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Why hasn't the club learned from their mistakes


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Fans can argue with me as much as they like, 2009-2010 was the season that could have fuelled changes for this club. A football team that had been stuck in the mud since the last time it was relegated from what was the third division of the Football League. It was an amazing season, one which saw the club ride the wave of the fictional owner and despite the money not actually being there the club was crowned champions.

A lot of people have been pointing the finger at Alan Hardy for it all, that seems to be the easiest route to blame.

The club has been in turmoil for many seasons, however the Trews had the chance to bring happier times. As much as AH has failed, why are people not accepting that they have a portion of the blame for sending the club back down to League Two.

My point is, lessons hasn't be learnt. Why is that?

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Kevin Nolan was building a team.

His plans seems to have been interfered with if you read between the lines, it looks as if Alan Hardy wanted to bring in big names and reduce the experience/veterans that had been collecting. Lets face it, over the past 5 seasons Meadow Lane might as well have been a retirement home.

He had the right idea but it poorly executed, quite possibly with the wrong man in charge too.

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Whilst I think there's a lot to be learned from the poor handling of the club, the stupid gimmicks and cutting corners.

I would prefer to focus on a fresh start, forget about pointing the finger. Let's face it, all the previous owners have a fault, Notts struck lucky in some senses that the Munto saga didn't throw us backwards. To keep that dream alive, really should have been the point the club turned a corner.

Sadly, we all know what happened.

I know many fans believe if Steve Cotterill had been given the budget he wanted or at least close to it, things might be different - hindsight is a funny thing.

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think the club needs to have the right people in the correct positions, dont overload them with tasks and give the manager time to implement their own ideas. clearly missing out on promotion previously led the club to rush things up.

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Until 1926 we were part of the furniture in the top flight. The story since then has been one of long-term decline and we could point the finger at several of our owners during that time. No-one foresaw what a disaster this season would be, but as Elton John once said, if you keep going to the barber's you're eventually going to get a haircut.

The last two owners have developed a culture of trying to spend our problems away, exacerbated by a happy trigger finger. That's how we found ourselves in a situation where we're relegated from the League with a wage budget of 3.2 million pounds (higher than many teams in League One) while Macclesfield stayed up on a quarter(!) of that. I strongly suspect that we've attracted a number of players who have come just for the money, which has contributed to a split in the dressing room. To turn it around we need players to be coming for the right reasons - because they are hungry to be successful at our club and want to pull together with the rest of the squad.

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Owners don't listen to the fans, they think it's all about them and make decisions which football minded people wouldn't.

I'm not saying football fans are always correct, yet we care about the club a lot more than them. Most common sense fans would have pointed out the dangers of not backing up the keeper position, I recall @Chris mentioning and other fans saying how Fitzsimons is ready.

Well he proved that was incorrect and the fans who was vocal got drowned out.

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The club operates on attempting to make profit or cover the revenue, not from learning.

Its obvious that Alan Hardy came in allowing the manager then, Kevin Nolan to go about overhauling the club. He put his feet up, became too used to the world of football and started to love the attention being the chairman got him. The previous owners, well they was different and the reason the club came back to league two was due to them never understanding what it took to establish themselves as a league one club.

5 year plan this, Premier League player that. It was all just a shiny gloss of varnish and nothing ever solid.

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The foundations at Notts need to be properly laid, every time the building work starts fine. A decision is made by the owner and it undoes all the good work, fans who blame Kevin Nolan are short minded, it falls onto Alan Hardy's shoulders.

He could have done a lot more to save the club from relegation, such as not appointing Harry Kewell.

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