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"Notts County is a great, historic, football club..."


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Hello guys,

Two weeks ago Harry Redknapp said about Notts County:
"They should be in the Football League. It's a great, historic, football club. They should be playing league football."
I shared this with Russian-language Everton fans (as I told already I am Everton supporter), we have a chat-room, and offered them to discuss what they think about Notts County. Is this "great" club, big club or just club which has great (big or regular) history?
There are few young guys (early twenties) their answered: we don't even know this club. I must confess I was unpleasantly disappointed with this answer.
But common idea was that Notts County is definitely not small club but club is far far away from big football now and much below their actual level. And it has really great history.

What do you think what kind of club Notts County is?
No doubt Notts should be playing league football. 
If we're talking about the club's resources, what is the real level of the club in the historical aspect and at the moment?

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We are where we are. Sutton have just been promoted on merit, without EFL parachute payments to help them. The National League are full of "big" former EFL clubs... Stockport, Wrexham, Hartlepool,... Torquay . We have no devine right to be in the EFL ( though as founding members, we should have had a clause to prevent us being relegated out of the EFL:frantics: 😉

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I think some young football fans that follow only the Premier League won't know much about the lower league teams unless they've encounted them.

Notts is a historic club, but the past means nothing when you can't act within the present time.

If Notts can return to League One things might change again, as I do feel this is where the club should be size wise but until we play like it. We are a Non League team needing to refine its commercial ability within Nottingham to fans who aren't attached. Win, lose or draw on the pitch that's just a result.

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A few years ago, I did talks promoting Notts to schools and collages in and around my local area.

It surprised me how well known Notts were amongst the various ages which was mostly 5/7 and later teens. What did disappointment was hearing youngsters, especially the older ones call both Nottingham clubs. I can't say that Notts should be known to every other clubs fans, I'm sure there's many who do not know anything about Leyton Orient. There're many clubs who used to giants before 20k-90k stadiums was built.

Hopefully, Notts fans can spread the word and help to make the club more known as it's not something a club can do alone.

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Notts are a team on the up, but I don't like when fans live in the past. It's perfectly okay to remember the history but to think a club in the league we are is a giant its a joke. I get tired of seeing the sleeping giant tag that goes around. Notts had its moment in the spotlight, well before I was born but we're in this situation because the club simply has not been good enough for whatever reasons impacted that.

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