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Graphic Design Thread..


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I'll be putting together a promotion pack, so we can add userbars to our signatures, banners, avatars etc.

Anyone's welcome to join in this and create extra additions, I'd really appreciate any help with this as I don't also find time to fill packs with a lot of choice and I'm not very "talented" when it comes to using photoshop for that matter.


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I'm in the process of building it.

Don't laugh! so far we only have one avatar but I'm working on it and hopefully by tomorrow we'll have signatures, avatars and userbars.

I really need team icons doing as well.


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Hah if you really need help I could always help ;).

That's kind of you to offer' date=' I'll see what I can come up with because I really can't ask for more from you. You've been great already :)




I've added one avatar, this can be selected by clicking on "county" when browsing for a change. (I'll add many more)

Avatars (All selected able via User CP and "Change Avatar")

Avatar 1



Userbar 1

userbar.png Without border

userbar_1.png With

Userbar 2

userbar2.png With


Sig 1


Sig 2


Sig 3


Sig 4


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Very nice but some Feedback:

Make the background stripes less visible (transparent)' date=' make the gradient: grey/black (lightblack) and black.

Try it out ;).


Heck I finally realized how to use the stamp tool from images that I've made :rolleyes: but yeah it was transparent. (60 to about 70) seemed to faint at the time but it's a learning curve for me.

In regards to the gradient, we talking about the yellow one? if so I was trying to keep magpie colours involved.

Much appreciated though :D


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These are all nice.....

I like the Ben Davies sig and Lee Hughes sig the most bacause the players stand out on the background the most.

They are all good and well designed... I like the use of the exact pic of the stadium in all of the bigger sigs because it links them all together.

Well done!

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