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There was a thread on the Facebook page regarding the badge (more specifically a competition on the best badge in the NL). People still seem to have strong views on our post-2010 badge, so I thought I'd scrape the barrel bring the discussion on here. What do you think of our current badge? Is it time to replace it to mark a bright new era?

I was never a fan of the 2010 rejig. The rounded shield aped Arsenal's then new badge, but now every club seems to have a similar one. I didn't like the decision to plonk the magpies on a vomit-coloured background (which is apparently supposed to be gold). And the stripes are pointless - we have them on our shirt, we don't need them on the badge too. I'd much prefer the two magpies and ball on the shirt, bigger, bolder and on their own. The 70s single magpie is cult, but to be honest it's of its time.

Through a visit to the Historical Kits website I saw our first own badge from 1923, making it one of the earliest football club badges in existence. I wonder if this would be worth a rejig?


On a search I also saw this concept badge by graphic designer Nick Budrewicz:

Notts County FC - Crest Concept on Behance


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The current badge is perfectly fine, it's better than the Munto one and improved from the 90's.

I don't understand this obsession with a single magpie.

A proper crest and badge looks the part, I don't want Notts to look like some form of clip art.

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3 hours ago, DangerousSausage said:

The 70s single magpie is cult, but to be honest it's of its time.

I love the single magpie crest, yet despite some calls for it's return - we have moved on.

I personally think we have one of the nicest badges for modern times, I mean, if it didn't have the gold/yellow it would be rather bland.

If the club was to look at changing, I would hope they keep a shield and have a concept designed round that. With one magpie? No, two looks better and not for superstitious reasons. I didn't want PON's logo to be a lonely magpie.

Minimalist is a great look, but not with birds or really within football.

Also, I see no point to add the Robin Hood hat. It seems a little un-related to me.

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I found the concept badge by accident and was curious as to what other people would make of it. It's simple, but the best designs usually are - just look at Florist and Wolves. They are instantly recognisable, unlike the coats of arms they used previously. At the other end of the spectrum, there's Tottenham's old badge, which is so cluttered you can barely see their emblem, the cockrel.

 As for being modern, the 70s lone magpie would also have been seen as quite a departure (although our shirts didn't have a badge at all for several years beforehand, so it wasn't really replacing anything).

The danger is that it looks too corporate though, like Cheltenham's. And it looks a little too much like Bristol City's new badge for comfort. I've just never liked the post-2010 version of our badge and feel that, if we were to win back our League status and have a successful few years, a new or rejigged badge would be associated with good times.

Looking on Historical Kits again, it seems that we had a third badge with a single magpie, very similar to the 1920s version, in the 50s. This one was removed from the shirts after only a few games after we went on a poor run. So at least twice in our history, possibly three times, we've blamed a single magpie badge for poor results and binned it. So we probably shouldn't go there again :D When the time comes, I'd be quite happy with two magpies and a ball in a circle - possibly with "1862", but nothing more than that. Nice, bold and simple.

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I do like the current club crest, its exactly how I imagine Notts in my own mind.

The single magpie did look good in its day, its a fantastic kit but I am unsure if there is much needed to be changed from the one in use now.

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It's interesting, the current trend of badge re-designs seems to be just to simplify them, taking away the actual "badge" and leaving one image. I'm thinking of Derby, Spurs, Juve, even Liverpool now who just use the liverbird on their shirts. I quite like it. Maybe we'll kick the shield and stripes and just go for a crest purely made up of the magpies on the football. Who knows...

I found another concept badge too, connected with the one @DangerousSausage posted. This one is by Michael Taylor, I think I prefer it too. It's just a shame he calls us a soccer club!

Nottingham designs, themes, templates and downloadable graphic ...

"Did a friendly competition with the ever-talented @nickbudrewicz to design a new logo for Notts County, the oldest professional soccer club in the world.

I used the halfway point of their current gold and old amber color as the base. I redesigned their long lasting magpie icon, and made sure to include the famous black and white stripes they've worn for so much of their history."

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