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Andrew Dallas and Kabongo Tshimanga


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Both players have been mentioned as signings ideal for Notts to build a promotion chasing team, Andrew Dallas has been mentioned by the NEP as a player the club is looking at.

He scored 10 league goals with a very poor Weymouth team, but does have a good pedigree about him, and he's only 21-years-old.

Kabongo Tshimanga has been tipped as the next Jamie Vardy, although he hasn't been officially linked [correction might be needed] - he does fit the style of recruitment that the club has become used to under the Reedtz ownership.

At 23-years-old has proved himself to be good enough at National League level and, again would only improve further - especially with a club that can progress alongside him.

What are your thoughts on these forwards? Would you like to Notts to try to capture their services? Discuss. 👇🏻

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Kabongo Tshimanga would cost a fair bit, unless he's out of contract? Him being announced would silence the fans who believe we are not being ambitious with the recruitment.

Andy Dallas looks like one for the future, he would be a good signing but only if the price is right.

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The Andrew Dallas interest might have more merit, Cambridge United don't seem to have plans for him and if they can command a sensible fee it could allow them to strengthen up their squad further. I think Dallas would be a good signing, as I think he'd bounce of working with Kyle Wootton in a positive way.

I don't know much about the other lad TBH, I have seen him do well in games I have watched on BT Sports but I won't pretend to know more about him.

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Would obviously like to sign both of them

Feel like Tshimanga is just out of our reach. I know Orient and Preston have been interested in him this summer. His goalscoring record at this level speaks for itself though, and he would be a quality addition.

Dallas actually scored 12 goals, not 10, last season for Weymouth in the league. Quick and would be a good partner to Wootton. In my opinion, he is the more realistic option and we already know that the NEP have reported our interest in him so why not?

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There's usually no smoke without fire, but players like Tshimanga is more fan desire. I don't think Leigh Curtis would just make up pointless rumours, the club might have been or are still tracking Dallas and Sterry.

They might not be in the current plans but the future? Who knows how things will work out.

I would sign Dallas, I think he looks like a strong player in the making that is a realistic purchase. Tshimanga will be going to a League One team, he's better than this level. Its all about the price tag, but he should go for a hefty sum which is well beyond what we could afford.

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Fans are speculating that Andy Dallas is the player behind Joel Taylor when he's having his medical, either way, I would take both but won't be disappointed if none are on our radar. I have faith that the club will access the right players.

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It's a shame that Notts has missed out on permanent signing of Andy Dallas, but Cambridge selling Paul Mullin might make them look to strengthen their strike force which in turn could see Andy Dallas put onto the loan market to gain experience.

I don't think the other player will sign for us, Wrexham might be in for him.

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