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After losing narrowly to Rochdale in the first round replay in the FA Cup. Notts County will have more time to focus on their bid for promotion from the National League.
The Magpies earned a home tie replay, with a 1-1 draw against Rochdale. However, at Meadow Lane this past Tuesday night, Notts fell short after a late winner from Dale's Jake Beesley.
Aydan White's own goal had pegged back the League Two side, which saw an impressive display within the second half where Notts had chances to cause an upset.
Speaking to the Nottingham Post, Notts County manager, Ian Burchnall said: "I am Hugely disappointed, I saw Plymouth got through, so it would have been really exciting to go and see where we're at."
"I think we've gone toe-to-toe with a League Two club there over two games and shown our qualities, It would have been really nice to see where we're at.
"it's more reference points for us, how we're progressing, but it's not to be, so we have to wait for next year for the big one," he added.
"Naturally the players will be flat. That's natural after the game, but we've talked in there and said listen the result is one thing, we have to take so many things from the performance there
"We can't spend too long on it really, we play two really big games away to Eastleigh and Boreham Wood next. 
"I think we just focus on the league, we know what it's like - we'd rather be in the cup, but now that's done, we just turn all our focus on to the league, and we put all our energies into that.
"We need the same kind of performance, tie up on one or two things at the weekend, and I'm sure it'll be good."
Despite Notts County's head coach, Ian Burchall feeling 'hugely disappointed' he does insist there is no time to dwell on the past with focus on players returning to league action.
"Not sure if they will be available for the weekend," he added.
"Alex Lacey felt something on his back, in the middle of the last game, which is why he came out. 
"Although I thought he played really well. We'll see how he is during the week, maybe he's available.
"Kyle Cameron should be available at the weekend, I think he's much better now and possibly Jim O'Brien, we'll have to see."
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Notts County defender Connell Rawlinson has said that he would sacrifice his dream, if it meant the club could play local neighbours Nottingham Forest at Meadow Lane.
The 30-year-old centre back grew up supporting Premier League club, Everton and, he has expressed his desire to see the Magpies progress in the historic knockout tournament.
Notts will face Rochdale on Sunday in the 1st round of the competition and, will be two victories away from a potential big money tie.
"Obviously I'm 30 now, and you do start to think about big moments you can look back on in your career. It'd be lovely if we could get a good run together and get to the third round." said to the Nottingham Post.
"We were speaking about it the other day with a couple of the lads, we've got a couple of Geordie lads that obviously want to draw Newcastle.
"You've got me who is an Everton fan, there are lads who are United fans, City fans, so it would be nice to obviously get one of the big sides."
Rochdale have been made the bookies favourites to progress to the 2nd round of the FA Cup, yet there is belief within the Notts County camp that the gap between the two teams isn't that far between.
"But on the flip side of that, it'd be nice to obviously get Forest as well.
"That would be huge. I think I would probably give up a tie playing against Everton to play Forest at home.
"I just think it'd be a really special occasion where two great footballing teams come together in the city and the whole city would probably come together as a result too.
"It would be a great day if we could end up getting through a few rounds and pulling Forest out the hat.
"I'll be honest, if you want to compare League Two to the National League, you've only got to look at the teams that have been promoted over the last couple of seasons, and how well they are doing, the top 10 teams that are up around the play-offs would be able to hold their own fairly comfortably in League Two." he added.
"We're just going into it as we do every game which is to play our style of football and dictate the pace of the game.
"You've also got to remember that you are away from home, and you are playing a league side, so there will be a level of respect there from ourselves.
"But I don't see why the lads can't turn up on Sunday and give a good performance."
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Notts County are not playing in the league this weekend because they will be taking on Tamworth when they take part in the FA Cup fourth round qualification.
The first round of the famous competition will be up for grabs when they meet on Saturday at 3pm.
Notts head coach Ian Burchnall is relishing the challenge his players will face, which he warns them about.
Speaking to the Nottingham Post, Ian Burchnall said: "It's obviously a historic competition, and it's one that everybody wants to get as far as they can in."
"I've been involved in a lot of cup competitions where we've faced lower division opposition, and it's always a challenge," Burchnall added.
"Certainly for Tamworth to get to where they are - just one step away from the first round proper - is huge for them and I know what a big game it's going to be for them.
"So it's one where all bets are off, really. When you play teams from different divisions, certainly like this when you play away, they are never, ever easy games.
"So, no doubt, it's going to be an entertaining game.
"I always remember watching FA Cup finals with my dad - Abide With Me and all that sort of stuff at the start - and it's always good memories of the FA Cup," he said.
"Growing up, I was following Leicester, and they never did so well in it - until, obviously, last season!
"I just remember a lot of different games in cup competitions where lower league opposition challenged the top leagues, and we all hope that, with us being a lower league team right now, that we can progress in the competition, and go and challenge against some of the bigger boys. That's the dream." He added.
"We had people watching when they played at home against Stourbridge. It was a very good performance, 
"I think they've got good players. They are obviously very well-drilled and well-organised.
"So that provides its own problem, away on an artificial pitch, so we certainly can't underestimate the game." said Burchnall
"They are never, ever, ever easy games, of course, we're going there as big favourites but, to be honest, we're dealing with that most weeks. 
"We're going in with the weight of expectancy on our shoulders.
"So, for me, I hope we can progress through and then be an underdog every now and again, against bigger opposition."
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Simon Clark
Recent results have certainly created a whole raft of opinions about whether the squad is good enough, whether the manager is good enough, is the system right and a lot more, but let’s have a look at where we are.
Two seasons ago, we came into the National League in complete disarray and most of us were simply hoping we’d avoid successive relegations. 
We managed to get stronger as the season went on, making the playoff final (and I think we’d have had a chance of automatic promotion if the season hadn’t been curtailed).
With more expectations last season we faltered badly after Christmas but got to the playoff semi-finals again.
In both of those seasons, teams went up without having huge resources or expectations, in Barrow, Harrogate and Sutton. 
Hartlepool maybe had more expectation but were still not huge spenders.
This season, Grimsby has made a great start after relegation and seem to be a contender at this early stage while we’ve all read and heard of the big spending Wrexham, Chesterfield and Stockport.
Notts’ owners and management have said that we won’t be competing with big wages – and an example of that is when Ian
Birchnall said Chesterfield blew us away with the deal they offered Calvin Miller. 
Wrexham have signed players from League One when their current clubs didn’t want them to go. When that happens, it puts into perspective what is on offer elsewhere.
Notts have recruited technically good young players with a good academy background and the ability to play the type of football both owners and coach want to play. 
The idea is that with good coaching, they improve and not only progress Notts but also their own careers as we aim to sell them and make the club financially strong.
All of that comes with a lot of advantages, but also some testing times. 
Young players make mistakes. In fairness, all players make mistakes, but younger ones lack the experience to handle certain situations as effectively as they can, such as the recent capitulations against Woking and Halifax where it was real ‘rabbits in the headlights’ stuff.
When you play football from the back, it carries more risks. Even Barcelona and Manchester City have times where their goalkeeper passes it out to an opposing forward, so we should expect to see a non-League keeper (or, in the case of Patterson, a League One third choice keeper) doing the same. 
If we seek to play entertaining football, such as we saw at Barnet and in brief spells against Aldershot and Woking, we need to accept the other side.
We saw with the return of Kyle Cameron at Yeovil how the defence seemed more composed, albeit still giving chances to a really poor side towards the end. 

Going back to those games against Woking and Halifax, let’s not forget that for around 75% of those two games we were in control and should have coasted towards victories. On that basis, it maybe isn’t a million miles away from being a winning team.
The trick is to make those mistakes fewer and less costly.
But we’ve had a spell where our goalkeeper and 3 central defenders have been injured, and most teams would struggle to cope with that, even with the loan players.
One of the things Notts have struggled with recently is the results against teams in the bottom half.
Take last season as an example. Notts did the double over champions Sutton but then lost to bottom-placed Dover (okay, results expunged, but the point still stands).
And against teams who finished in the bottom half of the table, Notts had a record of 40 points from 21 games, with 5 defeats – a record of 1.9 points per game.
In my opinion, this is where league titles are often lost, by dropping points in the games you should make the most of.
So far this season – early as it is – Notts has 17 points from 7 games against teams in the bottom half with no defeats, a record of 2.4 points per game!
And this is with what is almost universally acknowledged as a team that hasn’t clicked yet, so there’s lots more to come.
So, what do Notts need?
I think this squad plays better and it a bigger threat when playing 3 at the back and 2 wide men, as long as the wide men do their defensive duties as well. Playing with four at the back makes it feel as if we’re being outnumbered somehow.
But a crucial part of that is working as a team and, just as importantly, keeping hold of the ball when we have it. 
Sometimes, players seem to give it away very easily and that invites pressure all the time.
We have goals from all over the team, but I’d love to see someone playing with Kyle Wootton. 
He seems so alone at times, with no-one within 20 yards of him. Which is fine if he’s able to control the ball and lay it off, but how often does a ball come at an awkward height, or the defender is all over him? 
If we had someone alongside to pick up the pieces – as Rodrigues did towards the end of last season – it gives the opposing defence something extra to think about.
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Notts County have confirmed the loan extension of Sunderland goalkeeper, Anthony Patterson.
The 21-year-old originally signed for the magpies as a short - term cover for regular number one Sam Slocombe, who picked up an injury during training back in September.
We have extended Anthony Patterson's loan deal until 9 January.
Via the clubs official site, head coach Ian Burchnall said: "We'd like to say a big thank you to Sunderland for agreeing to let Anthony stay with us,
"He gives us very strong competition and both he and Sam will benefit from being pushed hard by each other every day.
"Our involvement in the cup competitions, which Anthony will be eligible for, makes the autumn/winter period a busy one for us, so this move ensures we have excellent cover to see us through."
It is believed that Anthony Patterson, still forms part of Ian Burchnall's plans within the National League - despite Sam Slocombe expecting to make his full return soon.
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Notts County manager, Ian Burchnall had to patch up his side after the club was hit with several injuries to his first-team.
Defender's Connell Rawlinson and, Kyle Cameron both suffering injuries which saw the magpies' bring in Ciaran Brennan, despite the return to popular centre back Alex Lacey who has since picked up a knock himself.
The injuries coincided with a run of poor form for Notts, as they lost 3 games back-to-back, but magpies boss Ian Burchnall has cause for celebration with several key players close to making their full return.
"I expect him back by the Stockport game," said Notts County, head coach Ian Burchnall. 
"I hope so, but we have to just scan the knee, he took a bad blow on the knee a few weeks ago, and we've kind of patched him up, because you know Connell Rawlinson has been away with his injury and, Kyle Cameron has been away.  
"Alex Lacey was probably the lowest risk to get back on the pitch but after those two games in quick succession, he was really struggling on Wednesday, so we just decided that we couldn't risk it today we had to rest him." He added,
"Hopefully that we can give him now, maybe the FA Cup game off and prepare him for Stockport.
"Connell Rawlinson should be back ready for the FA Cup game, Kyle Cameron's back, he came through that really well."
Due to an injury to Sam Slocombe, Notts brought in highly-rated youngster Anthony Patterson. Although the injury to Slocombe was picked up in training and, considered to not be serious, the magpies' acted swift to bring in cover for the suspected 3-week absence of the regular shot-stopper.
"Sam Slocombe should be back as well, so it's starting to look bright from that front, but again you know Adam Chicksen's playing through, He's got a bad rib injury, he came off. 
"To be honest, he was in a lot of pain before the game." 
Before expanding "I think against Woking he fell into the post and, we don't know if it's broken or not.
"It's very, very sore in the ribs and, he's playing through the pain barrier for us. So we had to get him off, it was too much by the end and, hopefully we can give him a rest now.
"Joel Taylor pulled up with just a tight groin yesterday, so again, we need to treat him with Adam Chicksen struggling, a little bit. We hope that we can get him back ready for the FA Cup."
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Notts County returned to winning ways, after a spell of 3 defeats in a row as the magpies' lost to Altrincham, Woking and Halifax.
Head Coach, Ian Burchnall expressed his relief after beating Yeovil Town 2-0 away from home at Huish Park.
The win saw Notts move just a single place in the National League, from 10th to 9th, but comes at a time when fixtures are becoming increasingly harder on paper, with Stockport County next up to face the Nottingham club.
During his post-match press conference, Head Coach Ian Burchnall said: "Very relieved, yeah, especially after the kind of week, or so that we've just had really disappointing results and the nature of them as well.
"So really happy to get a strong away performance, and kind of put that behind us and, hopefully, kick on now.
"I think we needed to see a reaction from the last game, we talked about it and that the way we finished the game and that the nature of that game really hurt us." He added,
"That showed today, that we came out, and it was a good footballing performance.
"Very spirited fighting performance as well, with some very good individual gameplay in there as well.
"We've talked about and addressed it and I think we've discussed why that happened, and what we should do if we get in that situation again.
"I thought when we were one nil up, I thought we managed the game well at one nil, we didn't stress, we didn't show signs of panic in there.
"We stayed very calm and then, even after two nil, you see, we kept the ball in their half, instead of stressing, and I think we just saw the game out in a much more mature way."
Notts County forward, Ruben Rodrigues has stepped back into the spotlight initially after the suspension to team-mate Cal Roberts, by becoming the club's current highest goal scorer in the National League with 6 goals.
"Four in his last three, he could have had more today. He knows he should have shot before half-time.
"Great performance from him, on and off the ball, I thought he defended very well for us, from the front and found the spaces between the lines very well, and was a constant threat, so yeah happy with him in goalscoring form."
Next up, Notts will play Tamworth in the fourth qualifying round of the FA Cup, but return to league action against Stockport County on October 23rd.
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After Halifax's victory over Notts County, Ian Burchnall had this to say "We got caught up in a lot of the nonsense."
The players on both sides became involved in shoving at the full-time whistle, which saw Shaymen come from two goals to win 3-2 with 10 men.
Despite having fewer players on the field, Halifax made an impressive come-back. 
After a fiery encounter that led to Tom Bradbury being sent off for appearing to raise his hands at Ruben Rodrigues, order was eventually restored in the second half, as the teams made their way back down the tunnel.
"I didn't see red," Ian Burchnall said in his post-match comments.
"Things were said to me on the touchline that I wasn't happy with. I was polite to everybody, but then I don't think I deserved that.
"I said to them at the end that I didn't feel that was the case, things were said in the heat of the moment. 
"There were a bit of handbags at the end, but it was no big deal."
Burchnall's misery worsened when he watched an offside goal ruled out, to make the score remain 2-2, with Ciaran Brennan’s header getting cancelled out as the referee noticed an infringement in the penalty box.
"I've seen it again," he said.
"The referee said there was a foul on the goalkeeper, but I can't see it, the angle I've seen it from isn't great, so I'll have to see it again.
"But the problem is that, after the red card, it is sometimes easy to just give something if there is just half a foul in there.
"I said after the Woking game how physical they were attacking the ball. We did that, but it's a foul on us.
"I was disappointed because I felt we had a winner there. Still, after that, we've got to ensure we don't lose the game."
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Sheffield Wednesday boss Darren Moore, has opened up about his decision to allow centre-back Ciaran Brennan to join Notts County on loan earlier this week.
It comes as Connell Rawlinson and Kyle Cameron picked up injuries, which leave Notts short in the centre of defence.
The 21-year-old is expected to make his debut for the Magpies' against Altrincham tomorrow.
Via the Sheffield Wednesday official website, Darren Moore said: "We have spoken in recent weeks about the young players. 
"We’re pleased that the players out on loan are having a good time at their clubs and getting minutes and, hopefully, Ciaran will follow suit." He added. 
"For him to go to a club of the ilk of Notts County and play games is a good opportunity for Ciaran.
"We’ll keep track of his progress. He’s got wonderful potential, and we’ll watch him from afar."
It is believed that if Brennan does well with what chances he gets to play at Notts County in the National League, that the young defender could find himself in Darren Moore's first-team plans.
Moore went on to say: "We will watch how he gets on there and keep an eye on his progress. It is first team football and football on the front line.
"He is someone with wonderful potential and we will watch from afar his development down there.
"The biggest thing for him is that consistency and playing at that level.
"It is being able to cope with the demands, especially in a two or three game week."
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Sunderland goalkeeper, Anthony Patterson has completed a short-term loan deal at Notts County.
The 21-year-old arrives at Meadow Lane after regular number one shot stopper, Sam Slocombe, picked up an injury during training which will see him out of action for a few weeks.
Patterson arrives following centre-back Ciaran Brennan also joining the magpies on loan - it sees the highly regarded young goalkeeper have a chance to gain further experience with head coach Ian Burchnall describing it as 'another strong addition'.
"As disappointed as we are to have lost Sam." explained Ian Burchnall., 
"We’re delighted to have been able to add another quality loan player in Anthony, I know people at Sunderland, and they rate him really highly, as evidenced by his involvement in their first-team environment, not only this season but over the past few years.
The head coach added: "He trained with the boys today, and we’ll do everything we can to fully prepare him for Altrincham.
"Contact injuries like Sam’s and Connell Rawlinson’s are inevitable over the course of a long season, but to lose them both at the same time as Kyle Cameron is very unfortunate.
"These are the challenge's football poses, though, and the important thing is to be prepared to deal with them, which I feel we have been."
Speaking to The Northern Echo, Sunderland manager Lee Johnson said: "Anthony’s joined Notts County with a view to being involved in their game on Saturday, he’s joined on a loan, and moving to the Conference, there’s the potential for it to be a short-term loan."
"Their guy has got injured, and it works well for us." He added. 
"It’s the level we wanted to put him at, and Notts County are obviously a big, historic club with a good stadium and fanbase. 
"He’s a very good goalkeeper, so it’s a gift in one sense, because he will do very well for them."
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Joshua Barnes
Notts County have had an excellent start to the season with an unbeaten start from the opening seven matches, with four wins and three draws.
From a perfect performance against Barnet, where the Magpies came out on top by putting five past the bees who didn’t manage to find the back of the net.
Semi-new Magpie boss Ian Burchnall has become a massive fan favourite by taking ‘County’ to the semi-finals of the national League play-offs last season and leading Notts County to a near - perfect start so far! 
The flying high Magpies didn’t have it entirely their way in the first home match of the season after falling behind early in the game due to miscommunication between Sam Slocombe and Connell Rawlinson.
Later on, in the match, the big man’ Kyle Wootton scored a brilliant diving header to find the back of the net.
With the match ending one a piece, the Magpie fans felt they should have taken all three points.
5 in 7 
In nearly all matches for Notts County this season, the six - foot one forward has found the back of the net.
Kyle Wootton originally joined Notts County on loan from Scunthorpe United back in 2019 before making It a permanent move in 2020 for a small fee of £60,000.
Every season playing in the famous black and white jersey, Kyle Wootton has finished as the top goal scorer for the club. 
What does the future hold for Notts County?
With the Notts County owners Christoffer and Alexander Reedtz being so honest, smart and incredibly responsible, the future does look good for the famous Notts County. 
Since the arrival of the new owners, the club has been well run and has had a massive turn around since the last owner, Alan Hardy, who put the Nottingham side up for sale after posting a picture of his genitalia on Twitter.
The Reedtz brothers have set a 5-year plan out and the Magpies have one goal this year, promotion.
Join the Pride of Nottingham in discuss what role you see Lewis Knight fulfilling in the upcoming season.
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Notts County have completed the signing of 21-year-old centre-back Ciaran Brennan from Sheffield Wednesday until the 27th of November 2021.
The Sheffield-Born player arrives at Meadow Lane as cover for Connell Rawlinson and Kyle Cameron, who are suspected to be out for two-to-three weeks after picking up injuries.
Reports had been circulating that the Magpies' were interested in taking on the young defender, who is eligible to play for Republic of Ireland.
"As soon as Kyle came off against Maidenhead, we knew we were going to have to dip into the loan market to add cover at the back." Said Notts County's head coach, Ian Burchnall.
"We have shortlists prepared for situations like this to ensure we’re able to act quickly"
"To bring in someone of sufficient quality who suits our style, Ciaran was one of the four-or-five players we looked at closely, and he came out on top. 
"He’s very well thought of at Wednesday and will fit in well in terms of how we want to play."
Brennan who has described the loan move as 'perfect', will add defensive cover to Ian Burchnall's team.
Via the official Notts County website, Ciaran Brennan said: "My brother and I were watching Notts against Wrexham on BT Sport a few weeks ago, Notts were in green, and I remember saying to him: ‘That’s the nicest kit ever – how good would it be to sign for them and wear that?!
"So we both saw it as the perfect move. Now it’s happened, I can’t quite believe it!" the 21-year-old added.
"I’ve been lucky enough to play at Meadow Lane before for Wednesday’s Under 23s against Forest a couple of years ago.
"When we walked into the stadium, we couldn’t believe it was non-league. It’s so big, really well looked after, and the pitch is pristine. 
"I said to the lads there and then that it would be brilliant to get a loan move here, so I’m buzzing.
"I’ve spoken to the gaffer about the style of play and had conversations with other people who know about the club, and it sounds like it’s going to suit me perfectly. 
"Having a possession-based approach and playing out from the back is how I’ve been schooled at Wednesday, so I feel I can slot straight in.
"Getting out on loan to further my experience is something I’ve really pushed for, so now it’s up to me to grasp the opportunity and make the most of it.
"I’ve not got long before the weekend – two sessions – but I train aggressively, and I’ll be trying to get straight in the gaffer’s thoughts for Altrincham."
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Notts County's board of directors have taken the time to thank the black and white army for their support ahead of the 2021/2022 National League season.
This comes on the back of the magpies' announcing via the clubs social media that over 3,000 season tickets had been sold on 23rd of July.
Six new arrivals have been signed this summer, with the Notts head coach Ian Burchnall looking to add further depth to his squad ahead of the league campaign.
"We would like to place on record our immense gratitude to our fans, a statement read via the official clubs' website.
"For backing the club with such strong season ticket sales this summer.
"Over the weekend, 2021-22 sales surpassed our total figure for the 2019-20 campaign – including half-season tickets.
"Which is fantastic, especially as there is more than a month to go before our first home match. We also understand that, for various reasons, a season ticket isn’t a viable purchase for everyone, but we’re thrilled with how the entire fanbase continues to support us in every way possible. "
Notts County season tickets are now on general sale, after fans' have taken to renewing their 2019/2020 - after a whole season without being able to buy a season ticket due to COVID-19.
"Shirt sales, for example, have been very strong, and it’s been great to see so many of the new designs on show at our pre-season friendlies.
"Everyone at the club is working hard to prepare for the new campaign, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you back to Meadow Lane for what we hope and believe will be an exciting and successful season."
You can secure your seat at Meadow Lane for the 2021/22 National League season here.
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Notts County has announced their squad numbers for the 2021/2022 National League season.
The Magpies' have made six summer signings, with Kyle Cameron, Frank Vincent, Joel Taylor, Ed Francis, Aaron Nemane and Matt Palmer all joining the ranks.
Head Coach, Ian Burchnall has been busy assessing the squad ahead of the new league campaign and has decided upon his squads numbers today.
2021-22 Squad Numbers:
Sam Slocombe - 1
Tiernan Brooks - 12
Jake Kean - 13
Richard Brindley - 2
Kyle Cameron - 4
Connell Rawlinson - 5
Adam Chicksen - 23
Alex Lacey - 24
Wing Backs:
Joel Taylor - 3
Dion Kelly-Evans - 16
Jim O'Brien - 6
Ed Francis - 14
Matt Palmer - 18
Frank Vincent - 17
Michael Doyle - 8
Cal Roberts - 10
Ruben Rodrigues - 20
Aaron Nemane - 11
Kyle Wootton - 9
Lewis Knight - 15
Elisha Sam - 19
Tyreace Palmer - 21
What are your thoughts on Lewis Knight's role leading into the 2021/2022 National League season? Join the discussion on PON.
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Pride of Nottingham is an independent fansite devoted to Notts County, the world’s oldest professional football club. Created in 2013, it has served as a source of Magpie news, features, match previews, reports, analysis and interviews for more than three years.

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