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🤞🏻calvin miller, would you like to see him return? [joined chesterfield now]


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We can only hope! Yet, I would welcome Calvin Miller back in a heartbeat.

He looked very exciting when I saw Notts, plus against Weymouth he looked a real force going forward. I'd imagine him and Cal Roberts (once fit) would form a great attacking threat down the flanks. Just need to match that intensity in the middle of the park!

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Nooo! So he changed his picture knowing he was signing for them. Trolling of the highest order.

Did that 3-2 win mean nothing to him then? He fit so well here and IB go the best out of him too. They must have offered him a hefty wage. Gutted.

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The one that got away. Real shame as he looked great down that left wing and was perfect for the attacking intent IB talks about. Only assume the club has someone else lined up as we don't have anyone for the wings. 


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37 minutes ago, menzinho said:

Trolling of the highest order.

We won't ever know if it was a last minute decision, Chesterfield seem to be recruiting well but if they continue to throw money at players - then they'll soon find dry patches in key areas. I have to assume that Notts was interested and if not, I would be shocked but the decision must be based on playing regularly without it solely being about money.

Chesterfield offer him a good opportunity to feature regularly, whereas we seem to be wanting more depth in these crucial areas of the pitch.

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Let's hope he regrets it come the end of season when we gain promotion and Chesterfield are back to being stuck in the National League. I can't see how they can continue to fund their signings, seems they're getting the best ones out of the way first before announcing the duds. 😛 

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He's a good player, Miller, and I would have been happy for him to sign.

However, in my mind he was still a player with potential. He played extremely well the last few games, using his pace and trickery to skin players, but there's elements to his game which are raw: touch heavy, passing short. Additionally, as a left wing back, he was extremely dodgy defensively, naiive at times. We saw it a few times v Torquay and every time he played LB he was a disaster. He'll be a good winger, but he's not a defender. 

In summary; a good young player with a lot of potential, but not the star  and finished article that social media would have you believe.

You also have to question motive, why would he sign for Chesterfield: it's not the size of the club, the facilities, the location, the style of play (hooooooof) or anything else I can think of.... which leaves the obvious... ££. That's no problem, I get it, but you'd love to think some young players will think about their development as a footballer and not just their pocket.

Hey ho, we move on!

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  • liampie changed the title to 🤞🏻calvin miller, would you like to see him return? [joined chesterfield now]

i think i spoke to soon, i would have liked to see him join us and i still believe chesterfield have signed one hell of a player at this level. it is unknown if they will be able to get the best out of him, i think its clear they signed him due to how he did against them for us and that can be a dangerous way of acquiring players that dont suite your tactics or formation.

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