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Doyle confirmed as #2


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Excellent news. I can see an excellent role for his as assistant. Still dressing room presence, but also having the chance to put ideas into practise. 
A leader within the club so fully deserved.

(And that’s coming from someone who would have paid fro his taxi out of the Lane last season under Ardley!)

Also shows how all the idiots seem to come out of the woodwork on the Facebook feed. One comment of “glad to see the back of the fat, old man”

Seriously? Fat? I’m a few years ahead of Doyle age wise and must be twice his size! Would be immensely happy to have his figure and ability to run all day! 

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its good news, but him leaving seemed unlikely as he will be picking up his coaching badges at notts.

the offer of game time and the assistant coach role, with the support to get his badges its almost a certain deal. i am pleased, as he did help ian burchnall quite a lot and he has that winning mindset that spreads among the camp, something that i think caught on with the road to the playoffs. i just hope he does not become the default midfielder guaranteed to start, with jake reeves leaving we need a leader in midfield who can lead in the same way as doyle but without relying on him so much imo.

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I want to say this at the beginning, as I don't want these words to come across as overly negative or against Michael Doyle (which I am not).

I hope this doesn't mean he'll remain as the club captain and therefore almost guaranteed to start every week. I have nothing against him coming in for key features or playing an occasional role as a backup option but on rotation or even as a starter I feel this will massively limit the surrounding players.

It's great that he's signed, I think he proved a point by bridging the gap after taking the assistant coach role but I do think it's valid to ask why the differences wasn't made with him as the captain?

He's a good figure to have in the dressing room, much more important than when we carried Alan Smith but in mentioning Smith, this is how I hope we use him as a player - not as often.

Need younger legs that can keep us going forward.

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From the interviews he’s done this afternoon, sounds like he knows full well he isn’t starting many games at all. Which, is a good thing as it’ll give the new midfielders a chance to cement their places without looking over their shoulders at him too much. Sounds like serious injury cover etc…rather than a week in, week out player.


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good to have some positive news, think doyle will be the right person to back ian burchnall.

Young energetic coaches!

Now to sign younger, energetic midfielders who can get us playing that crisp attacking football.

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Michael Doyle was never going to go elsewhere, he's got his comfy sleepers in the main office and his bags are permanently kept in the dressing room. I'd be surprised if at this stage he doesn't also have the keys to Meadow Lane.

Fantastic news that he has agreed to become the assistant head coach.

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