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Match Discussion: Game 35 - The Cardinals (H)


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Game 35 - The Cardinals (H)

Team: Woking

Date: 15/02/2020

Where: Meadow Lane

What line-up should Neal Ardley opt for? What will be the key areas for the Magpies to get a victory? What do you think the final score will be?

Have your say below, join in with the Pride of Nottingham match discussion.

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I'll be surprised if either A) the game goes ahead or B) the crowd from Notts is above 4000. Weather report is absolutely terrible for Saturday with another storm (Dennis!!!) to be in full swing from before lunch to evening.

It'll be raining sideways!!!


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The wind effected some of the Championship games over the weekend but they still went ahead, I can see it being the same for Notts. I still remember when Notts played in the blizzard a few seasons ago and you couldn't make anything out.

I'm hoping Woking allows Notts to use the wider areas of the pitch.

Now we have Callum Roberts, its somewhere we benefit from and Enzio has been given more time to drift in and to take people on.

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notts have only played woking once to my research and that was in the fa cup back in 2004, a little before i started following notts.

if we can use the recent form, and shake things up with wes thomas being suspended we should do okay. its all about the service and feeding the strikers, kyle wootton always seems to do better after scoring too. hope we can be creative and have some entertainment during the match, yet the biggest thing is to win and if this means playing ugly so be it.

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On 12/02/2020 at 13:06, allardyces tash said:

The game will go ahead, I can't see it being postponed.

I would like to think that Notts are now on the way to better form. Woking will be an interesting game, Home wise at this stage the club needs to be winning most of the game just to pad out our space in the playoffs.

As I say, if not postponed, I’d expect quite a few to look out their window and think “the radio seems a good option today!”

Plus with the amount of rain due, it’s not going to be a ‘pretty match’ by any account.

I’d expect reduced attendance on Saturday. Don’t really want it cancelling though due to fixture pile up with this fa trophy thing doing a double headed semi! Why it needs to be on a Saturday, god only knows!

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Storm Dennis could hit Woking on Saturday with Kristian Dennis expected to start due to the suspension to Wes Thomas.

I hope the game isn't called off, I have been very busy and Saturday would be a release for me. Two whole long weeks, it would be horrible to get to Nottingham to find it's been postponed and I then have to go back to Leeds.

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I think everyone will want the game to go ahead, Notts doesn't need a postponement right now. The teams in good form and, has put two good displays together. Woking I think should play through the centre of the park, they've got a few tall players that hold the ball well and we just need to be prepared for that.

Hopefully the game goes ahead, Notts should do well.

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Take the point but Notts needs to stop wasting attacks focusing on Cal Roberts and Enzio Boldewijn.

Cal Roberts played magnificently well.

But Notts looked better when Jim O'Brien was sliding those through balls in to feed Kristian Dennis or Kyle Wootton in the first half, it became all lump it to the wing and pass it back.

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Woking lost 7 successive away games before turning up at Meadow Lane today…  When they went 1-0 up I thought this is classic Notts.

We started very well and probably should’ve taken the lead. And then passing seemed to get worse and worse. The second half was just a bit off mess for the first 20 mins. Roberts always looked dangerous though, and he was vital in getting us back into the game.

I thought we were a bit predictable and narrow, not the usual support from the fullbacks. Kelly-Evans couldn’t really do a lot but cut the ball back when he overlapped and Brindley didn’t really get forward (he didn’t do a lot in the game if I’m being honest). I’d have liked to have seen Enzio and Roberts switch wings from time to time and look to stretch the game.

It was a pen for us, but then I thought the ref did miss one for Woking when we were 1-0 down so I won’t complain too much…

Definitely not our most fluent performance, I feel we could’ve beaten them.

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