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Should Mitch Rose be the captain of Notts County?


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Should Mitch Rose be the captain of Notts County?

As you will have guessed, I like skippers and players who lead by example. I think the club has lacked a proper captain for sometime, whilst I do think that Michael Doyle does okay, I do think he's someone who shouldn't always be starting matches. Mitch Rose for me offers a lot of what Neal Bishop did back in the day, a calm influence who focuses on organisation rather than pointing the finger.

It was Rose for me that filled the gap the last time Doyle stupidly got sent off.

He did a very good job I feel, showing maturity and calming presence which I think actually helped the results.

I do think Doyle is needed, however, I see him as being more of a rotational player which I don't think Neal Ardley sees himself. We can guarantee that Doyle will return once his suspensions up regardless of how the player(s) who replaces him temporarily perform. So, the captaincy is unlikely to change but I do feel I could argue against this decision.

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I think the captain has to share similarities with the manager, on the pitch Michael Doyle will be Neal Ardley's eyes and hears as games play. I can't see Ardley backing someone else with this job, it seems they have a mutual understanding.

That said, if it was a personal choice I wouldn't give him the armband.

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I think Michael Doyle does a job, however I do feel he gets away with poor performances and rash incidents which other players wouldn't. It might suggest that he's looked at as a more physical presence ensuring standards of other players don't drop.

Mitch Rose for me did a different type of job as the captain, he lifted the players and tried to get them to focus on attacking.

I would prefer Rose, but Doyle isn't a bad choice.

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i think michael doyle is a good player, but one at the wrong end of his career.

one of the best at the club? i dont think so, hes very basic but he does that well enough. i think hes the wrong person to be the captain, i just dont feel he leads by example or lifts the players. mitch rose did well from what i have seen but i dont think we have many positive leaders in truth, maybe ben turner?

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Michael Doyle tends to get in the faces of the players, I'm not sure this is the productive way to deal with things, but on the other hand - it does ensure that standards are maintained. I won't pretend to be Doyle's biggest fan, I'm not. He's a good player, well past his prime but he does give Notts 100%.

At the start of the season, I hoped someone else would have the armband.

I just fail to see he deserves to start all the time, it's rather blind sided and unfair to others.

I'm also one of the fans who believes Mitch Rose would get the best out of the players, yet at the same time I acknowledge that Doyle is totally different. If things weren't going to plan, I'm unsure if the nicer approach of Rose would work. Doyle scares some of the players, I've seen it in Bird and Ox.

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