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notts becoming a forward thinking club


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whatever the outcome of this season is, i do feel notts are progressing in the right way and this comes largely down to the staff/owners for me who are doing fantastic work.

the players seem settled, and i think saturday shown we can rely on the squad.

there might be further bumps, but i am so pleased to feel like we have a club again. its amazing to see us signing players like wootton and roberts.

does it feel like we are becoming a competitive, forward thinking club to you?

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It's about time really, isn't it?

The quality of signings does bring a form of excitement, and the club is moving forward. I thought Notts would struggle, but its been far better than I had hoped. I just hope that our quality clicks and the form becomes solid as Notts pushes for the playoffs.

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The owners are doing the right thing by allowing the club firstly to focus on the players, then letting the staff get on with their roles. Whilst Lifeline has been amazing this season, fans do appreciate that and it does seem like the whole of Notts County is moving together in the same direction.

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Right now Notts County does seem focused on moving forward.

The staff are doing an amazing job, I am sure most fans are thankful for their work during the period where they wasn't paid. It was good to see parts of the community lending a helping hand with that.

As for the owners, I think they're taking it all in and, aren't prepared to make rash decisions.

They do seem very grateful to Lifeline for the support, this just makes you feel proud - or at least it does with me.

On the pitch there's little stress, so I think we can learn from the Chesterfield game and just sit back.

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Its got to continue, if Notts are truly to move forward they need to be able to improve on the squad that is build. Neal Ardley has a good chance of keeping the majority of the squad together, along with the backing of the owners, it should pay off as being settled is one of the most important parts of football.

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I hope within 3 years, that Notts are back in the Football League.

The owners need to make sure the proper investments are made to the recruitment and youth system, this is two areas that have been neglected in recent years with all the cutting and constant changes. If Notts want to move forward, we need to have a good level of depth in the reserves/youth players. No point relying on signings and selling the odd player for a small fee.

Things are going well, the Danish brothers have done excellent but getting this side right would bring a lot of excitement to the club.

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The current owners are finally on the right track imo.

we’ve seen year after year of totally useless signings and totally shambolic recruitment policies.

It finally seems we have a mantra. I understand the new owners are giving Ardley significant leeway to get us promoted. I get that. We need out of this crappy league ASAP. 
Going forward, we need to keep to a clearly defined, analytical approach to signing players. This has to be the way forward.

The club feels ‘positive’ again. I don’t mean on the field, even though it obviously does. Speaking to the staff, it seems as though the club is being run as it should. No big egos. No crass decisions. No thanks god he’s the chairman’ posters and motifs on the walls.

We came close to being disbanded. We’ve been there before, but at the moment, this seems like a good way back.

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