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Diego Maradona dies aged 60


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As a footballer, he changed the game and, made a success of where ever he moved (bar management). A great player, who was skilful and quick, he won't be forgotten and his mark has been left firmly on the pitch.

Rest in Peace Hand of God.

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As well as being an amazing player, he's like a deity in Argentina. There will be scenes there. He seemed to radiate passion. And am I right in thinking that Jimmy Sirrel tried to sign him for Sheffield United when he was 18?

RIP Diego.

Edit: Jimmy had already left Sheffield United when they tried to sign him, so there goes the tenuous Notts connection. 

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I actually cried when read the news of his death. Maradona was a small, poor, fat kid with an extraordinary talent. I was the same minus the extraordinary talent. So many kids lived their dreams through Maradona. He was a flawed genius and that just made him all the more human. He'll live on in the memories of the millions who saw him play. Argentina would have come in numbers not seen since the funeral of Eva Peron only for COVID. Their Government should announce 2 or 3 days of national mourning. Their footballing king is dead. R I.P. 

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Best player I have ever seen, without a shadow of doubt. The only one I would like to say was as good is Pele, but I have only seen video clips of him so cannot be sure.

I remember watching him throughout the 80s and he was just an amazing talent. Kicked all over the field back then with no protection, he would have had a field day with today's rules.

One thing they never seem to show though is Glenn Hoddle being fouled just a couple of seconds before Maradona got the ball for that second goal against England. Luck (and the official) was definitely against us that day.

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15 hours ago, Dripsey3 said:

I actually cried when read the news of his death.

It hits home, doesn't it?

The death of Des O'Connor has a similar effect on me, I can't say I cried but I felt deeply saddened. It's not the same these days, seeing people on TV regularly they almost become family. I grew up disliking Maradona but I always respected his skill, in my teens it started to change. Seeing clips of his antics and interviews, he was like a naughty uncle who had a child's mind. His passion for winning, it resonates.

@ARLukomski also shared a fact regarding George Best's death which is somewhat spooky. 

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Maradona will always be remembered for his special talent, on the international stage he made a lot of World Cup's more entertaining. I have never felt angered by what he did against England back in 1986, there was a lot of players that would dive or do other cheating antics. It's more common these days to see the theatrics on the pitch, even Thierry Henry handled the ball for France in order for them to qualify.

His persona was also entertaining off the pitch, but his demons and constant drug abuse was always alarming.

It does still hit home that such a gifted talent could unexpectedly pass on like this.

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