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neal ardleys tactics and eye for a player


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there was comments by some fans that judged neal ardley for not having a plan b and some pointless comments based on his decision to play three at the back or one up top when he had injuries to the squad.

i think he was making the best of what we had, whilst trying to find a formation that allowed the team to be more defensive minded.

his tactics seem fair for this league and i think they would only improve further with players who listen, give 100% and want to get results when the chips are down.

he seems to have a good eye for a player and a good idea on how to replace targets that are lost. a sign for me which shows he understands how to build a team. i know its still early days but i am curious as to what others think. nobody is always perfect with tactics and signings, yet the signs from ardley are promising i feel.

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I had noticed some voice discontent with the results and tactics, however Neal Ardley admitted that he was struggling to motivate the players. It's a difficult job when a losing mentality is going through the core of the squad, I think this is why we have seen a lot of reinforcements which do offer a lot more strength and quality.

There's little fault over tactics, especially with Kane Hemmings being out injured.

I agree he looks capable of building a squad, he's got talkers in and a bit more height throughout the team which is good.

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I think when a new manager comes into the club you will naturally trial to see what can work and what doesn't, most fans seem more than willing to give Neal Ardley time. He needs it, Harry Kewell sent the club back massively. Not only with his training and player management but with his decision leading into games. Those three games we won could have been the start to resolving this season, it wasn't and this made it harder for anyone new who would come in,

Playing three at the back seemed a little risky, however it did give Notts more grit going forward and the wings backs dropping deeper for defensive duties did offer some protection.

The signings are all very good, they're encouraging and I think the squad can only get stronger with time.

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I find it absolutely incredible that people were questioning tactics and his ability after a few weeks trying to work with a defunct set of players that had been put together on a prayer and have been through the mill for 2/3 of the season.

Armchair managers who have as much idea of how a professional football club should be managed as I have as a ballroom dancer (I’ve watched other people do it).

Neal Ardley has proven in 1 transfer window what he is capable of if given the resources. Assuming we stay in the league, my worry is, when new owners come in they will tighten the reigns on developing the squad for next season (most of the January signings will go back to their clubs) and he will be off to pastures new, leaving us back to square one struggling at the bottom of the football league with another rookie manager who would probably do better on a dance floor......... 

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I think it is quite clear that the players Neal Ardley had available to him weren't up to scratch. I don't think a master tactician would be able to organise that lot to get many more points than they did - slogging a dead horse really. 

Given the low ebb at the club recently,  league position, squad atmosphere, chairman twitter pictures and club for sale etc... he's done brilliantly to bring in the players he has. Only time will tell if the tactics work or not.

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The idea behind the 3-5-2 was to add a bit more substance to the midfield - the manager was trying to get the best out of what he had, a thankless task. But now, Doyle and O'Brien should be more than good enough as a duo, allowing us to use a formation the players seem more comfortable with.

Whatever happens from now, the January window has given me hope. In our last promotion season we had leaders and big characters all over the pitch; Neal Ardley understands that's what you need. He should be given the time to turn this around.

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He's clearly learning as he goes and I like the fact he's not afraid to take risks, yes this is something which needs to be at the bear minimum but at least it shows how he's progressing. He knows what he has, the signings gives us that extra quality and the hopes be restored.

Challenge now is to fight to stay up.

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