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Music passed down by family


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I'm currently listening to The Dubliners, a band that my father @super_ram enjoys listening too.

I quite like listening to Irish folk songs, it's certainly something which he passed down. I think Luke Kelly had one of the most unique voices that I've ever heard, weather he sang a serious song or something a little more fun. The music behind a lot of it is enjoyable, but a thing of the past. This will sound weird to anyone who knows how much I enjoy my rock music.

Yet some punk bands in the 70's grew inspiration from the genre (among others).

The sound is perhaps the best thing about the genre, especially when it sounds haunting.

What music has been passed down to you?

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I don't think I was influenced by my parents musical tastes.My mam used to have the 'light programme' on the 'wireless before we got a telly just after Lizzie's coronation in 1953.There wasn't much 'young' popular music played back then but 'hits found their way into programmes like 'Housewives choice', and Family Favourites'.Radio Luxembourg was the place to go to listen to 'proper pop music,  the latest chart music from the US pre The Beatles but the reception was dodgy to say the least.I think the person who widened my  musical interest was my dad's youngest brother ,my uncle Stan(our Stan)who was also responsible for me becoming a Ram.He had massive record collection Frankie Laine was his idol but Elvis Buddy Holly ,Chuck Berry and all the US Rockers.School friends also had a major input with their different musical preferences

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I am with Super_Ram on this and used to listen to Radio Luxembourg as there was nothing else. Had to make my own influences really and grew into Del Shannon and Dion and the Belmonts (Doo *** generally).

1960s Beat Boom resonated with those of us born in lates 40s and I took Rolling Stones, Pretty Things, Kinks, Animals and Them path. Enjoyed Punk and Goth in late 70s early 80s. Has anyone ever listened to Fields of the Nephilim? Now listen to Half Man Half Biscuit and have refound Canned Heat. Mik Artistik is playing in nearby Frome next month unless lockdown is extended in the southern Conservative heartlands.

Hope you are all well at present. I confess that interest in football is at a low ebb and I just cannot bear to watch on IFollow. We again have ownership issues, new and very injury prone squad and are managerless (until tomorrow when John Sheridan is believed to be taking over).

Best wishes to all,




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My brothers are 10+ years older than me and growing up I was surrounded by the likes of Oasis, Stereophonics and Blur. (I still stand by my statement of Oasis being the greatest band of all time). 

I also grew up listening to the likes of ABBA and Motown which was usually the choice of music played at family parties as my grandad used to DJ at pubs and do his own karaoke (he's also the reason I became a Notts fan, so another thing he passed down 😂

But tbf, I like all kinds of music. My taste ranges from the likes of Frank Sinatra and Phil Collins to Clubland and Stormzy. 

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My parents mainly liked pop punk and the odd ska punk band(there are some other genres they like but only the odd artist).

I have followed on with liking pop punk and ska and the odd rock/metal band. I seem to have developed a hatred for any other genre of music like dance, rap, general pop.

My favourite band ive seen live 6 or 7 times and still enjoy going everytime.

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I must also add, I grew with a big appreciation for @GrannyPie's music taste - especially Enya.

Who's sounds not of this earth.

But definitely hits that peaceful, eerie and, haunting style of music. If I feel annoyed, down etc, I can listen to Enya and watch my troubles Sail away, sail away. 🙃 

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My dad is into Dave Dee, Bozy, Beaky, Mich & Tich, so this was a bit of sore point in our house. Although I did hear the Beatles' Sgt Pepper's album through him, which is still one of my faves.

My older brother used to wake me with Iron Maiden when he started working. Decades later I rediscovered the Maidens as very good music for listening to at work. I think I was conditioned to like it!

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