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Squad overview thread 2020/21


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To help us keep tabs on the squad during the summer break, here's an overview of all our first-team players under contract, with contract lengths in brackets where known. I'll update it as soon as there are any changes. I'll open another thread so we can discuss how it's shaping up.


Jake Kean (goalkeeper coach)
Sam Slocombe
Luke Pilling
Tiernan Brooks


RB: Richard Brindley (30.6.2021)
RB: Dion Kelly-Evans (30.6.2021)
LB: Damien McCrory
CB: Ben Turner
CB: Alex Lacey (30.6.2021)
CB: Connell Rawlinson
CB: Sam Graham (on loan until January)


CM: Jim O'Brien
CM: Casper Sloth
CM: Jake Reeves

CM: Michael Doyle
AM: Ruben Rodrigues
RW/LW: Enzio Boldewijn
RW/LW: Callum Roberts (30.06.2022)


Elisha Sam (30.06.2021)
Wes Thomas
Kyle Wootton (30.06.2022)
Jimmy Knowles (season-long loan)



Kristian Dennis (St Mirren)
Joe McDonnell (Eastleigh)
Sam Osborne (unknown)
Zoumana Bakayogo (unknown)
Regan Booty (unknown)
Tom Crawford (Hartlepool United)
Mitch Rose (unknown)
Scott Wilson (unknown)
Owen Betts (Basford United)
Pierce Bird (Eastleigh)
Remaye Campbell (Grantham Town)
Max Culverwell (unknown)
Declan Dunn (Basford United)
Ross Fitzsimons (Boston United)
Alex Howes (Basford United)
Tyreece Kennedy-Williams (unknown)
Christian Oxlade-Chamberlain (unknown)
Matt Tootle (Boston United)
Nathan Tyson (Chesterfield)


Updated: 10 September

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  • Chris unlocked this topic

So it looks like we've actually released more players than we've got under contract :o

As we've only got 16 outfield players, we've probably far from finished our transfer business. We definitely need a new left back who can at least compete with McCrory, plus another centre half. In midfield, we've now only got two wingers, who are both right-sided. Plus one more striker. Five new players would give us a squad of 21 outfield players.

What do you all think?

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If Jake Kean is okay with playing, I wouldn't suggest that Notts needs a backup keeper, as him and Tiernan Brooks should be able to step in when needed. I would obviously sway towards experience if the team is a good side, but Brooks should be able to gain some vital experience.

A left back is certainly required.

I would like the LB to be able to fill in at CB, someone of Alan Sheehan's quality would do this role quite well. Is he still without a club?

Another winger would be suitable, as I do feel Sam Osborne now needs replacing.

Additionally, I would like to see another striker signed.

I'd be very content with these gaps filled, it's a shame because previously, we had some good options who could've covered in these areas which could have saved some wages. Owen Betts for example could have played the CB/LB role quite comfortably I feel.

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@Chris I think Sheehan is out of contract last time I checked as there was links surrounding him coming back to the lane.

The recruitment is going brilliantly. Season starts later, but with the players brought in not only do they appear to be quality signings but they are signings made in areas that need improving and adding depth to. All the signs of a restructure.

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Priorities are a striker and a left back before moving on to squad depth positions. I still feel like we need a striker as I don't feel like Sam is a like-for-like replacement for Denno. Sam, to me, is a striker who likes the ball to his feet but can also hold it up when needed and show decent pace for a guy of his size. However, I'd argue we still need a poacher with a bit more pace than Kristian and someone who is prolific. 

Left back is also a priority as we can't go all season with Damo on his own. At some points, he may be asked to cover in the centre if injuries mount and we don't sign a 4th centre-back

Squad depth positions would be CB, W and GK

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the core is there, teams always lose players and release others.

improvements are needed and i think the recruitment is exciting but it appears that notts does not only have depth but additional quality. there is a lot more pace within the right areas, so that is great. i think a backup keeper might still be useful, i dont think jake kean wants to play. a striker and left back would do me.

i think on the wing obrien can fill in.

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I agree we definitely need a LB, Sean Kelly Ex-Wimbledon player is name I’ve seen mentioned…  Another young CB in on loan would be useful – Sam Graham, has he recovered from his injury? And a young winger to give Enzio and Roberts a bit of competition. I’d quite like David Ajiboye from Sutton, only 21 but he is rapid.

I don’t know enough about Tiernan Brooks but the fact McDonnell was offered a contract suggests we’re probably looking for another GK.

I do wonder where Rodrigues will play, according to 'transfermarkt' he can play as a striker. I guess it depends what Ardley wants to do. If we are going to switch and play just the one striker than we probably don’t need 4 out and out CFs.

Quiet note for you here Neal, if you are changing it up good luck getting some Notts fans on board with a formation that isn’t 4-4-2. That’s a sackable offence in their eyes!

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@menzinho Rodders describes his position as an attacking midfelder in the number 10 position behind the striker, so he'd seem to fit best in a 4-2-3-1. That formation would suit our midfielders, but we'd then need more options in that area. Otherwise I could imagine him playing in centre midfield alongside Doyle or Reeves, but Rodrigues plus two wingers seems very attacking and would go against Ardley's conservative instincts. It's definitely an interesting one.

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