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Have You Ever Heard Anything So Outragous!?


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Time for my daily rant, well, it seems like I find something to rant about every day :rolleyes:   so if you cant be bothered reading it I take no offence to you not bothering.


Still here? Well here goes then...


Farnborough Town are in pretty dire straights. They're in administration and are very close to liquidation. Their first two Conference South games have been postponed for numerous reasons and as yet it remains unclear if they will be able to complete this season.


Betting giants Paddy Power have recently offered the club a signifficant sum of money to help them out. Thats very good of them isn't it? But are they doing this out of the kindness of their hearts and not wanting anything in return? Oh no!


What Paddy Power want is for the Farnborough players to legally change their names to that of a legendary player who played in their position - i.e Best, Messi, Beckham, Schmeichel etc. They even wanted the owner Spencer Day to renaim himself Jose Mourinho! (No, its not April 1st).


Now, I'm sorry, but have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous in your life? I think its outragous myself! It just shows what these big companies think of non-league football. They see it as a bit of a laugh. They see it as a circus where the people involved will do anything and perform like seals if you wave some money in their faces.

I think it shows a real lack of respect to grass roots football myself, and also a bit of naivity in the sense that they feel that clubs at that level will go and basically make themselves look stupid for a bit of money. Its ridiculous. Its pathetic, its an absolute joke!


The conference board called it a silly publicity stunt and I agree, its a bit like what Budweiser did with Wembley FC in the FA Cup last season.


I hope Farnborough told Paddy Power to get lost.


Rant over :super:

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It does show a lack of respect but the bad thing is, sadly, with the current climate I see more teams taking up such offers for sums of money and I hope that these don't but it's one of those things.

Some might for the dream of progression.

I guess it depends how badly they want the money, clearly Paddy Power feel they're in a good position to make such a cheeky offer.

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