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The right squad balance


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I think with modern football, teams have to think about now and what could happen a few years. I've always felt like Notts have been short sighted with this, almost like the outcome doesn't matter. Players come and go, often these days never establishing themselves. In the 90's, the club made a lot of mistakes with selling key players and not allowing the squad to mature as experienced players retired.

The late 70's and 80's, Notts produced some great talent and the squads grew with each other.

I would like to see Notts thinking a little more about how to move forward when a good player is nearing their end or is likely to progress up the football pyramid.

Michael Doyle: He will require a strong minded replacement.

Sam Slocombe: is 31: Will Ross Fitzsimons be good enough to take on his gloves? Notts may get another 4 years out of Sam.

Ben Turner: again is 31, he seems injury prone and from comments seems to struggle with fitness. A good defender to have, but how long does he have left at the club?

Zoumana Bakayogo: At 33, seems a fringe player in Neal Ardley's squad. I can see him going at the end of the season, if he don't feature much more.

Jim O'Brien: Has been unlucky with injuries, could this take its toll on a 32 year old?

Wes Thomas: Has a few more years within him, but is a candidate as someone the club must replace well to move forward or to improve.

Nathan Tyson: I expect him to retire at the end of the season.

The players in bold are players I feel need replacing well, some players like Regan Booty may eventually step into the likes of Jim O'Brien's boots but I would like to see a bit more experience to cover this area.

A player like Michael Doyle, yet is prime needs to be high on the priority list for the scouting and recruitment.

I feel Notts needs to develop younger players, by firstly replacing the senior and key areas and then filling in the gap with promising players that whoever is in charge is willing to play. Thy will only improve with game time, how do you feel about this? 


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i would like to think regan booty could be moulded into the type of player jim o brien is.

ben turner and michael doyle are two critical areas.

switch these out for a couple of players who are experienced and around 25, then gamble on some youngsters for the other positions and i think the club will be fine. we look like notts might be able to spot a player now.

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When the time comes, I think the club will be aware that replacements are needed. Michael Doyle is the big one, as a player like him in his prime is the type that will win any club promotion. We have him at the wrong end of his career, but he still does a job.

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Notts has never been good at replacing players, but then at the same time in recent years finding them has been equally disappointing.

Michael Doyle isn't as such an issue, I would have someone of the likes of Gavin Mahon any day of the week than Doyle. In this role, the club requires someone who can be a strong speaker, organise the opposition and have the ability to split duties between attack and defending. He's a better player for sitting back for me, but I do feel he's extremely overrated.

A good player on his day and, useful but I still believe he's nothing more than a rotational player.

Jim O'Brien for me has the ability to overcome his injury and, continue playing at a good level for us - for few more years to come.

The club shouldn't be looking to sign players who are like-for-like, they require different abilities but some of the same trades can be beneficial.

A stronger keeper, a solid centre back, a leader in midfield who can push those around forward, a natural winger and a striker who knows where the net is - will always be the key areas in football.

Wing backs tend to be failed wingers, they're less important on paper.

Provided they have pace, can attack but more importantly can defend that is all, especially at our level. They become more important the higher you play, but I think average players can do the job effectively until at least League One.

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I do feel this campaign Notts has addressed issues which have previously been ignored, the squad has the right amount of balance. I just feel there's a real need for some extra quality in certain areas. The wing is the weakest area on the pitch in my opinion, I think its why most fans realise what Sam Osborne brings to the team.

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The club desperately needs to have a reserve team, this must be put into practice when the club returns to the football league. I think the current squad could do with a few more players around 25, that tends to be the age where players start to find their prime.

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