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Manchester City, Grealish and Guardiola.


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While I'm happy Grealish has got his well deserved move to a club playing Champions League football, I personally don't think City is the right move. 

He may win trophies etc but in years to come I think Pep and City will slowly hamper his progress. There's a number of players City have done it too. Look at Mahrez for example, plays excellently but is often left out of the starting line ups. 

As for Pep Guardiola, I do think he's a good coach but he hasn't had much of a challenge. World Class Barca team consisting of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta. A Bayern team that were already dominating Bundesliga. Now a Man City team that has unlimited funds it seems. 

Pep said that City had no money to spend but then splashes out £100m on Grealish. Kane and Messi are linked to the club. 

Don't forget Man City were suspended from the CL for breaching FFP but later got overturned and now there's fresh evidence against them for breaching FFP yet they still happily splash the cash. 

If City go on to sign Kane or Messi or even both then it is safe to say that the PL are bowing down to the "top 6 elite" 

There's also a quote going around from 2009 in which Guardiola said that modern day football saddens him because clubs choose to spend big money on players rather than utilitise the youth squad. Before anyone defends this, remember Man City built a brand new state of the art training facility that is supposed to be beneficial for youth players. 

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It is a real shame that  he is leaving Villa, but going to city might make Jack to be honest, he won't have to play as many games with their rotation system (probably 30 odd games rather than the 40 some at Villa) and he will get to show his talent in the Champions league.

Personally, I wouldn't have gone there, but there are probably only 3 clubs that would be willing to pay that sort of money and two of those are spending their budgets elsewhere. His alternative was to stay at Villa, who are showing promising signs, but are still arguably several years away from competing for a top 4 place and I don't think Jack was willing to wait that long.

For all the greatness that is bestowed on Pep, he hasn't won the champions league since 2011, despite managing two of the most powerful sides in European football since leaving Barca.


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@Fozzy I do think going to Manchester City could benefit him in some ways but long term I think it's a bad move. He will get chances for the first couple seasons but after that will he see much game time especially when transfers etc come in? 

Staying at Villa wouldn't have done much for Grealish's career in terms of not playing at the highest level he deserves. 

I hope I'm wrong and he thrives at City and he regularly plays. 

As for Pep not winning the champions league is exactly what I can't understand. He's deemed as the best manager to grace us in recent years but as you say the 2 clubs since Barca he hasn't done much in european football. A Premier league and carabao cup is really his most consistent but lack of fa cup or champions league speaks volumes for me. 

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It's a risky move for Grealish as he could easily find himself warming the bench there if he doesn't take off straight away. But if he wants to be in the trophies and play in the Champions League, City is probably the place to be. And if he's a flop there, he can always come on loan to us! 

The traditionalist in me is a bit sad he didn't stay with Villa and let them build a team around him, to be honest, but now only the wealthiest and most successful can actually hold on to their best players. 

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@DangerousSausage tis true, I thought with the way Villa were spending they were creating a team around him and I thought he'd have stayed given the captaincy building a team round him and villa progressing aswell as being a star and getting call ups for England. 

I think he will be bench warming if not careful given the squad rotation of City but yeah if he wants regular cl football and trophies City is the best option. Bout the only good thing for him in the move. 

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I don't think Jack Grealish or any player is worth £100m.

I think his real value at most would be between £15m and £35m, but football is very much inflated and Jack has given Aston Villa the opportunity to invest a lot of money into their own playing squad. Regarding him leaving, it was only a matter of time before it happened.

Personally, I don't view Manchester City as a befitting team for Jack - as they already have a strong enough squad in this department.

He will win things with City, that's a guarantee, but I wonder just how much he will be involved? If he gets the chance, I can see him becoming a solid player for them, but at the same time, I wonder if he will be used properly.

Pep should be able to improve Jack further, plus being around a better standard of players will help too.

But again, I don't know if Jack falls into one of those players who are at their best when he's the 'best player' in the squad. I suppose only time will tell, but I think the inflated fees show how the games are becoming increasingly out of control.

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