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Euro 2020 (in 2021)


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It was never a penalty, but to be fair their free kick shouldn't have stood either and without that it would have been a different game. The better team certainly won though. And I'm relieved we didn't have to face Kasper in a penalty shoot-out!

So it's final day. Is football coming home? Personally a think Italy will have too much for us, but it's a one-off and you never know. It's fantastic that we've made it this far. 

How are you all watching the match? This afternoon I'll be heading to my favourite Italian restaurant in my England shirt, before changing into my lucky shirt (that I haven't washed all tournament) and watching at home. 

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I'll defend the penalty all day long, not because I am biased but because in my opinion there are two times the Danish players make contact with Raheem Sterling. The first, he didn't go down but the second does clip his foot and Mathias Jensen even cuts him out. I do feel the decision might appear to be soft, yet no contact is defensively made on the ball. Players don't get awarded these crucial decision unless they go down, I'm not debating that Sterling goes down easily but again - there're two points of contact that fouls Sterling and no touches defensively on the ball.

Pundits are claiming it's not a penalty, that it's 'very, very soft' but ex pros like Danny Mills disagree. Majority of referees have stated that the decision was correct and VAR got it right.

It's the rules which gave the decision, it's our eyes and opinions which lead to disagreements over it.

I find it amusing that it caused such a strong reaction from people, if the decision hadn't been given - it would result in people reacting that it should've been given.

Arguments are being made about the free kick.

Personally, I don't think the free kick should've been given as Denmark players pulled and shoved England players - the referee should've sided with the defence. Yet Denmark can't complain about diving, it's all they did throughout the game to gain ground. I don't think Mason Mount fouled the Danish player leading to the second free kick.

As I say, it's a good goal but when you reflect on the laws of the game it does reveal more than just what we think.

I also feel, when Harry Kane got brought down in the penalty box - that it was a foul too.

Watch the Italians tonight show their dark arts, I dare people not to complain about any decisions - just accept things as the referee got every call right. That would lead to interesting thoughts, I feel.

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The Italians are starting early. They have a guy in the Men's Final at Wimbledon. He hasn't got going yet. Djokovic is mowing him down!

There is a chance of rain tonight. That will suit England I reckon. They'll ping it around. 

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Football is a contact sport @Chris, being touched doesn't make it a foul. The contact was nowhere near enough to bring him down, and that's the near unanimous opinion of all those without their England goggles on too. Still, I've got to laugh at people on social media rooting for Italy because England are divers. It's like we've entered a parallel universe.

Italy have already won Eurovision this year. They shouldn't be greedy. 

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27 minutes ago, DangerousSausage said:

Football is a contact sport @Chris, being touched doesn't make it a foul. The contact was nowhere near enough to bring him down.

The clip on the first contact knocked Raheem's balance. No ball contact was made, he anchored himself upright a bit - as he tried to go forward. The second touch came straight on, and the two Danish players tried to sandwich him.

Contact must be made to the ball, before the player.

I don't dispute that Sterling went down easy, but a dive would suggest there was no contact and that he didn't try to stay on his feet - he did. The two challenges, which made contact to his feet must've made it difficult to remain balanced.

It's just how I see it, no tinted glasses but people suggesting England looked to win by cheating are incorrect. Denmark tried that, as England controlled the game quite well.

Denmark did play some good stuff, but spent far more time going to ground and trying to get English players booked or just to disrupt the flow of play.

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Some England fans covering themselves in glory by breaking into Wembley without tickets. It's like the 70s all over again. All that is missing is running battles with the police on the pitch. It's still early.......

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I can't see many goals being scored in this, despite how open the play is at times. Italy aren't out of it, but they need to be in less of a rush with their final product. They've got a fair bit of mobility and look sharp on the break, so far England has settled down - despite the opening obvious nerves.

Luke Shaw deserves a lot of praise, he's done far more than Raheem Sterling (player of the tournament? what for scoring goals?)

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The Italians are starting to creep more into it, they're also starting to pick their shots out and avoiding rushing them. Yet, they keep arguing amongst themselves. Very close just now by England!

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An awful way to lose a final but England surrendered the initiative and they paid the price. 3 awful penalties. Grealish was brought on too late. He would have done serious damage if he came on earlier. England have a great chance of winning the World Cup. They will use this as motivation. 

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Some people use football (and other sports) as an excuse for their pathetic behaviour, the mass rubbish, drinking and hooliganism isn't acceptable. The racism directed towards the England players, it's nothing more than mindless thuggery and I hope those involved get the severest punishment. As, I do hope those who broke into Wembley get life-time bans from football.

The achievement within the tournament shouldn't be overlooked by this shocking behaviour, however, here we are and it just makes me incredibly angry that these selfish, mindless and anti-social fools - turn something we should be proud about, into something that shames us as a nation.

I thought the game was always going to end on a narrow scoreline, neither team looked threatening enough to comfortably win.

Italy gave England a good game, yet I don't think they played well enough to win but ultimately that doesn't matter on penalties. They did their jobs, what I will say is I feel incredibly proud of the England players - especially Jordan Pickford.

I have no criticism of the game, or penalties. There's a huge amount of pressure on the players shoulders and it's easy to choke under that pressure.

The only point I will add, I think we left it late to bring on Jack Grealish.

Once Italy scored, England needed someone who could run at them and make the Italians mindful about giving away fouls. I think Saka should've been the player to make way for Grealish, not Mason Mount.

The squad and Gareth Southgate leave me feeling incredibly proud, people will moan about it being our best chance of winning - yet I don't think most would've thought we could go all the way to the final. Italy is a good side, despite not being at their best - they do have some incredibly world-class players.

They've been consistent and difficult to play against, as their record of being undefeated shows.

Again, it's a shame that knee-jerk reactions and self-pity leads to such incredible anger and that nothing excuses the behaviour shown by those people involved in the racism and hooliganism. Nothing gives anyone the right to be vocally narrow-minded, if people in England can't be proud of the players - I DO NOT consider them to be supporters or fans.

They're just people masquerading as it in an effort to live out their boring existence.

England will be stronger, I have complete faith that they'll do well in the World Cup coming up. The squad will grow, learn and whatever happens I will always be patriotic of my nationality.

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i thought the game had everything about it to make it entertaining, england started well and italy got back into it. once italy found their strive and started to control the game, that is when england needed to respond. we just stopped attacking, i think it was mostly down to being exhausted at that point.

saka played very poorly, he just does not look interest unless he can run with the ball.

italy did some dirty stuff, could have seen red for a few of their changes but i thought the referee mostly controlled the game well. he allowed it to flow. england never does well on penalties, i dont know what it is but i just thought we would struggle once the extra time ended. 

i agree 100% with @Chris regarding the trouble, it reminds me why i disliked football as a child.

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Semi-Finals: World Cup
Final: Euros

Surely more people could try to be optimistic about the next tournament? 💪🏻

Those also returning to call Gareth Southgate, it just comes across as clueless. What other manager has got England to be so consistent. In the World Cup, a lot of people expect them to get knocked out in the group stages. The squad was underrated and probably overachieved. This Euro's to some level it might've been the same case, but it's looking good for our nation! Build stronger, go again and become more attacking minded.

Give him the next World Cup before you call for his head.

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The most disappointing thing about this whole thing is before the tournament nobody could talk about anything but racism and/or the politics surrounding it. 

Now we've come through the tournament, got to the final and everybody is unified .... oh wait... there's racist pricks again and the politicians are using it for their own benefit as per. So glad we've come the full circle. 


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