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On 06/09/2018 at 12:28, BromPie said:

What made you decide to go to Leeds university @TheSkipper and what will you be studying?

I am taking a course on media and journalism.

I decided to go to Leeds because the schedule seemed more reasonable and it gets me away from Nottingham for a few years. I have previously been to college to get the marks required to go to Uni, so I thought it would be a good thing to study more than just journalism. I also didn't want to be roped into helping Notts TV, don't get me wrong its great there is experience for people.

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On 10/09/2018 at 23:26, Chris said:

@super_ram do you like discussing Derby elsewhere from PON?

Only with my old Rams mates.I miss chewing the fat with Ken Robbo since he passed away.I go on Rams fan sites occassionally just to see what folks are saying but don't engage.Unlike on PoN I find a lot of posters to be idiots who have all the answers but in truth haven't a clue and just resort to childish insults and abuse

@Chris how does the post count compare year on year?

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On 13/09/2018 at 11:23, B&Wstripes said:

What do you think of the progress made by the site @super_ram are you proud of what @Chris is achieving here?

I've mentioned previously how my concerns at joining PoN  were unfounded,me being a Rams fan and knowing  how some fans(of any  team) can be idiots.I joined in August 2009 and it was very hard going, with few topics to respond  to and few members to engage with.I know in these early days @Chris and @super_pie tried to drum up interest by distributing leaflets spreading the word of PoN and very slowly membership and interest began to grow. As far as I'm concerned there are three distinct periods on PoN,two  good and one very,very bad.

The first good period was around  November 2012 when @weymouthPIE joined. On 29th of December @Fan of Big Tone(then known as Tony Hateley) joined followed two days later by @liampie.Then in February  2013 @magpiejue joined.Four of my favourite posters.If anyone else joined  at this time I apologise for not remembering. From this point membership continued to gradually grow along with content,the all important banter and, of course,the post count.There were quiet periods but there were also some memorable  high spots.I think it was round about the time of Monez that this period peaked.

Unfortunately it was after Monez was sacked and Fullerton appointed that things fell apart  a little on PoN as Notts support went into meltdown and the only really bad period hit PoN. Notts fans became disillusioned and annoyed with the way Notts was being run and PoN suffered with members losing interest .The post count dropped.

The second good PoN period began when Alan Hardy bought Notts and installed Kevin Nolan as manager.The revitalised team performances were reflected here on PoN as interest was renewed.I think it was round about June this year though when things really took off again with membership increasing rapidly on a daily basis and consequently  so did the post count.Although  @Joe Jones,a stalwart from the early days,left recently  new records are being made regularly. So I think that answers the first part of yor question @B&Wstripes.

As for the second part of the question-I am immensely proud of what @Chris is achieving here on PoN,especially when taking into consideration some of the stupid things he's had to contend with over the years from jealous and bitter so called fans.A special mention should also go to @cheeky~k8 who has backed Chris all the way.

One last ,very important thing though-non of this is possible without all the magnificent PoN members and I'm priviliged to be part of it.


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