at this level, I have faith in KN knowing how best to proceed but we should be alright.

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Well this is the 1st I've heard on it and its a shame if true.

Ryan was thriving at Notts and getting regular game which from a forest point of view was good for us in him getting match experience, scunny already appear to have an abundance of CMs so id hate for him to just sit on the bench.

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Think it'll be very tough to get anything from Lincoln on Saturday, Hewitt and Noble can't run the midfield, Walker seems to let every game ghost by him, Curtis Thompson is nowhere to be seen.. could move Grant more central and whip Hawkridge and Alessandra on the wings?

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Very disappointed that he's gone. I think one of the main reasons we are this high in table is that we've done a great job of stopping the opposition playing, and Ryan Yates deserves huge credit for the way he's performed in that unglamorous role. I'm sure Noble will be his initial replacement, I just hope his creative spark will compensate for the effort and energy Yates invariably provided in the middle.

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Forest are such a tinpot club.

They may have made a decision which will undo all of the work we put in just because they want to rush him into their first time. Watch it back fire! When it does Alan Hardy should have his cheque book out ready to sign him.

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This is the problem when dealing with **** clubs like f*rest. It doesn't make any sense for the player, a period of stability and a full season chasing promotion under Kevin Nolan would have improved his game immensely, even more than the last 6 months have shown. f*rest are owned by a known match-fixer and their latest manager (for 6 months) doesn't know English football well.

Good luck to Ryan Yates, it's a shame for him his contract is with such a poorly ran club, but hey ho. I wouldn't wish him to flop at Scunny as he's always put 100% in for us.

Maybe now Alan Hardy, after all his talks of a closer relationship with that lot over the river, will realise that they can't be trusted. Perhaps better to form a relationship with a bigger club, like Derby for example. 

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