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Matt Palmer Signs!

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The fact a club like Wigan wanted his services, it says something positive to me. All players have dry spells, but it's down to the club/manager to motivate them - if the player can't do it himself. I think the fresh challenge here, connected with the signings and existing squad will be enough to excite him.

I am actually impressed by the signing, he might be one of those hard-working players who goes unnoticed most of the time.

Yet I feel he will be actually what is needed in midfield, good signing I say.

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Another good one imo. Genuinely think it’s all going well so far. Just another centre forward, then job done for now I think. 
Great acquisitions with legs and pace, which is a first for us as we’re always bemoaning the lack of pace on the field. Now looks like that’s been addressed.

Age of squad cut right down and players signed to add value so all good I say!

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On paper you would say that he is a really good player, but I just have this nagging doubt that it might not work out and I don't know why, maybe it's because his career appears to be going backwards. Hopefully coming back to his home area will give his career the reboot it needs.

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Yeah, on paper it looks like a case of too good to be true! Why has someone who played 36 L1 games last season dropped into the NL? But it sounds like it was a case of wanting him more than other clubs and that he bought into what we are trying to do here. And playing under IB now (who got the best out of so many players the back end of last season) he should be able to show us why he was a league player with so many games under his belt.

Quite excited to see all our new midfielders in action. We’ve gone from a trio with Doyle, O’Brien & Reeves where the youngest was 28. To potentially Francis, Vincent & Palmer where the oldest will be 26!

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I think if Notts can get the best out of someone who hasn't stepped out of the Football League, like Matt Palmer, he will prove to be one of the key signings this summer. He looks like he knows what he needs to do, his focus is on the goals the club has and he seems to buy into what Ian Burchnall is trying to do.

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He would see to be the right player to add glue to the midfield and attack, having side what sounds like two reasonable defensive minded players, it's good to have one secured that looks like a very creative outlet.

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If Matt Palmer had joined us in League Two, I would still feel like it was a fantastic signing as he seems more than able to cut it above this level. Hopefully, he won't struggle with the physical side of the National League, as you can be kicked about but football is football at the end of things.

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He has a good level of experience, Burton stuck with him in the Championship and that will be vital experience. I think the lower down the football goes, the less players have time on the ball so I hope those that play around him support each other.

Sensible signing I think.

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